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  1. kpkumar says:

    Dear Dr.Joe Sir,


    Sir my father suffered Covid with acute lung infection( cough and flum) last month for about 14 days. Admitted to hospital , on steroids and ramdesvir. Gods grace, he is back home.

    He is recovering , and his saturation levels are 97 without oxygen.

    Yesterday been to doctor for review, and he said all looks fine except for CT scan showing small dark spots in his lungs/fibrosis. He said its the damage caused by covid and he needs to take Pirfenex.He is on that Sir. But doctor said the final results on how far thats going to get cured we cant say !! If not cured , then he has to be put on oxygen support every day….

    Sir, any medication you recommend for lung fibrosys …

    I am great fan of homeopathy and yourself too sir. I trust you both beyond anything because you cured me on multiple occasions.

    Thanks You Dear Dr.Joe.
    Best Regards.

    • Joe says:

      I looked back on your case and find that you first contacted me in December 2016 for your Diabetes which I hope is under control with Arnica 6c I prescribed. Do let me know how you are today.

      It seems a pity that you did not use my default therapy for your father as Eupat Perf 200c would have cured him in a few days. I would recommend that all at home who have been in contact with him also take a dose of 10ml twice daily as a prophylactic.

      The Remedy is Eupatorium Perfolatum 200c in the Wet dose which can be taken as a prophylactic and also to CURE this disease if ther patient is PCR Positive.
      You will take a dose of 5ml which is roughly a dessert spoonful just once dailly as a prophylactic.
      If the patieit is PCR Positive the dosa is taken every 3 hours and the patient will discover that there some improvement in 24 hours or less.
      The Wet dose is made as follows:
      You will insert 5 drops of the alcohol product into 500ml water and a dose is 5ml taken as instructed above.

      It acts as a prophylactic against catching this deadly Corona Virus and I am convinced that it will save the world from annihilation if only the medical profession will use it worldwide instead of waiting for the vaccine which may take years to perfect.


      I would not like to treat your father as he is under the treatment of specialists.

      He can however benefit by taking the therapy above in addition to there drugs he is taking today.

  2. kpkumar says:

    Many thanks Dear Dr.Joe Sir.

    Some how I missed your postings on Covid !! I feel so sorry for myself and father, anyway, I can take it from now on Sir.

    Yes Sugar is under control , its always below 170 post lunch and below 100 fasting .

    Thank You Sir
    Best Regards

  3. Dear Doctor De Livera Sir,
    My son 13 years of age was diagnosed with Dengue today (June 4th). His platelet count in still at 260,000. I have been a reader on your joepathy and have been giving EP200 wet dose to both my Children once a day during the pandemic season (especially for the prevention of COVID).
    My 13 year old son got a high fever at 6pm yesterday (June 3rd) and we have since then been giving the EP200 wet dose 2 hourly.
    24 hours later his fever is still high around the 103.8 range and Panadol and I am still continuing the EP200 as prescribed.
    I have got the EP200 pellets RXHomio Inc.
    The reason I’m writing to you is to find out whether I’m on the right track where treatment is concerned. Both kids have been taking this wet dose once a day and one having got Dengue now should I be doing anything different?
    Thank you for your valuable time. This website is a treasure house of information. May God bless you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world.
    Thanking you.

    • Joe says:

      You certainly are on the right track in your treatment of Dengue in your son whom you state is Dengue positive. All I can tell you is that EP200 in the Wet dose has never been proved NOT to work in both Dengue Positive and in CURING Covid Positive patients.
      A Dengue patient is usually CURED in 3-6 hours and Covid in 4 days.

      Please report his status tomorrow morning and if the child is not OK this can only indicate that the RXHomio pellets are not genuine EP200.

      You are advised to get a supply of Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in Alcohol from.

