CURE FOR CANCER —- First person account by Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya

I am copying an article that appeared in the Sunday Observer, Sri Lanka yesterday July 24 2011,  where my cousin Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya an ENT Surgeon, recounts in detail her encounter with Cancer of the Ureter in 2002 when she was treated by surgery in Colombo when her Left Ureter, her Kidney and a part of her Bladder were removed. A secondary Cancer of the Bladder was identified in 2009 which was again removed surgically.

It was then that Cynthia started to eat Manioc aka Cassava (Manihot esculenta ) which grows freely in the tropics throughout the world where it is often the staple diet in the remote villages.  I have kept constantly in contact with her throughout all these years and she can now be considered as CURED of her Cancer as she has been free of Cancer after her many examinations which were done every 3 months in the Government General Hospital Colombo by her surgeon.

It is my hope that this first hand account of a CURE of Cancer by a qualified ENT Surgeon is of monumental importance in the fight against Cancer and will reach the headlines of the World Media and will be read by all who suffer from Cancer and are being treated by Chemotherapy and Drugs which they can replace with Manioc or Cassava.


by Dr. Cynthia Jayasuriya
Please let me share my happy experience with you. I wrote about it in February 2010 but now with added knowledge I write with many other peoples’ experience.

My experience

I developed secondary bladder cancer after seven years following cancer in the ureter. My kidney, ureter and part of the bladder was removed. I had radiation to the abdomen there after. It was transitional cell carcinoma of the ureter. I was hale and hearty for seven years and during this period I had yearly examinations of the bladder by the fantastic surgeon who did the surgery at General Hhospital Colombo.

In the seventh year I experienced blood in the urine as I had developed a growth in the bladder. It was once again transitional cell carcinoma (Cancer). The new growth was removed but what if it recurred? While I was convalescing I came to know of a treatment by eating Apricot seed kernel that was being used in Australia and USA without any chemotherapy. The information on this is found in the web site

In a nutshell, how it acts on the cancer is thus. The apricot seed kernel has a substance called Vitamin B17, which was discovered by a British doctor who worked in a remote region in Afghanistan as a missionary. He found the people of the area measured their riches according to the number of Apricot trees they owned. They ate not only the apricots but also the apricot seed kernels. The apricot seed kernel looks like an almond in shape, size and smell. This is also known as the “bitter almond.” The doctor discovered that people of the region did not suffer from cancer. After investigating the doctor found that the seed kernel contained a substance, which has been given the name Vitamin B17.

As I was having cancer I was curious about any food, which had B17 in our regular food. I found by browsing on the internet that manioc also had a large concentration of Vitamin B17. So I also ate the manioc minimum of 10 grams three times a day. Having consumed it for 1 month I underwent examination of my bladder (cystoscopy) at the General Hospital by the same surgeon. He was surprised that my bladder was absolutely clean and normal. “Tthere was no place to take any biopsy” was his very words to me.

While I was taking the manioc I was feeling very fit and well and people around me notice that I looked well.

Armed with the examination results of the bladder examination I published my story for well-being of all cancer patients in Sri Lanka.

Since then every three months I have gone for examination of the bladder under the same surgeon and every time my bladder was clear. Uptil now I have not taken any treatment other than eating the manioc.

In a more simplistic way I would like to explain how the Vitamin B17 in the manioc acts. The scientific name of vitamin B17 is Amagadolin. We know that cancer cells are immature cells and it has a different enzyme to the normal cell enzyme.

When the Vitamin B17 combines with a normal cell enzyme it breaks down into 3 sugars but when it combines with the cancer cell enzyme it breaks into 1 sugar 1 benzaldehyde and 1 hydrocyanic acid. The hydrocyanic acid kills the cancer cell locally.

What happens is that there is a substance called B17 in the apricot seed kernel (and in manioc), which when combined with a normal cell enzyme breaks down into three sugars.

When B17 combines with a cancer cell (an immature cell) it breaks down into one sugar, one benzaldehyde and one hydrocyanic acid. The hydrocyanic acid kills the cancer cell.

Others’ experiences

I have been receiving frequent information from people with cancer who have read my first article about their experiences with the usage of manioc. I would like to share this information with you readers.

Mr. Perera is an 70-year-old gent who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His wife is a retired Matron of the General Hospital. Mrs Perera read my article and had decided to try the manioc treatment because of the following reasons. The oncologist he was consulting had prescribed a tablet costing Rs. 2000/ daily and an injection that cost him Rs. 11000, which he had to have weekly.

As retired pensioners this was too much to afford. Also Mr. Perera who took the tablets and the injections for a few days refused to take it as it was making him very sick. Hearing of his illness his daughter came from USA to look after him and the daughter and his wife decided to feed him manioc instead of the tablets and injections that were prescribed. When he went on the manioc diet in a week he showed signs of wellness and after eating every morning a large breakfast of manioc for a month they took a test that he was to take after taking the tablets and injections and went to see the oncologist. He took with him the results of the PSA blood test.

Ever since he was diagnosed with the cancer the PSA test results were 280-290 but after 1 month of eating manioc it was now down to PSA 5.89! Then they came to see me too and showed me the PSA results of before and after. This gentleman (Mr. Perera) is not showing any cancer symptoms and they call me regularly to say that he is now hale and hearty.

Another gentleman who had a liver cancer had surgery in Sri Lanka but a little spot of cancer was left behind according to the subsequent MRI scan.

He then was told to go and have a detailed MRI scan done in India at a very high cost.

He started to take manioc soon after liver cancer surgery. When he did go for the detailed MRI scan in India his Oncologist in India, after examination, informed him that he did not need to undergo any surgery or treatment because the spot had not enlarged for a whole year.

He was asked to continue as before. He came and met me and he looks a picture of health now.

I am very interested and encouraged by the feedback I am getting all the time from people who call me to tell their story. Especially as the exorbitant prices of the anti cancer drugs don’t also offer a cure. My cousin who grew up next door had cancer before I knew about the manioc. She spent Rs. 40-50,000 for each injection, suffered phenomenally and died a miserable death. (Those of you who watch HBO on the Dialog TV may have seen a film titled “Death Be Not Proud” which depicts the sufferings of a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. That patient died). So I thought I must promote these experiences, give them publicity.

No fancy drug companies have done super duper tests on Vitamin B17 on manioc, why not try it? It is cheap, easy to obtain, easy to cook and very tasty and you will be well and not have side effects. So for what more can you ask? As we all know manioc can kill if the preparation is not done correctly. Please take the following precautions in preparation.

A. When choosing a yam to be cooked make sure the yam does not have any blemishes or discoloured areas. And try to buy freshly harvested manioc

B. When boiling keep the pot open throughout the cooking. This helps the excess hydrocyanicacid to evaporate.

C. Keep excess water for the boil and pour it out after boiling the yam.

D. Do not consume ginger or food containing ginger such as ginger biscuits, ginger beer, gingerale for at least 8 hours after consuming manioc.


