Treatment of Hemophilia

I am copying an exchange of posts with my friend the late Pankaj Varma which give details of the therapy that I have perfected to treat Hemophilia which is a disease that is not easily treatable with the standard drugs used in the government hospitals in Sri Lanka where I live.

From PANKAJ VARMAon 2010-06-274

Dear Joe,

I saw your post on another thread about Hemophilia.

It is difficult to treat in any manner what so ever.

However, in homeopathy…Ficus Ind Q (mother tincture ) can stop bleeding quickly. It also prevents future hemorrhages.

Try it.

Pankaj Varma

Re: For Joe reg. Hemophilia
From Joe De Livera on 2010-06-27

Dear Pankaj.

I agree with you that Hemophilia is a disease that cannot ever be cured. It is only prevalent in boys and it is the mother who is the carrier as her genes are carried over to her children and affects only the boys.

I have experimented with many remedies but have through a process of elimination settled down to just 2.

Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.
This remedy seems to show great promise as the mother of one 10 year old boy is only using this remedy alone which she has regularly replenished by me regularly. She has indicated that the other remedy she was given by me, Lachesis 200 in the DRY dose is not required any more as her son does not bleed as he used to do in the past when he was an  infant. When I first saw him as a 6 month old baby his limbs were all covered by blue spots which indicated internal bleeding and clotting. Later on when he was walking he used to be taken to the Children’s Hospital which is about a 100M from my residence in Colombo and it was there that they had first diagnosed his disease which they used to treat with Hemofil M which was given IV. The baby was horrified at the pain and when he was about 5 years of age he just refused to go to hospital.

It was then that I started to experiment with various remedies and settled upon the two mentioned above.

The boy is now 10 years of age and the mother only gives him Arnica 6c in the Wet dose twice daily and she reported that he does not bleed as he used to do in the past and seems to be normal.

I have also treated another boy whose mother consults me occasionally and I have given him the same remedies which seem to have helped him.

I shall keep your advice in mind and shall use Ficus Ind Q which I shall order with my next stock of remedies from Mumbai. Can you inform me if you have any hands on experience in the use of this remedy ?

Kind Regards


Re: For Joe reg. Hemophilia
From PANKAJ VARMA on 2010-06-27

Dear Joe,

I have tried it in normal cases of bleeding….however not in Hemophilia cases . Pl. share your experience..once you try it.

I have doctor friends who strongly recommend it.

Best regards,
Pankaj Varma

Re: For Joe reg. Hemophilia
From Joe De Livera on 2010-06-28

Dear Pankaj,

I was simply amazed when I was informed by the mother that she does not use the Lachesis 200 anymore as she found that it was not required today as she only uses the Arnica 6c in the Wet dose twice daily for her son.

It was just that I thought that I had helped the boy with both remedies which she was giving him but about 3 months ago when I inquired from her as to why she did not want the Lachesis 200 pellets any more, she simply amazed me with the news about Arnica 6c alone controlling his Hemophilia and she assured me that it was not a problem anymore.

I do hope that this discovery of mine which can again qualify for the term JOEPATHY can be shared with the hundreds of thousands of Hemophiliacs in the world today and I believe that I have been successful in controlling but NOT CURING this disease which is due to some gene which only affects boys and which is carried on through generations by the girl children.

I would request you to spread the word about my discovery to your medical friends and also request them to use Lachesis 200 in the Dry dose to arrest any normal bleeding after say a deep cut. This remedy works in about 20 minutes and the bleeding just dries up.

The problem I have with Homeopathic remedies is that I cannot buy them here in Sri Lanka as for some reason the government has prohibited the free import of Homeopathic remedies as I believe the medical profession is suspicious of all Homeo remedies as I have proved that they CURE diseases like Chikungunya which they cannot do even today.   They are well aware of my record on CKG but when I suggested that I give them the remedy which they can use in many hospitals in areas that were affected by CKG they informed me that they could not use it as it was against their rules. There were at least 30 patients who lost their lives through CKG and I could only pray for them as I could have saved at least half their lives with Polyporous Pinicola 200c in the Wet dose which I used privately for about 200 patients who had discovered that I had the magic cure. I also used Gelsemium 30 in the Wet dose as a prophylactic to ensure that the inmates of a household who had a CKG patient did not catch this dreaded disease. I was the first Guinea Pig to use Gels as my wife contacted CKG but I did not have Poly P to treat her and she suffered for months till I got it and she used it even after she was cured after about month of agony as the residual after effects of CKG continue even after 2 years with needle prick like pains in various parts of the body.

Kind Regards


Re: For Joe reg. Hemophilia

From PANKAJ VARMA on 2010-06-28

Fortunately and blissfully… for us in India..
the Government recognizes homeopathy as an effective mode of medical intervention.

On Dordarshan..the official TV News Channel of Govt. of India there are frequent ads where a young mother is saying that she is using homeopathic medicine for her baby boy and that it is effective in keeping the baby boy healthy.

Pankaj Varma

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