      18/2 ATTITIYA RD

      (77) 723 0034 Ms Dammi (mention my name)

      • Dear Doctor De Livera Sir,
        My son’s status is more or less the same.
        The fever goes down for the Panadol but returns to the 102 range just before the next dose is due. One thing I noticed was that the overall range of the fever is lesser than yesterday (i.e. didn’t go to the 103, 104 range).
        This leads me to believe that you are right in that the pellets I have got may not be the genuine article. I tried to contact Ms Dammi (Phone and Whats App) she hasn’t replied as yet. I will call her a bit later. I’m hoping that I will be able to get the recommended product so as not to delay his treatment further as hospitalization during this Covid Pandemic worries me a lot.
        Meanwhile I will continue with the EP200 wet dose I have, until I am able to get a better product.
        I truly appreciate your prompt response from yesterday. You are doing a great service for us all.
        Thank You. I will keep you updated on his progress.
        Thanking You

        • Dear Doctor De Livera Sir,
          Just an additional update to you.
          Ms. Dammi contacted me shortly after my previous update. Although they are closed they have aggreged to courier the product to me thanks to the relationship they have with you. I greatly appreciate all the help during this worrying time.
          I am assuming since this is to specifically treat Dengue I will only use 3 drops to prepare the wet dose. Please let me know if this is not adequate when considering the Covid situation as well.
          Thanking you in advance.

          • Joe says:

            Glad to note that Dammi is couriering the EP200 to you.

            I would prefer that you use 5 drops as although 3 is sufficient 5 is more positive.

            Let me know how your boy is in the evening.

  4. Shamil Raheeman says:

    Dear Doctor De Livera Sir,
    Here is the latest update on the status of my son.
    I have given him 5 doses made by the Liquid Dilution I got from Ms.Dammi today 2 hours a part (10 hours elapsed time). There was an improvement in that he seemed to be more alert and responsive. His fever through out today was around the 99-100.5 range except for just now when it hit 101.1 just before the next Panadol dose was due at 7pm.
    His platelet count on the second FBC had dropped from 260,000 to 230,000. This is still day 2 so its a bit of a worry. The doctor said to keep him at home one more day and repeat the FBC tomorrow at 12. Based on the results he will make a call on whether to admit him or not.

    Doctor I read in your website that Papaya Leaf extract works to bring up the Platelet count. I also remember reading the EP200 will also increase it on average some number per dose. I’m trying to find that article (which I read sometime back but can’t seem to find now).

    I have the following questions I hope you can answer for me.
    1) Do I continue giving EP200 2 hours a part tomorrow as well or should I space it out more. This will be day 3 for him.
    2) Can the platelet count go up for EP200 or did I misread the article. I will try to find it again now? Maybe I read it wrong.
    3) Do you know anywhere in Sri Lanka where I can get the Papaya Leaf Extract which is prepared for consumption.

    Again let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and advice. Since this is my sons second Dengue attack (He got his first one 8 years ago and recovered normally) I am a bit worried but the one additional weapon I have which I didn’t have the first time is your miracle remedy of EP200.

    Thank You and God Bless

    • Joe says:

      Please follow my original instructions literally:

      EP200C in the Wd is given every 3 hours 24×7 (not 2 hours)
      It is made with 5 drops in 500ml water. A dose is 5ml.

      I have NEVER prescribed Papaya leaf juice..

      I did not know that he had Dengue 8 years ago.

      His Platelet count at 230K is very good. It should be normal tomorrow.

      Stop the Panadol.

      He should be OK tomorrow.

  5. Dear Doctor De Livera Sir,
    The last FBC indicates that the platelet count has dropped to 144,000.
    This is a huge drop for day 3. The doctor is yet to see this but will definitely recommend hospitalization.

    Please advice on the way forward with EP200.

    Thank you

    • Joe says:

      This drop of his PC to 144000 indicates that he has caught the Type II Dengue Virus and if you had used the genuine EP200 when you started him on it he would be OK by now. It is the delay in using the Remedy that has enabled the Virus to take hold and if you have to take him to hospital make sure that the EP is given to him every 3 hours.

      Do keep me informed of his progress.

      • Shamil Raheeman says:

        Dear Doctor Delivera
        The platelet count has dropped to 94,000. The doctor treating him is a bit concerned on the speed of the drop. They want to do another test in the morning. I’m freaking out now. He has no fever, he is clinically very responsive which is puzzling to me.
        Please advice me on what to do now.
        Thanking you.

        • Joe says:

          Glad to learn that “He has no fever, he is clinically very responsive.”

          When you do the next Blood Test can you ask them to indicate which of the 4 Types of Dengue is affecting him? I believe that hs has caught the Type II which is the most difficult to treat and it is unfortunate that you got the EP200 of a brand that is obviously fake and this enabled the virus to establish itself in his body causing this unnecessary distress.