  1. deshapriya pathirana says:

    my mother is having a cancer she does not wants to any surgery therefore we are taking traditional medicine from balangoda, just started having porridge and waiting for good results
    doctor advice me please

    • Joe says:

      To Deshapriya

      I have spotlighted the possibility of avoiding any major surgery to treat Cancer and my cousin Cynthia has detailed her personal experience with Manioc which has helped her in the fight against Cancer which she has succeeded in halting.

      My advice to you and your mother is to eat Manioc as detailed by Cynthia and observe how she responds to this Manioc therapy.

      Do not consider surgery unless as a last resort.

    • Chathuranga says:

      My mother also having a cancer. Please can you give any contact detail of that Balangoda Weda hamine? Any telephone number or address. Even the bus route please.

      • Joe says:


        I do not know of any Vedahamine in Balangoda but you can contact my cousin Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya who was a victim of Cancer herself and CURED herself by eating Manioc 3 times daily.

        You can consult her with your mother after phoning her on:


        Also read her account of her CURE on

        CURE FOR CANCER —- First person account by Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya

        • Emme says:

          I’m interested to know whether anyone has information on whether manioc can be used for oesophagus cancer

          • Joe says:

            Are you the patient and if so, do you suffer from any digestive problems after a meal like bloating, flatulence and GERD?

            Where do you live and can you get Manioc?

      • ruk says:

        Balangoda wedahamine
        Walawwa para
        11km from balangoda town

  2. Sudie Saltus says:

    If you know someone that has or had bladder cancer or cancer in general you need to watch this online video. The film is called “Cancer is Curable Now” but NOT with medicine or drugs. You can watch online at: Let me know what you think about the movie.

    • Joe says:

      Thank you for that link to CANCER IS CURABLE NOW.

      I saw it on the NaturalNews website a few weeks ago and have already downloaded it.

  3. Sakina says:

    I would like to contact Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya. Could you kindly give me her contact telephone number or email?

    Thank you


  4. Anurudha says:

    My grandmother is having a lung cancer and she didn’t go through with any major surgeries as yet. she’s 75 years old and doubt that doctors will recommend her to go through with a chemotherapy/radiotherapy or any other major operations.

    Will you pls let me know that Manioc will help a person to get rid of a lung Cancer?

    Thanks in advance

    • Joe says:


      Please contact Dr Cynthia J for information on her discovery which has helped her to cure her Cancer. Her phone number is 9411 2695358

      I believe that Manioc is by far the safest remedy for your 75 year old mother right now as all Chemotherapy or Surgery will only hasten the end and will also cause unnecessary pain.

  5. farzana says:

    Dear Mr. Livera
    Kindly let me have your email address. thanks and kind regards
    Farzana Yusuf

  6. Shuddha says:

    The article is great. I am a person who has lost THREE CLOSE RELATIVES due to cancer. The latest loss happened in 3rd November 2011. I would like to write a few information about Cancer and I hope that would enlighten the readers, better.

    Consider the case of any major disease, like cardiac arrest or paralytic stroke. No doctor or caregiver can claim outright that they have cured it or got the patient back to normalcy, because the major factor is the gravity of the attack. We can prevent cardiac arrest or stroke by arnica etc.., but once it sets in, what matters is more the severity of the attack than the medicine given at that time. Of course it is important how soon we administer the medicine and how effective the medicine is. But these advantages can be swept away by the magnitude of the attack. If there occurs a heart attack of 75% in an individual aged above 60, the time it would require to get treated is very less and we cannot blame the medicine or the doctor. More than this the survival possibility becomes least.

    Similarly, Cancer also has its own divisions. There is Adinocarcinoma, Melenoma, Squomacell, GIST, and so many others. Again there is also the organ afflicted. No sweeping statement can be made on cancer, unless all the factors including the patient’s condition, age, affected organ, extent of damage and so many such factors are considered.

    Alternate therapy is undoubtedly the best, comparing it with orthodox radiation and chemotherapy, with all its advancements of target therapy etc.. But it needs a lot of time, which many types of cancers do not offer. Take pancreatic cancer. It will show out only in stage III or IV, when any cure would be impossible.

    You have a treasure of information about alternate therapy for cancer in many websites including The top protocol that has cured many is Bob-beck protocol. But who has Royal rife’s machine? We have to invest $5000 for a machine which we do not know would cure or would do nothing. Again are there people who got cured by this machine? Where are they? Flaxseed oil does a wonderful work…. Yes.. But why it did not cure for my relative who expired last month? Great Budwig protocol also runs into the same end..! When the cancer tumor becomes big enough to create excruciating pain for the patient (it can, in spite of all therapies), will the caregiver run for Tramadol patch or think of diet adjustment, as promoted by budwig protocol? Chemo and radiation becomes the last stage tools for patients who take up alternative therapy !! Of course, it finishes them off..

    I do not mean to discourage the readers about effectiveness or ineffectiveness of alternative therapy for cancer. But over confident attitude about cancer should be avoided and possible precautions should be taken to prevent that dreaded disease. Cancer still remains a great challenge to the humanity. No treatment can assure a patient that he would be cured, without doubt.


    • Joe says:


      I was concerned to note that you have lost 3 relatives to Cancer in the recent past.

      My cousin Cynthia who is an ENT surgeon and the author of the article can be considered as having cured herself of her Cancer with Manioc. She now has 6 other patients one of whom I know, who have all been cured of their Cancer in a very short time. This patient was suffering from Prostate Cancer with a PSA of over 400 and he had been advised against surgery as he is over 75 years of age. He reported relief from his symptoms in a week and in just over a month his PSA was restored to normal levels. The other 5 patients have all reported that they were cured from Cancer in a similar manner.

      I was interested to note your reference to patients who suffer from Cardiac problems and a stroke. Please visit the article on this website:
      Robert Ray was CURED from the after effects of 3 Strokes he suffered from 2002 to 2010

      This is a first person account of Robert’s seeming Miracle cure of the after effects of his stroke in 2002 which were cured after I prescribed Arnica 30c in 2010. He is now fully cured and is back in harness again.

      It is possible that Arnica used just once daily in the Wet dose can confer some immunity against Cancer but I do not have any evidence to make a categorical statement to do so. It has certainly helped many other patients who were suffering from Hypertension and I believe that it operates by filtering the blood and thereby opening up the arterial system in the body by dissolving the Cholesterol and Triglycerides which contribute to the blockage. I have direct evidence from many patients who suffered from Angina who were relieved of their pain for which they were given the standard TNT based drugs and who do not take any drugs whatever for their Angina and other problems.

      It would be safe to state that Arnica does filter the blood and dissolve the debris that are the cause of their Angina and it is my hope that those who read this article will carry out some tests to verify my own findings and hopefully report them to me on this website.

