Scientists use Cyanide in the War on Cancer

I am copying an article that I believe can make a great difference to any patient who has been diagnosed with Cancer.

This article gives sufficient information to prove that Cancer can be controlled and eventually eradicated simply by including natural foods containing Vitamin B 17. It is rather long and may take a few minutes to read but it is of vital importance to anyone who has been diagnosed with Cancer.

In Sri Lanka where I live Manioc or Cassava has been used by patients who suffered from Cancer as it is recognized as a source of Vitamin  B 17. I am personally aware of an ENT Surgeon who was diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma in her Ureter which was removed with her Kidney 8 years ago.  She was again diagnosed with the same Cancer but in her Bladder  2 years ago when she noticed that her Urine was blood stained. Here again the Cancerous mass was removed through her Vagina and it was at this time that she read about the part that Vitamin B 17 plays in eradicating Cancer. She included Manioc or Cassava in her daily diet and was surprised to discover that in just 2 weeks her vitality returned. An investigation done in 6 months did not show any signs of Cancer. Another check up was done a year later which again proved negative and she feels quite normal today and can be considered as cured.

I am also copying the link to another website which gives details of other sources of Vitamin B 17

Cyanide used to kill cancer cells

The Times (7th September 2000)

Killing cancer with cyanide
The Daily Telegraph (7th September 2000)

Scientists use cyanide in the war on cancer
The Financial Times (7th September 2000)

A report was given at the British Association for the Advancement of Science’s science festival in London on 6th September 2000 which provoked the above headlines in the newspapers.

Researchers from Imperial College, London have developed a sophisticated targeting method that uses antibodies to guide lethal doses of the poison (cyanide) to tumours, without affecting healthy tissue. The system known as antibody guided enzyme nitrile therapy (AGENT), has been used successfully to seek out and kill human colorectal cancer cells in the laboratory. Patient trials could begin within two years…

The Imperial team has genetically engineered into a yeast the gene for linamarase and the gene for an antibody that recognises a protein specific to colorectal cancers……

………Should any cyanide escape the tumour into the bloodstream, it would be rapidly broken down in the liver and neutralised. (The Times)

…the antibody carries an enzyme which derives cyanide from a non-toxic substance from the (cassava) plant, a staple food crop in Africa……..

“We can target any kind of cancer cell depending on the antibody we use” (Daily Telegraph)

Surely all the arguments against vitamin B17 have been refuted by the Imperial College team. They have proved that cyanide kills cancer cells, that it is derived from food crops (from nitrilosides in these plants – hence the name of the method given by the research team), and that should any cyanide escape the tumour into the bloodstream, it would be rapidly broken down and neutralised. (See highlights from the above quotes)

It is likely that as you have read this brief overview of cancer therapy you have thought of someone you know with cancer who perhaps could benefit from this information. However, cancer is unlikely to be banished to the history books alongside scurvy until we all take action, preventative action. Recent studies predict that within 20 years the risk of developing cancer at some time during your life will be greater than 50%. 42 It is therefore in our own best interest to start taking preventative action now.

Cancer is not something that happens to someone else. In the USA, one in three Americans will get cancer, one in four will die from it. WAKE UP! NOW! TAKE PREVENTATIVE MEASURES! It is much easier than having to take more drastic and ongoing action to get rid of cancer later. Dr Krebs recommended that consumption of 10 (large) apricot kernels per day, either chewed whole, or ground and sprinkled, for example on cereal or in a drink, would provide sufficient B17 to permanently guard against cancer.

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