          It is fortunate that I was able to identify that you lived in Sri Lanka from your email IP and directed you to ms Dammi who sent the product to you.

          All you need to do is to follow my instructions literally and he will recover. You may like to know that I have helped some patients whose Platelet count was down to 12000. This Remedy when given as soon as the patient is Dengue + stands the best chance of recovering in 3-6 hours but I believe that you lost a few days before you got the genuine product.

          I remembered that I had a record of a patient whose wife was at 12K and I copy it below:
          C DE SILVA
          “No Mr Joe she was at 12k in the report before, after the remedy she picked up to 35 k as of yesterday night. I gave your medicine soon after I collected it from you at 11.00 in the morning and report in the night suggested that she picked up to 35k!
          Joe De Livera:
          I am relieved that I had remembered the wrong Platelet count. 12k is VERY LOW and I am indeed delighted to learn that it picked up after you started her on my remedy to 35k last night. This is indeed valuable evidence to prove that this teaspoonful of medicated water is just MAGIC and hope that the doctors will use it with their own protocol to stop this loss of life which is over 300 for this year. Do keep my advised of your wife’s progress. I am praying for her.
          C DE SILVA:
          Thanks Sir, i will come and see you in person once I am little revealed with this situation. Even I am amazed and want to see how I could apply this medication to my life. I am amazed by your medicated power and how you have maintained yourself.. will keep you posted”

          Feel free to consult other physicians but do not stop the “Joepathy” Protocol I prescribed.

          • Shamil Raheeman says:

            Dear Dr De Livera
            This is what I’m trying to understand. What am I doing wrong?
            We have been giving EP200 in wet dose 3 hourly. His Platelet count is continuing to drop. Went down to 64k and now is at 50k. Still going down.
            I’m hoping and praying that this remedy will start sending the numbers up.
            I’m so glad that I can speak to you regarding this. It helps a lot.
            Take care and God bless.

            • Joe says:

              I was truly shocked to read your report that your son had not responded to the EP200 in the manner that so many patients have done since 2007 when I first used it to CURE Dengue in a few hours. I was fortunately able to trace the conversation with S de Silva whose wife was rescued in time whose Blood count was 12K.

              How is your boy right now and what is the Blood count? He is the first case that has not responded to the Remedy from the many thousands I have treated and I am glad that you had also consulted a physician and he would have advised you to hospitalise your son for a blood transfusion which is essential if the EP did not work.

              I apologise that I did not read your post till now as we were watching a movie on Netflix.

              My Prayers are with him.
              God Bless.
              Please keep me informed.

              • shamil Raheeman says:

                Dear Dr De Livera
                Here is my day six update.
                His platelet count dropped all the way to 26k by the end of day 5. It then stayed at 26k for the entire day six and the latest report shows 28k an increase of 2k which is still not good.
                We have been giving EP200 3 hourly continuously and the doctors are monitoring him closely. By the grace of God he seems clinically ok.
                I can’t understand why EP200 is not working for him. Both my children have been taking EP200 once a week as a preventative for Dengue and when Covid started they have been taking it once daily as a preventative. So maybe taking too much builds a resistance to it? I’m probably speculating here.
                Please let me know whether to continue with it 3 hourly or reduce the duration. Tomorrow is day 7.
                Thank you.

                • Joe says:

                  I’m relieved and I thank God that your son is safe.

                  Did you ask for the DNA Type of the Dengue Virus that is affecting him? It is most likely that it is Type II, which is generally feared.

                  I too cannot figure out the reason for him not responding in a few days as so many thousands of other patients have always done.

                  You can now reduce the dosage to every 4 hours. He has successfully overcome the Virus and is on the mend.

                  I am happy that you did not have to take him to a hospital for emergency treatment.

                  • Shamil Raheeman says:

                    Dear Dr Delivera
                    Thank you for your response.
                    Just to clarify my son has been in hospital since Sunday. He is still in hospital. Thankfully he has not required ICU yet. Fingers crossed. The Doctor still has him under heavy observation as the increase was just by 2k and 28,000 is still a very low platelet count.
                    I will keep you posted on the outcome today.
                    So just to be clear taking EP200 long term (say once a day for the rest of your life) won’t reduce the efficacy of the product when you really need it right?
                    I will keep you informed and thank you once again.