      I can personally confirm that at age 83 I am living evidence that Arnica can have a beneficial effect on the human body as I do not have any ache or pain that others of my age consider as the normal signs of aging. I drive myself to work as I have done for the last 60+ years and continue to fulfill my functions as the CEO of a very old family owned business in Colombo.

      All I can do is to present the available evidence to anyone who will consider the living proof that I and others like me who have used my Joepathy can give and take Arnica in the Wet dose at least once nightly and experience the improvement in their lives that will be evident overnight if they take their first dose just before bed.

      You are invited to visit the link below for further information on Arnica in the article


  7. chong ah kang says:


    I just want to find, can i cook once a week so that i can put it into the fridge. Instead of cooking everyday since i am leaving alone. I mean tapioca. Thanking u in advance for your reply

    Rds chong

    • Joe says:


      If you wish to use Manioc to treat Cancer it is best to cook it for every meal as this is a small price to pay for this therapy which has worked admirably in the case of many whom I am personally aware have used it and have been cured.

      Please note that Manioc is not Tapioca.
      It is also known as:

      Manioc, Cassava, Yucca

      You can do a Google search for Manioc for further information

      • Dear Joe,

        A friend from US just sent me a copy of Dr. Cynthia Jayasuria’s article and I have looked up more info on this. I am confused that you mentioned in your response to Chong A K that tapioca is not manioc, cassava or yucca. From my various reading online, I got the impression that all four names were local names for the same tubor?

        It is a pity that this article was not around earlier. I lost my wife just over two years ago after a twenty year battle with scc which chose to show itself later on, on her tongue and she underwent 13 operations at that site and three radiation episodes. Her oncologist surgeon succumbed to a brain tumour. He was a brilliant oncologist surgeon in Sydney, Australia.

        Your clarification would be appreciated as I have an enlarged benign prostate that I am taking Flow Maxtra for.

        Dr Jayasuria mentioned an amount of minimum 10 mg, times a day whilst another patient with prostate just had one intake at breakfast daily. At another posting, there was a suggestion that an earthenware pot be used. Would a stainless steel pot be just as suitable? Your views please.


        Patrick Chong

        • Joe says:

          Patrick Chong

          I do not remember stating that Manioc is not Cassava and if I have inadvertently done so please give me the link to my article and I shall correct it immediately even though it is late.

          I am copying the article on Manioc from Wikipedia below:

          Cassava (Manihot esculenta), also called yuca, mogo, manioc, mandioca and kamoting kahoy, a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) native to South America, is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy, tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates. It differs from the similarly-spelled yucca, an unrelated fruit-bearing shrub in the Asparagaceae family. Cassava, when dried to a starchy, powdery (or pearly) extract is called tapioca, while its fermented, flaky version is named garri.

          Cassava is the third-largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropics.[1][2] Cassava is a major staple food in the developing world, providing a basic diet for around 500 million people.[3] Cassava is one of the most drought-tolerant crops, capable of growing on marginal soils. Nigeria is the world’s largest producer of cassava.

          Cassava root is a good source of carbohydrates, but a poor source of protein. A predominantly cassava root diet can cause protein-energy malnutrition.[4]

          Cassava is classified as sweet or bitter. Like other roots and tubers, Cassava contains anti-nutrition factors and toxins.[5] It must be properly prepared before consumption. Improper preparation of cassava can leave enough residual cyanide to cause acute cyanide intoxication and goiters, and may even cause ataxia or partial paralysis.[6] Nevertheless, farmers often prefer the bitter varieties because they deter pests, animals, and thieves.[7] The more-toxic varieties of Cassava are a fall-back resource (a “food security crop”) in times of famine in some places.[8

          Your enlarged Prostate can be helped by:

          Conium 6c
          Arnica 30c

          Both remedies in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

          Please read the article by Cynthia which is self explanatory on:

          The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

          Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
          Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
          Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
          Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
          Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

          • Patrick Chong says:

            Dear Joe,

            Thank you for your very prompt response. Are you able to supply me the recommended Cornium 6c and Arnica 30c? If so please advise cost including delivery to me in Sydney, Australia. Presumably, the Arnica 30c would also be efficacious for my blood pressure regulation and improve the health of my liver? My confusion as to manioc being tapioca arose from the first line of your second paragraph in reply to Chong AK shown below. One further point of advice in regards to Cassava. In Australia, we can obtain the fresh product in only summer. We can however have frozen cassava from Fiji and Indonesia all year round. Would the frozen product be just as efficacious?
            Patrick Chong

            Joe says:
            March 21, 2012 at 7:54 pm


            If you wish to use Manioc to treat Cancer it is best to cook it for every meal as this is a small price to pay for this therapy which has worked admirably in the case of many whom I am personally aware have used it and have been cured.

            Please note that Manioc is not Tapioca.
            It is also known as:

            Manioc, Cassava, Yucca

            You can do a Google search for Manioc for further information

            • Joe says:

              Patrick Chong

              I regret that I cannot send you the remedies I prescribed as I too have to get them from India and they are usually hand carried by me or my friends.

              Many of my patients in your country have obtained their supplies from Homeopathic Pharmacies in their cities and I would like to know if you have done a diligent search for one.

              I cannot advice you about the efficacy of frozen Manioc as none of my patients who has used it after reading my copy of my cousin’s account of her survival from Cancer, has eaten it frozen.

  8. Pankaj Puri says:

    Hi, I am from India, My wife had a cancer patient since 2008. she had been operatedin 2009 fro Gal Blader removal. After that Chemotherepy, radio therepy done. Till now she is fine. But in February 2012 reports the level of “C 19.9” TEST is on the higher side that is 47 , the limit is 37. So the docters started the medicine TYROKININ Tablets for one month From March 2012 onwars. I have read the artical and feels great. I have check CASSAVA (kappa) in south India. that is available. so please guide me.

    • Joe says:


      I do not have any direct experience in the treatment of cancer and I can only repeat what my cousin Dr Cynthia has already mentioned in her article “Living with cancer” which I have copied on my website.

      Please do a Google search for manioc and make quite certain that what you call Cassava or Kappa is indeed what we call Manioc.

      I hope you realise that it is essential that your wife commences on this manioc therapy immediately as the fact that her count has exceeded the normal limit indicates that the cancer is progressing and the sooner it is treated by eating manioc 3 times a day, the better it will be for her to overcome it permanently.

  9. Pankaj Puri says:

    How much quantity we will start. of cassava or kappa and how to eat it after boiling. pl. guide.

  10. Pankaj Puri says:

    How much quantity we will start. of cassava or kappa and how to eat it after boiling. Can we eat with salt pl. guide.

    • Joe says:


      There is no quantity restriction in eating Manioc. You may eat 10-15 gm per meal twice daily.
      You may add salt when boiling. In Sri Lanka it is customary to eat it with diced Coconut which adds a good flavour.

