This website presents a collection of posts I have made on 4 Homeopathic Forums over a period of 10 years which many patients who have been cured by my therapy aka “Joepathy” have requested me to collate on my own Website to enable them to access my therapy as and when necessary.

You are invited to read the articles that I have posted on this Website and I shall continue to add more cases which I have treated on these Homeopathic Forums.

If you wish to read more cases of interest that I have been associated with in the recent past you are invited to type the following words into Google:

JOEPATHY        (3200 Hits listed in November 2011)

JOE DE LIVERA    (54000 Hits listed in November 2011)

WET DOSE  JOE DE LIVERA  (185000 Hits listed in May 2012)

JOE DE LIVERA HOMEOPATHY  (578000 Hits listed in May 2012)

If you suffer from any ailment for which you would like to use a Homeopathic remedy, please feel free to submit your case on this Website and I shall try to help you.

You can do so by clicking on the title “Posts for (Month)” under the title ” Recent Posts” on the right side of this Home Page and I will get an email alert in a few minutes to which I shall respond ASAP.