                    • Joe says:

                      I was not aware that he was in hospital but this is just as well as they can keep him under close observation.

                      As long as the count is on the increase it cannot come down.

                      I cannot understand how, in spite of taking the EP200 daily for some time, he could have contracted Dengue and I can only presume that the Remedy was not genuine as you had used a brand that I have not come across. Dammi solved the problem by couriering it to you and it was only after the first dose that the recovery started.

                      Where did you get the product you were using previously?

  6. amir says:

    Dear Respected Dr Joe,

    I just started following yr site closely.
    Just need to clarify one thing especially abt your wet dose of Eupatorium Perf. for Covid.
    When ever you make a wet dose you succuss it before taking it.
    Then you succuss it daily till you finish the bottle in 2 weeks if you were to share it with your members of the family…

    When the bottle is empty then you start all over again i.e a fresh bottle just like how you start taking the remedy in the beginning? Am i correct sir?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


    • Joe says:

      The Remedy is Eupatorium Perfolatum 200c in the Wet dose which can be taken as a prophylactic and also to CURE this disease if ther patient is PCR Positive.
      You will take a dose of 5ml which is roughly a dessert spoonful just once dailly as a prophylactic.
      If the patieit is PCR Positive the dosa is taken every 3 hours and the patient will discover that there some improvement in 24 hours or less.
      The Wet dose is made as follows:
      You will insert 5 drops of the alcohol product into 500ml water and a dose is 5ml taken as instructed above.
      If you use the pellets you will insert 10 pellets into 500ml water.
      You can make the Wet dose of any Remedy by using 5 drops of the Alcohol product or you can use 10 Pellets in 500ml water. You may use tap water after boiling to release the chlorine.

      It acts as a prophylactic against catching this deadly Corona Virus and I am convinced that it will save the world from annihilation if only the medical profession will use it worldwide instead of using the vaccines which do not seem to be able to cope with the new mutations of the Virus.


  7. Leo says:

    Dr Joe,

    The nerves on my leg have started showing up and seems like case of varicose veins but not sure as have not gone to any doctors yet

    This is happening on both legs, there is no pain or discomfort yet and its more of visual thing

    Can you please let me know your advise and if I can send any pictures to you

    Thank you

    • Joe says:

      I regret that I cannot diagnose your ailment by looking at photographs of your condition.
      You are advised to consult a physician and report his diagnosis.

  8. Sheena says:

    Good Morning Dr. Delivera.
    Me and my son I believe had covid 19. We have been coughing over 3 weeks now. Feeling better than we were. Seemed like we had a bad cold. Dr thought I had bronchitis. Put me on antibiotics and my son was put on a steroid and something to open his lungs. We still can’t seem to kick the cough. I have some chest pain and I’ve been tired for weeks. My son is only 3 but very irritable. I’m assuming he is also feeling tired. I have been doing your standard recommendations for covid in the wet dose for both of us. Is there something else you recommend? Thank you for your help.

    • Joe says:

      You are obviously suffering from the after effects of the Covid Virus and you must take EP200 which I presume you used originally every 3 hours, in a reduced dosage of every 5 hours for a few days more till you recover. I do not know what the dosage is for a 3 year old but the EP200 can be used safely in a reduced quantity if he too was infected.

      You will use steam to liquify the remnants of the phlegm in the manner that I prescribed to a patient who escaped an untimely end due to his not taking the dose as prescribed because he lost his father and stopped taking it till he started to cough like you.

      Please visit

      Please follow the therapy I prescribed and report progress in a few days.

      • Sheena says:

        Good Morning Dr. Delivera.
        Thank you for your advice. I will continue the remedy. His cough is worse than mine but my chest has been hurting for several days like someone kicked me. I saw you prescribed arnica in wet dose as well in that link. Should me and my son take that as well? Or just EP? Thank you for all your wisdom.

        • Joe says:

          Yes, do add it. I had overlooked it. Glad you reminded me.
          The Arnica hastened the cure which meant life to him.

          I was overjoyed when he snapped out of what could have been an untimely end.

          • Sheena says:

            Ok great.thank you Dr Delivera. I will add that for me and my son three times a day with EP. to be clear 500 ml of spring water and add 3 drops of arnica? Is that correct?