      I shall copy the instructions to prepare the Manioc from Cynthia’s article:

      A. When choosing a yam to be cooked make sure the yam does not have any blemishes or discoloured areas. And try to buy freshly harvested manioc

      B. When boiling keep the pot open throughout the cooking. This helps the excess hydrocyanicacid to evaporate.

      C. Keep excess water for the boil and pour it out after boiling the yam.

      D. Do not consume ginger or food containing ginger such as ginger biscuits, ginger beer, gingerale for at least 8 hours after consuming manioc.

  11. chandana says:

    my father 80 years found a lung cancer oncologist adviced for radiotherapy

    pls advice


    • Joe says:


      At your father’s age it would not be wise to subject him to Radiotherapy and possibly Chemotherapy as both will make a bad situation worse.

      Manioc has been used very effectively to stop Cancer which it seems to do in a few weeks and you can read all about the method of using it below.

      Please visit the link below and read the articles by people who have survived Cancer:

  12. Mr.ONG Tong It says:

    Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya
    I am from Singapore and
    I have just read yr article in an email send by a friend here.

    However, would appreciate yr advice on yr last para on the preparation, you used the word “YAM” .is Yam and Tapioca the same ?
    & Yr Article mention cassava, & goggle search is that its a tapioca.
    Pls advice the actual one to use. Thanks

    In Singapore & SEA Asia, its normally boiled with coconut juice & eaten as dessert, is this advisable ?

  13. Shiang says:

    The same thing can be called by different names by different people in different places. Checking through the descriptions and photographs in wikipedia and google it is very clear that manioc, cassava and tapioca are the same root tuber. There is also no mention of this food being rich in vitamin B17, but there is mention of hydrocyanic acid which Dr. Cynthia says kills the cancer cells. I must caution that a remission of just 2 years after treatment whether by conventional or alternative means is just too soon to claim that the cancer has been cured. My sister-in-law who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer meets many patients who have recurrence after more than 5 years.

    • Joe says:


      I hope that you understand that Cancer in any form has so far meant the END OF THE WORLD to many of us.

      The purpose of my recording this article by my cousin Cynthia is to give people who may read it, the courage to NOT think that the fact that they were diagnosed with Cancer is automatically the end of their world.

      Forget that Vitamin B 17 in the Manioc or whatever you wish to call this yam. Manioc has worked in at least 20 cases who were diagnosed with positive Cancer whom I and my cousin are aware of and they ALL ate Manioc for a few months and were CURED. Some of them had suffered for years and were undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation as my cousin herself was. She is now CURED of her Cancer and I meet her often and she is even putting on weight today. All those patients to whom she prescribed Manioc are still alive and to all intents and pusposes have been cured of their Cancers.

      The fact that your SIL met many patients who presented Cancer after 5 years is because none of them ATE MANIOC.

      Spread the word around to all Cancer victims that their lives can be saved by eating Manioc.

      Be POSITIVE about your approach to Cancer as you seem to imply that eating Manioc is just a waste of time.

      IT IS NOT.

  14. bandula silva says:

    Dear DR synthiya jayasuriya..I am living in usa.I would like to talk to you . Pls send me your e mail add.. and phone no. thank you.

  15. Mosha says:

    Dr. Joe,
    I wrote the following mail to Dr. Cynthia to the email address but came back as mail delivery failed. Please can you help

    Dear Dr Cynthia,
    Thank you so much for an alternative cure for cancer. your article gives me hope. I had primary peritoneal cancer in 2010 and underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy and surgery to remove my uterus, womb, Fallopian tube, ovary, appendix and ochmentum. After 10 months I had a relapse and my cancer had spread to my lungs and abdomen. I tried alternative treatment like bio resonance machine and ozone treatment but my cancer cells spread aggressively. Due to family pressure I am undergoing chemotherapy again. i just found out about Manioc. I have a few questions;

    1. Will Manioc work on me now?
    2. How do I cook it? Just with salt.
    3. In my current condition, is it sufficient to take only, 10 grams 3 times a day
    4. Can I eat it with curry and vegetables to replace rice.

    Please advice. Thank you for your time. The the Lord bless the good work you are doing.

    Waiting with much anticipation,

    • Joe says:


      It is very likely that your email to my cousin Cynthia was addressed incorrectly.

      She is not computer literate and her husband who deals with her emails is:

      wilfred jayasuriya

      I would like to advice you if I may on behalf of Cynthia, and am appalled at the carnage that has been carried out on your body which I suppose is the standard therapy for Cancer that is commonly used today.

      I can categorically state that Cynthia has been cured by eating Manioc 3 times daily although she does not do so today as she is cured. She does eat about 100gm Manioc daily but she used to eat this quantity 3 times daily previously for about 3 months about 3 years ago when she was having some bleeding from the bladder due to her recurrent cancer which was cured in that period of time.

      You may like to know that many patients have also experienced this same cure in 3 months and it is my hope and prayer that you too will be cured.

      My advice to you is to start eating Manioc immediately and you can boil it as instructed by Cynthia in her article

      All your questions are answered in this article.

      Please keep me informed of your progress on my website and I assure you of my prayers for your recovery.

      Where do you live?

      If you wish to contact Cynthia you may do so by phone on:

      009411 2695358

  16. Mosha says:

    Dr Joe,

    I have started eating manioc since 4 days ago. Am I correct to day that I have to eat 100gm of manioc 3 times a day? I have been eating about that amount daily. Thank you for Dr. Cynthia’s number
    Thank you

    • Joe says:


      Patients who were suffering from Cancer have reported some improvement in their general condition within a few weeks but your case may be different, considering that you have many vital organs hacked out.

      The Chemotherapy would have also contributed to weakening your body and it can be considered a miracle if the Manioc can help you at this very late stage.

      Do please keep me advised of your progress for which all who read this post will, I am sure, offer their prayers for your recovery.

  17. S.Dasgupta says:

    Respected Dr. Joe De Livera,
    I want a suggestion from you for some unusual problem which is stated below.
    My mom-in-law was treated with chemo a few years back for breast cancer. The right breast was partially removed by surgery as a result. After the surgery, radiotheraphy specialist felt that all the glands were not removed as desired . On asking the surgeon why he did not operated all the glands then he said that keeping the patients age ( now 72Yrs.) he did not feel any requirement of that. But the radiotherapy specialist applied more radiotherapy sittings than usually required fearing that the disease should not recur again.. It happened 5 years back. And she has been keeping well under maintenance medication. But a few days back her right arm swelled like anything accompanied by excruciating pain which is just unbearable. On consulting her specialist she was told that it was due to blockage of lymph & blood vessel caused by more dose of radiotherapy and she has to bear it and prescribed different allopathic medicine which have just suppressed her pain for the moment. When the course is over pain returns again. All required test were carried out and there was no problem in the report.
    Seeing her ailment I gave her Arnica30C in wet dose twice daily to ease out the blocked vessel. But after 3-4 days she reported very little relief. Should i give her Hypericum 200c in wet dose to alleviate her pain with Arnica as well? Will the above remedy work out or you may suggest otherwise.
    Please guide me on this issue as earliest possible. I hope you can guide me and suggest some way to alleviate the unbearable pain of the lady.
    Hope you are keeping well. We pray to God that he gives you more life for the benefit of mankind.
    Thanks a lot.,
    Suvasish Dasgupta.
    Mob. NO. 919531610199
    E Mail :
    Kolkata, India.

