Update on treating Dengue November 3 2012

Re: Dengue Fever – India From Joe De Livera on 2012-11-02
This is a thread that dates back to 2010 and since that time I have been privileged to help CURE over 250 cases of Dengue which is unfortunately at Pandemic levels in Sri Lanka. I would like to record the therapy I have used to cure them in the interest of members who many visit this thread.

Some of the patients I have cured were children and I have had the satisfaction of listening to the parent’s thanks and blessings when they visited me, some with their children whom I had cured.

My standard therapy is to use Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 in the Wet dose (3 drops in a bottle of water). I instruct the parent to inform the doctor that the water is “Pirith Water” or water blessed by the Buddhist monks as this gives the parent the permission to visit his unconcious child who is usually in the ICU of the hospital on Oxygen and a IV Drip with a Platelet count which in many cases is at or below 10000. I instruct him to wet the lips of the patient with the remedy water and when the doctor is out of sight, to insert a few drops of the remedy into the mouth by spreading the lips.

Many parents have confirmed how in about an hour the unconscious child opens his eyes and usually screams for water which is flatly denied by the doctors for reasons unknown.
The child’s screams then qualify him to be hastily sent from the ICU into the ward where the remedy is given every 2 hours and the patient is discharged within 24 hours with a Platelet count of over 150000.

This scenario has been repeated many times over and the child or the adult patient is saved in what can be termed as a Miracle Cure.

I have personally tried to ensure that the doctors in the hospitals use my remedy and have succeeded in promoting this simple and safe cure to parents but unfortunately the doctors are under orders in our Sri Lankan hospitals NOT to use any alternate remedy.

We have lost over 100 patients who were all suffering from Dengue for this year so far in Sri Lanka.

I may mention here that I have never charged anyone for my therapy aka “Joepathy”.

Please visit “The Treatment of Dengue”

Treatment Of Dengue

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