            • Joe says:

              I now prescribe 5 drops to the 500ml water today to make sure that it works as this Virus today seem very infectious.

              • Sheena says:

                I just want to thank you Dr. Delivera. We are on the mend. Less tired. Slight cough. Chest pain gone. I will continue until our coughs are gone. Thank you for your help.

                • Joe says:

                  Glad to learn that in just 24 hours you have experienced some relief.

                  Do not however stop the therapy for a week as the symptoms will return. It is the steam that is the saviour in conjunction with the EP200.

                  • Sheena says:

                    I will continue. My father who lives far from me is 70 years old. He is stating he now is not feeling well completely exhausted. He cannot get arnica in liquid form so I told him to buy pellets. Is it 10? Of each on their own bottle? And should he start off taking them both every 3 hours? Does he need to space them out or take at the same time? I don’t want him to get worse.

                    • Joe says:

                      Your dad can take a Wet dose each of Arnica 30c and Eupat Perf 200c twice daily for a month and if the Covid situation is stabilised at that time he can reduce the dosage to just once daily.

                      He can use 10 pellets in 500ml water and if the water starts to smell or taste strange, he will remake the Remedy. The pellets are in a lactose base and may tend to change the taste in a few weeks.

  9. Abdullah Khan says:

    Dear Respected Sir,

    Can I use distilled water for making wet dose of Arnica 30C? I will heat it, cool it and add Arnica. The reason for doing it is that the Arnica wet dose made from filtered or bottled water is becoming bitter in taste after a week. I had not had this experience when I was living in gulf and making wet dose from bottled water. I m using Arnica 30 C from Schwabe India.

    Kindly advise.

    • Joe says:

      I have also noticed that EP200 gets bitter when it is made with some brands. The best solution is to reduce the water to 250ml and use just 3 drops Arnica and when you notice any smell in the liquid make a fresh solution a new bottle.

      You can also try changing the brand of the Remedy and see if this helps.

      • Abdullah Khan says:

        Dear Sir,

        Thanks for the kind reply. I will change the Arnica brand also.

        Thanks with best regards

  10. Maria says:

    Respected Dr. Joe Sir,

    I sincerely hope and wish for you to be fine and in a very good health. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, and deeply appreciate all you have done for so many people. Your generosity has given all of us new hope!

    Would you be so kind please as to help me with the following:

    More and more doctors are very concerned about the vaccine shedding. it is said that the spike protein can be transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated people by air and by skin contact. Is there a remedy that could stop this?

    I don’t want to vaccinate myself and I don’t want to get the spike protein as well.

    Thank you so very much for your kind help.

    Wishing you all the best, Maria

    • Joe says:

      The Remedy is Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose taken twice daily as a prophylactic against the Covid 19 Virus.

      I have not taken the Vaccine and have not caught the Virus. I am over 91 years old and I am now retired.

  11. Kt says:

    Dear sir
    Can you pls suggest something for allergy..some irritation in throat.
    Doctor said its a allergy .

    • Joe says:

      The irritation in the throat is due to a Virus that has taken hold which can even be the Covid 19.

      Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose will clear the Virus in 2-3 days.
      A dose is taken 3 times daily.

  12. rachaelpearson21 says:

    Good afternoon

    My little girl is 6 weeks old & suffering silent reflux. She hates laying on her back and is struggling to feed due to the reflux. She also has terrible wind.
    Is there anything which can help?
    Thank you

    • Joe says:

      I shall copy my default therapy for Baby GERD which I have prescribed for hundreds of babies and which I hope will help your baby too.

      The remedy is Nat Phos 6x which is a Biochemic Cell Salt and is NOT a drug. It is absolutely safe in use and you may like to look it up on Google.

      You will give baby half a tablet dissolved in milk a few minutes before every feed and the balance half immediately after a feed but you will not exceed a total of 6 tablets (12 halves) in 24 hours.

      You may like to try to reduce the quantity of milk you give for each feed to enable baby’s digestion to stabilize. You will however feed more often. It is essential that you burp baby immediately after every feed.

      Babies do not always do a poo daily. Some babies can go up to 5 days to do so. A gentle massage of her abdomen after every feed in a clockwise direction usually stimulates evacuation.