    • Joe says:

      Suvasish Dasgupta

      I am very concerned to learn of your mother’s predicament after her surgery. I note that the surgeon has admitted that the Chemotherapy and the Radiotherapy had caused the blockage of her Lymph glands and the Blood Vessels which are now causing excruciating pain which they are covering with analgesics for the moment. They will give her increasingly stronger doses of these same analgesics and perhaps later change over to Morphine when these analgesics have failed to help her pain.

      I must admit at this juncture that I cannot possibly work a miracle and stop her pain although I would dearly love to do so.

      Let us start her therapy with Manioc which I hope you can get in your country which I believe is India. Manioc is commonly used in the south India but I do not know if you can get it in your city. Manioc is also referred to as Cassava and the dose you will give her is 100 gm 3 times daily.

      For her pain you can use Hypericum 200 in the Wet dose taken every 3 hours and if it does not help you can use the drugs that were prescribed to help.

      Also add Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily.

      Apis M 6c in the Wet dose can also help with the swelling of her arm taken thrice daily.

      Please leave about half hour between remedies and the drugs you are giving her.

      I must emphasize that I can only try to help your mother to ease her pain but at her present stage of her disease, I can only hope and pray that my Joepathy can help her.

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

      • suvasish dasgupta says:

        Respected Sir,
        I am very happy to receive your valuable advice. I will follow the course shown by you. I hope it will be a miracle. By God’s grace she must be alright. I will also keep you informed about the result within a few days. Thanking you,
        With Regards,

  18. Adam Leong says:

    Dear Dr. Joe De Livera,
    I am very grateful to read your article. It is really very generous of you to share this knwoledge with all of us. I live in Malaysia and am 60 yrs. old and Thank God I am not surferring such crippling disease now. However I have friends and reletive who are not so fortunate as me. I will pass on your article to them. I have a few questions which I hope you can enlighten me.

    1. Can this manioc be taken by a healthy person as a preventive measure. If so how much to consume?
    2. Can this yam be cooked in any other form such as fried as chips etc?
    3. Can we take tapioca flour as a substitue for the yam?

    Your assistance is most appreciated.

    • Joe says:

      Adam Leong

      Glad to know that you appreciate my efforts to help suffering humanity. I hope that you will read the many articled on my website especially “Arnica the Miracle Remedy” as it can help you to live at a better level of existence than you are at today.

      All you need is to take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose as detailed by me just twice daily for a month and reduced to once nightly as I have done for the last 17 years. I have proved beyond doubt that at age 83 I owe my wellness first to God in whom I have an abiding trust and to Arnica.

      Answering your questions:

      1. Can this manioc be taken by a healthy person as a preventive measure. If so how much to consume?
      You can take 100gm daily cooked as per instructions from Cynthia.

      2. Can this yam be cooked in any other form such as fried as chips etc?
      This may destroy the curative quality of the yam

      3. Can we take tapioca flour as a substitue for the yam?
      I do not know as I have not used it. It is best to use it as instructed by boiling.

  19. Adam Leong says:

    Thank you Joe, OMG, I thought that you are a young doctor in his forties. You are at your healthy eighties!!! Praise be with Allah that He has bestow you will this wealth that you can share with us. I will definitely read your writ-up on amica. Hope that it is available in Malaysia. Once again my congratulations and gratitudes for your generous sharing of knowledge that is so beneficial to mankind. This world is still so wealthy with people like you.

  20. Adam Leong says:

    Dr. Joe,
    I had just read your article on Arnica 30C. It is interesting and very informative. I note that this remedy is recommended for those who wish to quit smoking. Dr. I am a non-smoker, and non-alcoholic. I am a Muslim, therfore I find it unacceptable to cosume Arnica in the alcoholic form. Can you recommend to me an alternative remedy to help in my general health-keeping. By the way I have a stomach reflux problem and have a slight high blood pressure problem, my cholesterol level is on the high side, my sgot reading too is on the high side.

    • Joe says:

      Adam Leong

      Glad to note that you have studied some articles I have posted on my Website. It is my hope that all who read it will follow my example in the use of Homeopathic Remedies and will NOT take PILLS on the mistaken belief that their life depends on that next pill.

      I am aware that your Muslim religion does not permit the consumption of Alcohol. You must understand however that ALL homeopathic remedies are manufactured in Ethanol and if the fact that you will only use just 3 DROPS in a 500ml bottle of spring water will preclude you from using the remedy, I regret that Homeopathy is not designed to cater to your religious ideology.

      You may like to know that I am currently treating at least 25 Muslim patients on my website and not one of them have hesitated to use my therapy.

      You must also be informed that Arnica 30c in the Wet dose will help your BP and Cholesterol and Triglycerides if any and may also stabilise your SGOT readings for which you will have to get more counsel from a specialist in Liver diseases.

  21. Adam Leong says:

    Dr. Joe, Thank you for your response and your advise on my health condition. I do appreciate your concern and advise. Upon further searches in the net, I note that there is a edible form of arnica 30C in pellet form. Can I consume this as a substitute for the liquid form? If it is ok, what is the dosage and how often? Dr. Joe, I am now in consultation with doctor on my medical condition, I have been prescribed with Lozartan potassium (Cozaar) 50 mg for my blood prssure, fenofibrate (Fenosup Lidose) 160 mg for my cholesterol and phospholipid (Essentiate forte N) 300 mg for my liver problem. Will my taking arnica 30c have any ill effect with these drugs? Your advise will be very appreciated. Thank you.

    • Joe says:

      Adam Leong

      In my last post I have tried to explain to you how Homeopathic remedies are made.

      If you still do not understand and appreciate that ALL remedies were originally made in an Alcohol base and now wish to take the
      “Upon further searches in the net, I note that there is a edible form of arnica 30C in pellet form.”

      You are at liberty to do so as you refuse to accept and understand my explanation.

      I also note that you wish to take a number of Drugs for various diseases which you have not detailed to me in your posts and here too you are at liberty to do so.

      When you discover in a few months or years that they have all contributed to make your state worse than it is now you can contact me for further advice.

  22. Adam Leong says:

    Dear Dr. Joe
    I am sorry that you feel offended by my mail. I am not questioning your expertice in this field. I am just trying to get your expert opinion on the alternative form of arnica 30c that is available in thew market. As for the other drugs, these are the prescription that I am taking now from my doctor and not what i would like to take. My worry is that if I start with your prescription will my present prescription have any side effect with your prescription. As I am new to the field of homeopathy, I am sure you can understand my fear and anxiaty. Do I need to stop my current prescription? If your prescription is not compatable with my body what should I do then?. Dr. Joe, please do not be offended. I just want a clearer picture because in all the articles about arnica 30c it is recomended for external use only, but recommended oral consumption and that made me worried. I really appreciate what you are doing for society. Thank you.

