I looked back over the conversations you have had with me and find that you first contacted me in November 2017 for some advice for your father who was living at that time in Bulgaria and was diagnosed with Cancer in 2015 which you felt was caused by his insatiable urge to smoke 40 cigarettes daily. 

I first prescribed my default therapy, Arnica 6c in the Wet dose to help him to quit smoking  but I do not have any report from you that it helped him.

I am happy that you on your own gave him Arnica 30c in the Wet dose and discovered that it helped him:

“Also, FYI, we started my dad with stage 4, very advanced, colon cancer on Arnica 30c WD for the unbearable pain related to his cancer, for which he was prescribed opiates, and I can report that he hasn’t had any pain since then. We started the Arnica 30c in the WD 2 days ago. Initially, a cap every 1 hour and yesterday during the day every 3 hours, and after that 1 cap last evening and 1 cap this morning, and he hasn’t had any pain and could sleep, eat, think again. I’ll keep you informed if you wish in terms of that as well.”

This information is indeed of great significance and I thank you for reporting it to me as I was not aware that Arnica 30 could help to reduce the intense agony and trauma that is caused by stage 4 Colon Cancer almost overnight which enabled him to stop the Opiates which he was taking daily.  

It is Information of this nature that gives me the stimulus to continue with my Website at my advanced age of over 90 years to help suffering humanity and the news you gave me a few days ago that you were able to help a family with Eupat Perf 200 in the Wet dose to almost CURE their Corona Virus is one of the Highlights of my long life which I shall remember for as long as I live.


  1. k.murthy says:

    Dear Dr Joe,
    Very significant discovery of ARNICA 30, giving a Stage 4 cancer patient so much relief. Any further information on Elly’s father. Is it possible that he is gradually recovering from cancer. Looking forward to this miracle.

    • Joe says:

      I have asked Elly the same question but she has not responded for a few weeks with information of her Dad. It is possible that she is with him in Romania as she lives in Holland.

      I have sent an email to her and hope that she will respond.

      You may like to visit



      You may like to know that a friend of mine Praveen Wadhwa, an engineer and I established this Forum in 2006 but my friend dropped out of sight a few years later and does not respond anymore. He wrote the software and I used to advice visitors who posted their ailments with my “Joepathy” .

      I believe that you will find it of interest.

  2. Nikkie (abc forum) says:

    Respected Sir Joe,
    How are you. During abc forum case taking we used to interact a lot. I still remembered your arnica 30c and natphos remedy for my stomach problem. Nice to see you on your website as usual.


    • Joe says:

      Glad to welcome you to my own Website which I established in 2010 to ensure that I am able to help clients across the world who seek my help. I do remember you and hope that you are keeping good health today.

      I am over 90.5 years in age today and am in the best of health as I do not take any drugs except on a SOS basis. This was confirmed by a comprehensive Blood Test I did last June before my Cataract implant which surprised me and my medical friends as all my statistics were at normal levels with my Blood Sugar at 89 Random.

      I do still take Arnica but in the 6c potency just nightly and I am convinced that I owe my longevity and health to God and to Arnica.

      I have been attending to my office duties daily in my Family owned business organization which I share with the youngest of my 3 sons, which will be a Century old in 2024. Right now Colombo is in a stare to lockdown since mid March with the Corona scare and I am hoping that our Nation will overcome this Corona Virus soon.

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