      You will avoid eating all food that can cause any distress to baby. You must know that they are passed on to baby through your breast milk.

      It is best not to vaccinate Baby till s/he is over 2 years old as the after effects in some cases can add to the problems with GERD.
      Do not give the MMR Vaccine in One shot as there is plenty of evidence on the Web of severe side effects which can result. You are advised to give it in 3 separate shots if you must do so, after baby is 2 years old.

      Do not give Baby any solid food till s/he is over 8 months of age.

      You (the mother) will take Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after each of 3 meals daily. The idea is that your milk will pass the effect to baby. You may like to know that Nat Phos 6x will help to reduce your weight by 1kg per week very safely.

      If you discover that baby does not respond to the Nat Phos 6x alone and this has occurred in a few cases, you will contact me again and I shall then prescribe another remedy to reinforce the action of Nat Phos 6x.

      You will stop all other drugs you may be giving baby when you start on my therapy.

  13. rachaelpearson21 says:

    Thank you very much for the response.

    She is currently on gaviscon in her milk, shall we stop this ?

    How long do we do use the Nat phos for please ?

    Many thanks

    • Joe says:

      I am over 91 years in age and you are not making my life any easier by asking questions which have already been answered.


      • Rachael says:

        I do apologise.

        We have been following the remedy as advised and yesterday she was great, like a new baby how’ve today she’s slipped back into been uncomfortable and crying on and off all day. She seems to have got a lot of wind too.


        • Joe says:

          It seems to me that Baby is not responding to the Nat Phos 6x alone and it is time to add Robinia Pseudacacia 30c in the Wet dose to reinforce its action. This remedy will reduce the Hcl acid flow in baby’s stomach and works in a similar manner to the standard PPI drugs like Nexium which are usually prescribed by doctors even though they are aware that they are dangerous.

          You will make it as per instructions below and give half teaspoonful, twice daily.

          The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

          Get Robinia P 30c in the standard pellets and insert just 6 pellets into a 500ml bottle of Spring Water.
          Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
          Shake the bottle hard before you give baby half teaspoonful twice daily.

          You will stop the Robinia as soon as you find that baby is OK but you will continue the Nat Phos for as long as you feel that it is needed. Nat Phos is NOT a drug and is absolutely safe in use for long periods.

          Report progress in 48 hours.

          • Rachael says:

            Thank you very much for your help, it’s greatly appreciated.

            When I make the dose up using the 500ml of spring water how long will this last for? Do I need to do this daily for the daily doses?


            • Rachael says:

              Sorry to bother you again, the website I am using for purchasing the tablets are asking what gram tablet I require. It ranges from 7g-160g.

              Which one do I purchase please ?

              Thanks again

              • Joe says:

                I cannot answer your question as I use the standard classification to indicate potency:
                6c ,12c, 30c, 200c.

                These are all in round pellets aka globules. They are not tablets
                I am not familiar with tablets expressed in grams.

                You can perhaps order from another pharmacy who use the standard classification of potency of any Remedy.

            • Joe says:

              Have just noticed your question about making the Wet dose every day.

              I have NOT indicated that you should do so.

  14. Kt says:

    Sir ,can we pls suggest something for sound sleep which is disturbed due to unwanted anxiety and worry ..sometimes related to covid,post covid
    Thank you

  15. Shamil Raheeman says:

    Dear Dr Delivera
    My son was finally discharged on Friday the 11th as his platelet count went up to 80k. I am continuing to give him EP200 thrice a day now. Please let me know if this is too much or too little.

    To answer your specific question I ordered the product from this website: I hope you can tell me whether this is a genuine site or not. The product given to me by Ms. Dammi is also an Indian product from Lord’s.

    The most effective EP200 I have ever purchased was from Boiron from the US when I visited in 2016. I say this because when my Domestic got Dengue in 2017 I gave her the wet dose made with this and she only required a day in hospital and they released her because the improvement was drastic and quick. Unfortunately this has expired now. I’m trying to get this product but due to the lockdown it is difficult to get my hands on this. Have you heard of this brand by any chance. Value your advice on this as I need to be prepared going forward.

    Awaiting your advice.
    Many thanks.

    • Joe says:

      Great news indeed since I was awaiting your report on June 10 after you reported that his Platelet count was increasing and I reassured you that it cannot come down.