    • Joe says:

      Adam Leong

      This is not a question of being offended by your post. It is my exasperation at your refusal to understand and accept that ALL homeopathic remedies are formulated in Alcohol which is then inserted in controlled quantities into lactose pellets which are marketed universally.

      The Wet dose that I prescribe to my patients cannot be made with the pellets and must be made with 3 drops of the Alcohol based remedy in a 500ml bottle of spring water. If you feel that you cannot accept this simple fact, I regret that I cannot waste any more time in arguing with you especially when you just refuse to understand what I am trying to convey to you.

      You state that you are taking prescription drugs:
      “I am sure you can understand my fear and anxiaty. Do I need to stop my current prescription? If your prescription is not compatable with my body what should I do then”
      I cannot understand your reticence in listing them to enable me to advise you further.

      “I just want a clearer picture because in all the articles about arnica 30c it is recomended for external use only, but recommended oral consumption and that made me worried”
      Here too you must make up your mind whether or not you wish to be guided by me or you wish to continue to waste my time in answering your questions which I regret that I cannot continue to do any more.

  23. Shan says:

    This refers to my recent e-mail and your reply. I have two queries;
    1) how long we have to boil Manioc? as it contain cynaid.
    2) What people call Manioc here in Bangladesh and Srilanka?
    My father is a patient of liver cancer and we are looking for treatment as he is growing weaker and weaker with the passing time.

    • Joe says:


      I do not think that you can get Manioc in Pakistan where your father lives or in Bangladesh where you are stationed right now.

      There is therefore no question of boiling Manioc which in any case is clearly mentioned in the article you referred to in your email.

      You can however visit the link below to read about Manioc aka Tapioca which grows freely in South India and in Sri Lanka.

      You may get any of the other fruits or seeds mentioned in the articles below:

      • Shan says:

        Thanks for the feebback. My driver brought some Cassave/Manioc from local market here in Bangladesh. I dont know but going to try the same on my father. Lets hope.
        How can I get Manioc from Srilanka? Can you send it? If it wud not be a big problem for you?
        Regarding Tapioca, it is commonly used in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. So no issues and we are going to start it with immediate effect.
        Thanks and regards,

        • Joe says:


          Good to learn that Manioc or Cassava is available in both Bangladesh and Pakistan. I presume that it grows in both countries during the warm months.

          I regret that I cannot get involved in sending you Manioc from Colombo as this would involve a major operation for which I am not equipped. Besides if it is available in your market, you can source your own supplies as your father will need to take at least 100gm thrice daily. I am only able to help patients who contact me on my website with my advice.

          I gave you more information on other sources of Vitamin B17 and you can also get whatever is available for him.

  24. Shan says:

    Dr. Joe,
    Thanks. We have started the Manioc. Lets hope for the results.
    I will keep you posted if the situation changes. My father has fever frequently, almost every evening and he is constantly loosing weight.
    I am a bit afraide and sad.

    • Joe says:


      Please answer the following Questions:

      Has your dad suffered from Chikungunya or from Dengue anytime in the past?

      What is his temperature which you state he suffers from and what did your doctors prescribe?

      I want a full case history of how and when he started on his present ailment and what therapy he has had so far. I want full details of his present condition to enable me to advise you.

  25. Tammi says:

    Hi there, after reading this awesome piece of writing i am too glad to share
    my experience here with friends.

  26. It’s actually a nice and useful piece of info. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Sisira Wijewardana. says:

    Dear Sir,

    little while ago, i spoke to Dr. Cynthia over the phone, regarding the Manioc treatment for cancer and i am also suffering from prostate cancer and now it has spread up to my skull.

    After my born scan test i went to oncologist and he was prescribed to take luprid 3.75 injection for every 25 days. My PSA was 159 ng/ml before i take my first injection and after one month it has come down to 4.2 ng/ml. During this period, most of the days manioc was my breakfast and i did meditation for 3 times a day also.

    I have found some articles on the internet that “Organic Apple Cider” is good for shrink prostate and flushing kidneys as well. I have a kidney problem and my potassium level is upper margin I have a doubt about this, because some articles are saying it is bad for the kidneys and developing potassium level in the blood.
    If you could tell me something about this and your suggestions are highly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Sisira Wijewardana.

    • Joe says:

      Sisira Wijewardana.

      I note that you have contacted my cousin Cynthia and I presume that she would have given you the details of her therapy for Cancer which had CURED her own Cancer about 4 years ago and hopefully will also help you in the same manner.

      You stated:
      “i am also suffering from prostate cancer and now it has spread up to my skull.”
      I do not understand what you wish to convey by “skull” and you can perhaps do so in your reply.
      You also stated:
      “During this period, most of the days manioc was my breakfast and i did meditation for 3 times a day also.”

      I believe that Cynthia would have instructed you to eat Manioc 3 times daily and NOT ONLY FOR BREAKFAST.

      I was interested in your report of how Luprid injections have lowered your PSA from 159 down to 4.2 ng/ml in just ONE MONTH. I have checked this drug on the WWW and discovered that this is an Indian product use for Endometriosis and Fibroids which affect some women. There is no reference to it helping to reducd PSA levels but it is spelt as LUPRIDE.

      However the main point is that it has helped you as seen in drop of your PSA levels and I am confident that the addition of Manioc will help to eradicate your Cancer if you have been positively diagnosed with this disease after extensive tests were done to diagnose it. You must know that a high PSA level does not confirm that you are positive for Cancer as some patients with far higher PSA levels even up to 350, do not present Cancer.

  28. Sisira Wijewardana. says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much for your reply and would like to explain you little more about my health condition.

    Mid of January 2013, i was admitted to general hospital due to high level of potassium (6.8) in my blood. And they dialysis two times to bring my potassium level down and found my kidneys are not functioning well.

    In the Mean time they did many investigations and finally insert two tubes in to my body to bring my urine direct to bladder due to blockage of my kidneys.

    Fortunately my bladder was free from cancer, but they did a biopsy of my prostate and revealed that i have a “Prostatic Adenocarcinoma Small acinar” type of tumor. At that time my PSA level was 159 and asked me to go for a bone scan.

    According to bone scan report, it shows that cancer cells are spread all over my body up to my skull, shoulders,knees in both legs, spinal code, pelvis etc..

    if i know your e-mail address, i would have send all my reports to you. That’s why i mentioned in my early mail that “It has spread up to my skull”.

    Then my urologist direct me to oncologist and he was prescribed that particular injection for me and i think now they are treating me to stop producing my hormones and shrinking my prostate.

    In addition to that I am taking “Calutide-50 pill, 3 times a day.

    Due to my prostate cancer they are not in a position to do any surgery to remove my prostate gland. I will continue my medicine, meditation and eat manioc as much as i can.