      You also informed me that you will report on this same day and when you did not, I was very concerned indeed.

      It is very likely that your old stock of EP200 is off spec today.
      I thank God that Dammi came to your rescue as the results could have been otherwise.

      You may now reduce the dose of EP to twice daily for a week.

  16. Kt says:

    Shall we take one dose of EP200 everyday as a precaution. Can we take it for long period safely ?

    • Joe says:

      Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c is the Remedy I discovered in 2005 to eliminate almost all Viral infections that affect anyone at home.

      I have used it very successfully to CURE Dengue in 2007 and in 2020 to CURE Covid 19.
      It is unfortunate that the medical authorities refuse to use it even on a test basis to treat PCR+ patients as they will discover that it is far more effective than all the vaccines which are injected deep into the arm in a large dose.

      In direct comparison, EP200 in the Wet dose is sipped from a spoon and the dose is 8ml taken daily as a Prophylactic or in the case of a patient he will take it every 3-4 hours. It will CURE the patient in 4 days. It is absolutely safe in use.

  17. Druvi says:

    Hi Livera, Hope you are keeping well. Just to give you an update regarding my Cholesterol & BP condition. Today I got a blood test done after 2 months. My total cholesterol level had gone up to 287. HDL has gone up but the LDL has increased as well to 190.So if I meet the western doctor with this report he will tell me to take a statin drug. I have been taking the Arnica 30C in the wet dose all this time. What would be your recommendation for this situation Dr? Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Joe says:

      I have looked back on our 25 conversations since you first consulted me on March 3rd.

      I have patiently responded to all of them and I feel that I am only wasting my time in continuing to do so as you still imagine that you are going to suffer from Cholesterol in spite of listening to the lectures of Prof. BM Hegde where he states that taking Statins will result in results which can be dire.

      I feel that it is time to let you decide for yourself as you are the patient and leave you to do so yourself.

      I wish you well.

  18. Anusha Buchireddygari says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m very grateful to you because your treatment for eczema worked and my baby’s skin went back to normal, this is second time you treated her, first time is for her Reflux. Is there anything I can do in return please let me know sir.

    I have more confidence in Joepathy than Allopathy medicines. I like you to treat my father too, he has high BP, his current Diastolic level is high which is 94, suddenly one day his BP went to 210/94 and when he went to the doctor they did all tests, cholesterol, checked if there are any blocks near heart and confirmed normal except he has to taken medicines continuously for his High BP. He’s a active person, he plays badminton everyday but he also likes eating food, so he is 80kg for 5 feet 5 inches height, he is currently 60 years old. Can you please suggest Joepathy treatment for my father.

    Thanks and Regards
    Anusha B

    • Joe says:

      I am almost 92 years in age and prefer not to treat your father as his case is complicated and will take too much of my time .

      I note that he exercises daily and he is still overweight.

      He can take Nat Phos 6x dose 3 tablets after each of 3 meals and watch his weight reducing by 1 kg per week. He MUST control his diet.

      He can also take Arnica 30 in the Wet dose twice daily.


  19. Shamil Raheeman says:

    Dear Doctor De Livera Sir,
    This is regarding my son (13 years) who had Dengue a few weeks ago and we were in constant touch regarding his progress. We had our final checkup with the Doctor with a FBC done last Friday. His Platelet count had gone up to 480k and the doctor was very happy with his progress.
    I am still giving him EP200 5ml in wet dose once a day as a Covid preventative. Please let me know if this is ok and whether to continue this once a day.

    Thank you so much for your guidance and input. I believe Ms. Dammi’s product was the right one and helped. Thank you once again for putting me in touch with her.

    After reading a bit more on your site I thought of taking Arnica 30c wet dose for myself after reading so much positive points you have on this miracle remedy for Cholesterol and general well being. I tried to get a product from Ms Dammi but now she wants a prescription to sell this product to me.

    I will try calling her and see if she can help me get it.

    Thank you once again for all your help.

    • Joe says:

      I was very concerned for your son due to his Dengue not responding to my therapy which has resurrected patients who had been given up by their doctors whose cases are listed on my Website.

      He should take EP200 with all members of your family daily as a prophylactic to be safe from the Covid Virus which is now far more potent that in was a few weeks ago as it will also protect you all from the Dengue too.