    Now my question is “Is Organic Apple Cider good for prostate cancer and Kidneys”? If you have any idea about “Organic Apple Cider Vinegar” just let me know Sir.
    Thank you,
    Sisira Wijewardana.

    • Joe says:

      Sisira Wijewardana.

      Now my question is “Is Organic Apple Cider good for prostate cancer and Kidneys”? If you have any idea about “Organic Apple Cider Vinegar” just let me know Sir.

      I have no idea at all about Organic Apple Cider which I do doubt is available in Sri Lanka.

  29. Sisira Wijewardana. says:

    Dear Sir,

    Yes it is not available in Sri Lanka, but i have bought in Oman.
    Thank you,
    Sisira Wijewardana.

    • Joe says:

      Sisira Wijewardana.

      I did not know that you were abroad.

      How did you manage to get the Manioc and the Homeopathic remedies?
      I understand that remedies are difficult to get in the Middle East as they are Alcohol based.

  30. Sisira Wijewardana. says:

    Dear Sir,

    Let me explain you about my self. I am working as a Italian and Spanish speaking Freelance Tour Guide in both countries Sri Lanka and Oman.

    Normally from May to October I am in Sri Lanka, due to hot climate and less tourists in Oman. And Europe summer vacation is starting here from May to October & there is a big demand for Spanish speaking guides.

    But this time i came to Sri Lanka last 5th of December 2012, due to my health condition and still i am in Sri Lanka for my medications.

    1st of May, i went to Oman again just to renew my visa, and returned on the 6th of May, because no any employee can stay away from Oman, more than 6 months according to their labour law and That time i had bought Apple Cider Vinegar in Oman.

    Will you believe that every-things are available in Middle-East now? Only in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are bit difficult for alcohol ( but It is available in Black market) and other countries are freely available in tourists hotels and some restaurants etc.

    For an instance, i have my liquor permit in Oman to purchase locally, and for a non Muslims can purchase two bottles of hard liquor at the Muscat Airport on their arrival and some tourists hotels & restaurants also have a permission to sell liquor to any body. Pork also available in some supermarkets in Oman for foreigners.

    Not only that In Oman and most of the Middle-East countries can purchase in supermarkets fresh tropical fruits, vegetables, coconuts, green leafs, “medulla” of Banana tree “KESEL BADAYA” (Which is not available in our markets) because it is famous dish among Indians, even frozen Manioc (Kappa) etc.

    There are many Homeopathy clinics in Muscat and most of the doctors are from India, who are working in government hospitals and private hospitals (But they are not well qualified) because there is a huge Indian community all over in Middle-East.

    Now things are changed and most of the Arab ladies are don’t wear their robe (“ABAYA”) when they are out of the country (On vacation).

  31. Sisira Wijewardana. says:

    Daer Sir,

    kindly remove all my posts from your website please.
    Thank You,

  32. Esther says:

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  33. Edward chorman says:

    Dear sir,

    Hi. My name is edward. I live in indonesia.
    I just read the article about the cancer treatment.
    My mother 53 years old went to lab for general check up.
    And the result is that there’s blood in her urine. But can’t be seen with eyes. And we have been talk to doctor, that my mother must take a biopsy. Before we do that, I’ve been doing some research that cassava can cure cancer cells. My mother hasn’t diagnose with cancer yet but I’d like to do some consultation with doctor cynthia. So how can i reach her?
    Please could you give me some advise? Thank you.

    Best regards.

  34. I am trying to connect with Dr. Cynthia Jayasuriya to meet up with her regarding her cancer discovery. How may I get in touch with her please. John Meewella

    • Joe says:

      Cynthia’s Phone number is

      +9411 2695358

      Are you of Sri Lankan origin?
      Your email IP indicates that you live in Jakarta.

  35. […] CURE FOR CANCER —- First person … – To Deshapriya. I have spotlighted the possibility of avoiding any major surgery to treat Cancer and my cousin Cynthia has detailed her personal experience … […]

    • Joe says:

      You must NOT PRESUME that because some Red Cells were identified in your mum’s urine, this is due to Cancer.

      IT IS NOT.

      She seems to be having some infection of her urine and you will consult a doctor to prescribe an Antibiotic like Ampicillin 500mg which is taken thrice daily for a week, when hopefully her Red Cells will not be visible.

      My Cousin Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya can be contacted on

      9411 2695358

  36. Chandra Sekhar Mahato says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is Chandra Sekhar Mahato. I face some problem in urine form Last 1 year. Then I Saw a urologist. After various test it is shown that there is a tumor in Prostate. Then Biopsy done. The report shows that there is cancer cell exists. then done Bone Scan. This report shows that the not spread any where, it exist only in prostate gland. He advice me to take CALUTIDE 50 MG TABLET Thrice a day. Now my question is –
    1. Is this tablet can control the spread of cancer cell.
    2. Is this take whole life.
    3. Any surgery required for better life.

    • Joe says:

      I am not medically qualified to answer your questions which you will ask your doctors.

      You have visited my Website and I presume that you have read the chapter on how my cousin Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya overcame Cancer on:

      “CURE FOR CANCER —- First person account by Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya”

      Please follow her example and follow the advice of your doctors.

      You can also take the following remedies:

      Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily
      Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets taken after every meal thrice daily.

  37. Krishan says:

    Dear Dr Joe,

    around 9 months back it was noticed a bowel cancer of my sister and later the tumor was removed after a surgery. Following to subsequent test it was discovered a secondary cancer in her Lever even after 6 months chemotherapy. Can you pls give me your valuable advice whether Manioc treatment would be helpful for her ?


    • Joe says:

      There is nothing to be lost in your using the Manioc therapy that was used by my cousin Cynthia Jayasuriya which CURED her own Cancer.

      It seems a pity that you have just discovered her Manioc therapy only today as your sister would have had a better chance of a cure if you had used it early instead of the chemotherapy which you state did not help.

  38. Elly says:

    Dear Dr. Joe,

    It is amazing to see that there are people like you who try to do so much for the humans, especially at your age. I really hope that all the people out there appreciate it. Thank you for all the efforts you put!