      Glad to note that you will also take Arnica 30 in the Wet dose daily.

      • Shamil Raheeman says:

        Dear Doctor De Livera Sir,

        Thank you for all your help.
        Re: Arnica 30c in liquid dilution form.
        Ms. Dammi is insisting on a prescription to provide this product to me.
        She wanted me to touch base with you and see whether you can provide me a prescription to get this product. Is this possible?
        Please let me know how I can obtain a prescription for this product.
        Thanking you in advance.

        • Joe says:

          I am not a licensed Homeopath qualified to issue a prescription to you.

          As you are aware I am over 91 years in age and do not attend office as I have done since December 2020. I have been practising my own version of Homeopathy which is now recognised as “Joepathy” internationally, through my Website for many years as a free service to help suffering humanity.

          I am delighted and thank God that my therapy saved your son who I believe was suffering from Type II Dengue which is the Hemorrhagic of the 4 types and is recognised to be difficult to cure. Ms Dammi also helped us and if she had not couriered the EP200 the result could have been dire.

          I have sent you an email where I indicated my office address in Pettah from which you can get some pellets of Arnica 30c. You will use just 8 pellets in 500ml water and you will take a large teaspoonful nightly.

          • Shamil Raheeman says:

            Dear Doctor De Livera

            Thank you for the offer. I am in self quarantine for 14 days after we returned from hospital. Just in case we caught Covid from there. I will surely visit your office and pick the pellets once this is over.

            I would like to clarify something if I may. Ms Dammi mentioned that Homeopathy remedies in liquid dilution form never expires (although there is an expiry date) simply because it is diluted in Alcohol. She asked me to clarify with you as well.

            Reason I ask is I do have some Arnica 30C in liquid Alcohol but the bottle had an expiry date of Dec 2018. If this is true and it does not expire I can use this at least until I pick up the pellet’s from your office.

            Hoping to hear from you regarding this.
            Thank you and God Bless.

            • Joe says:

              Dammi is absolutely correct.
              All alcohol based H Remedies have no expiry date although it is printed on the bottle to satisfy regulations.
              As long as the alcohol is visible, it can be used.

              I do not however understand why the EP200 which you used to cure a Dengue patient some years back did not help your son a few days ago.
              I have some remedies which are over 40 years old in my stock which are dried up but which I still re-activate by inserting Ethanol.

              Feel free to use the Arnica 30 you have and share it with all over 40 years, and observe how you respond with greater energy and zest for life. You will also find that you sleep more deeply which I believe is how Arnica works. It only takes a teaspoonful to work the Miracle.

              And I discovered that it did work way back in 1996.

              • Shamil Raheeman says:

                Dear Doctor De Livera
                Great to know that there is no expiry for Homeopathy remedies in the liquid dilution form. This is good news indeed.
                The reason the EP200 I used to cure a dengue person some years back didn’t work on my son was because I did not try it on him. Since the expiry date was Dec 2018 I never used this product after this date thinking it was expired. I instead managed to order the pellet’s from RxHomeo Inc which I have been using since which turned out to be an inferior product and the start of all my problems. I’m glad its all resolved now and this means I have more stock than I thought I’d had.

                Just to be clear I store these dilutions in a wall cupboard away from sunlight but in room temperature (not in a refrigerator). I’m hoping this is ok as some bottles say do not store in over 30 degrees we do have days were the temperature goes over 30 degrees. Hope this is ok.

                The wet dose I make I leave it on my table which does get normal sunlight but not direct sunlight. I’m hoping this is ok as well.

                Please let me know if this is ok.
                I will be starting Arnica from tonight.

                Thank You for your kind advice.
                Take Care and God Bless

            • Joe says:

              It occurred to me that I should inform you that if you and other members of your family who were with your son in hospital were also taking at least one dose of EP200 daily, there is absolutely no reason for you to self quarantine as the EP200 would have protected you from any infection.

  20. Green family says:

    Dear Dr.,
    My uncle is 45 years old and was recently diagnosed with skin cancer. He has a couple “spots” in his head and he often has inflamed “breakout” on his upper body. He is seeking a second option because before this diagnosis he was diagnosed with eczema. Do you have any homeopathic treatment advice if this is skin cancer?

    T Green

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