    My father was diagnosed with colon cancer in December 2015. We suspect cancer has been present already in the beginning of 2015. After an operation in the beginning of 2016, they found out secondary cancer in some lymph in the abdomen and the liver. It was all removed but re-occurred back in December 2016 in the liver. A chemoembolization was performed in the liver. All seemed good until August 2017 when it appeared again in the liver. Another chemoembolization was performed. A few weeks ago, one of the doctors spotted on a CT scan something they call ‘satellites’ and they suspect, based on this CT scan, that in the weeks following the chemoembolization, so just recently, the cancer might have spread to the whole liver. They are now pushing for chemotherapy. It is interesting to note that such ‘satellites’ have been spotted also after the first chemoembolization, without anyone bringing them to our attention back then, and have later on decreased in size, without demonstrating any cancer activity on a PET scan subsequently. Our own suspicion is that what they see as ‘satellites’ or think to be potential (agressive) spread of the cancer after the last procedure, is actually just some reaction due to inflammation after the chemoembolization. My father has started only recently with supplements, juices and some herbs I have read online help treat cancer but I am looking for further options. I have heard of two persons who have travelled to Bali from where I live and have been cured of their cancer from a local doctor there doing the following things:

    1. drinking zeolite,
    2. eating a lot of veggies and fruits, and
    3. chewing on cassava flour

    The situation with my father is even more complex as he has the following conditions next to his cancer:

    1. Chronic pancreatitis which has improved in the last few years due to a strict diet
    2. Atherosclerosis, he has a few stands placed
    3. Aneurysm, he has a stand placed
    4. he is on blood thinners
    5. he doesn’t want to quit smoking 🙁 and smokes 2 packages per day

    My questions are:

    1. Are you aware if cassava, as a cancer treatment, can be simply chewed/eaten in the form of flour? My father lives in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) and it is very hard for him to find raw cassava, fresh one even less. I live in the Netherlands but sending him fresh cassava from here also doesn’t seem very viable.
    2. Do you know if cassava cooked or in the form of flour might cause any problems in terms of his pancreatitis? He is not allowed to eat many foods due to the chronic pancreatitis
    3. Have you heard of people eating cassava or consuming Vitamin B17 as pills who also have chronic pancreatitis and take blood thinners?
    4. Have you heard of a doctor in Bali who treats cancer in such a manner?
    5. Do you know a homoeopathic medicine or herbs which will help my father stop smoking? He has been smoking for almost 50 years and tried to quit it but it seemed impossible.

    I have managed to research a lot myself up to now but it is so hard for me to determine what will interfere with his chronic pancreatitis and the blood thinners.

    Thank you in advance. I appreciate your help and advice.

    Kind regards,

    • Joe says:

      You have not indicated your father’s age and I am presuming that he is around 70 years. It would be of interest to know his age precisely and for how long he has been addicted to smoking over 40 cigarettes daily knowing fully well that he was committing slow suicide.

      At this stage in his life I can only try to help to make the rest of his life more comfortable and I hope that my therapy below can reduce and hopefully help him to QUIT smoking. You can access the many cases I have helped patients to quit smoking and this also includes alcoholism among other addictions.

      The Remedy you will use to help you to QUIT smoking is

      Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

      You will also exercise to sweat it out to help in the recovery process and you must drink at least 3 liters of water.

      Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

      I note that your father lives in Bulgaria while you live in Holland.
      It is important that he uses Manioc flour (Manihot esculenta (commonly called cassava (/kəˈsɑːvə/), yuca, manioc)
      which you will have to supply him in powder form with instructions on how he can cook it. It is important that he takes it at least twice daily to hopefully help with his cancer. I cannot guide you about the impact of Manioc on his Pancreatitis. Vitamin B 17 will also help.
      Blood Thinners are NOT indicated as Arnica 6c is far more effective in filtering the blood and helping in the recovery process which should be noticed in a month or so. Visit the treatise on Arnica on:


      • Elly says:

        Dear Dr. Joe,

        Thank you for your quick answer and advice!

        Here some more information.
        1. My father is 64.
        2. He started smoking when he was 13 years old. So, 50 years ago.
        3. According to a very strict diet for chronic pancreatitis, he is not eating/drinking beverages, salami, ham, sausages, red meats, cheese, etc. Also, no snacks, chips, salt, and many of the things normal people eat, especially no oil, nuts, alcohol. Since he can’t drink alcohol, is it safe for him to drink the wet dose of Aranica, as it contains alcohol?
        4. How should he cook the cassava flour? Organic cassava/manioc flour is sold in Bulgaria. I checked. Can you provide me with the cooking instructions?
        5. How much of the cooked flour should he eat per day?
        6. From what I read, when cassava flour is made, cassava is first cooked and after that dried and crushed to powder. If that is so, should he still cook the flour and can he just it from the package without cooking, so to speak?

        Thank you in advance.

        Kind regards,

        • Joe says:

          I hope you will start giving him the Arnica 6c in the Wet dose thrice daily and report his response in a week. You will understand that this remedy is virtually his salvation as if it works to enable him to kick this habit which has been his downfall for 50 long years, there is every chance that it can help him survive for a few more years.

          I am surprised to note that you have questioned about the 3 DROPS of Alcohol I have prescribed to make this Wet dose as it is mixed into 500ml water which will only impart the ‘healing power’ of the remedy and will NOT affect his ban on alcohol.

          Glad to learn that Cassava/ Manioc flour is available in Bulgaria. I cannot however guide you in the method to be used to enable him to eat it and you will have to consult someone knowledgeable to guide you. Suggest you do so yourself first before giving him or your mother instructions.

          You can give him the equivalent of 50gm Manioc powder as the standard dose is 100 gm cooked Manioc which was used by my cousin, who is a ENT surgeon herself, who has survived cancer after her right Kidney and Ureter were removed.

          • Elly says:

            Dear Dr. Joe,

            Thank you for your reply.

            I will follow your instructions and will update you on how things develop.

            In the meantime, I found this link on Arnica and chronic pancreatitis. It might be useful to other people as well.

            Kind regards,

            • Elly says:

              Dear Dr Joe,

              In terms of cooking cassava as per the instructions of your cousin, do we need to peel the cassava before cooking it?

              Thank you in advance.

              Kind regards,

  39. Fathima says:

    Dear Dr Joe,
    One of my relative is suffering from lukaemia. Can manioc be used for her treatment? Thank you.

    • Joe says:

      I have succeeded in treating a case of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in a patient 63 years old in 2012 whose WBC was down to 11000 in 2013 and rose to 38000 in about 6 months. The therapy I prescribed was:

      Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily
      Nat Phos 3x dose 3 tablets taken thrice daily after every meal

      He continues to take these 2 remedies but in reduced doses and his WBC seems to have stabilized above 30000 which he reports is not a problem any more today.

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in the Liquid Alcohol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a dose of 15ml or a capful of the bottle as prescribed.

      If your patient decides to use my therapy he must report the type of his Leukaemia with his medical reports and report his progress weekly and not take any other drugs whatever.

  40. shani says:

    Dear Dr joe,
    I have thyroid cancer(carcinoma )stage1.and one side is removed.can manioc be used for my treatment?
    Thank you.

    • Joe says:

      I have no experience in treating Cancer as my cousin Cynthia Jayasuriya was the patient who cured herself with Manioc.

      You are already on her page and I would suggest that you read her account of her cure and follow it.

      I shall pray for your recovery.

  41. Pratima Rohan says:

    I am very happy to read your articles Dr Jayasuriya . my husband is suffering from prostrate cancer and it has moved to his whole bones . Can i use frozen Cassava because we do not have fresh ones over here .
    thank you very much

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