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Virginia Stutesman says:
April 18, 2013 at 2:25 PM (Edit)
April 18, 2013
I have read many of your follower’s posts and one in particular by the name of Lisa, who posted Feb. 24, 2012, where she said she would keep you posted on her condition of undiagnosed hypoglycemia, yet with many symptoms.
I went through multiple tests for hypoglycemia more than 30 yrs ago with negative results, yet I do not metabolize carbohydrates in a normal sense.
In 2006, after at least 5 different consults w/neurologists because of extreme weakness of muscles at inconvenient times, I was finally diagnosed with a very rare disease of Periodic Paralysis, but unknown whether I was Hypokalemic or Normokalemic. As it turns out, after a few years of experimentation of low doses of Potassium, which was monitored by a doctor, I now take high doses of 20 mEq Klor-con which is the equivalent of 1500 mg. every 3 hours. My sister takes 30 mEq every 3 hours. My sister was also diagnosed to have the same hereditary disorder, which we assume the faulty mutant genes came from our father and grandmother, who experienced undiagnosed occasional muscle weaknesses, as also my father’s brothers, and some cousins.
My sister is 82 and I will be 80 in a few months, My paralysis symptoms did not come into full bloom until after menopause.
I began taking your “Wet Dose” a few months ago. I stopped taking it (I don’t know why) but now that I am having recurring irregular heart beats and shortness of breath, I am going to continue to take it to see if there is a difference.
My point is, both my sister and I cannot tolerate high carbohydrates, and if we do, it triggers muscle weakness and sometimes in extreme cases (which we now avoid) we have had total body paralysis, which can last from a few minutes to several hours to days of followed weakness. We want to avoid muscle wasting or deterioration to our muscles that could come from a full paralysis.
I would like to know if Lisa has ever gotten back with you on her condition.
Thank you for your attention, and your knowledge.

• Joe says:
April 18, 2013 at 11:39 PM (Edit)
Virginia Stutesman

It is good to know that you, your sister and I are all in the Eighty Club!
I am senior to you both as I am 84.
I am a living testimony to my nightly dose of Arnica 30c in the Wet dose which I first started to use in 1996, 17 years ago.
I do not have the standard aches and pains that are accepted as the price of the advancing years which you sisters will know only too well.

I do believe that this Arnica has helped me to maintain my lifestyle in my present state of wellness, thanks be to God, and to Arnica.

I am glad to learn that you too have taken Arnica for some time and I would urge you to continue to take it as it can be best described as a GIFT OF GOD.
I would like you to add;
Nat Phos 6x tablets dose 2 tablets taken immediately after each of 3 meals daily.
This remedy may help with your Hypokalemic or Normokalemic problems which I frankly have not even read about as this syndrome is indeed very rare.

Do keep in contact with me and I shall be interested to follow your progress in life, for as long as we live.

Where do you live and how do you spend your time?
I live in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I am still as active as I have been for the last 75 years and do still drive myself to work daily to my business organisation of which I am the CEO and I thank God that I have a worthy successor in my son who has taken over the administration leaving me more time to devote to my “Joepathy”


• Virginia Stutesman says:
February 4, 2014 at 12:20 AM (Edit)
Joe, I had this on my “favorites” and had forgotten that I had written to you almost a year ago. I am doing considerably well, despite my rare ion channelopathy disease of Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis, and 80 yrs, but look only 70! I haven’t had a major paralysis in several months. Just minor temporary weaknesses. I still take two, 5 mg, of Amiloride, a potassium sparing diuretic, a small dose (1/2 of 125 mg twice daily) of Acetazolamide, which is often prescribed for Hypokalemic PP, and also still the high dosage of Klor-con Potassium 20 mEq , 6 to 8 times daily. I also have a regimen of liquid ionic cell ready minerals of Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium that I drink with my 2 cups of tea/pineapple juice/2 1/2 qts of water/combo throughout the day. I can notice the difference in how I feel if I don’t take any of these. Because I did not go to your site and see your recommendation of Nat Phos 6x, I have not been taking it.
I recently took the quiz on what my constitutional remedies are, and Nux Vomica came up as 60 points, and Phosphorus and Calcarea carbonica came up as 50 points each. I am unsure as to what strength and how much and how often I should take these remedies. Do I mix them all together in a wet dose? I was only able to find 6 c strength in Nux Vomica, Phosphorus and Calcarea, and wonder if I should use this in a wet dose daily? I had been having problems with some air allergies, ( I live on a high hill in the High Desert in Yucca Valley California, and we get a lot of wind and dust and also sometimes some air pollution from the battle practice activity at the Marine base which is about 30 miles east of us.) I made a wet dose of Histiminum hydrochloricum 30 c and it helped greatly. No more sneezing or runny nose and watery eyes. I am still very strict with my diet of low carbs, sodium and mostly just proteins of turkey and lamb and occasionally some white fish. I discovered that I am gluten intolerant, even tho’ my Celiac test was negative, so I also avoid all gluten, as also does my sister of 83 yrs.. She gets TIA’s and episodes similar to an epileptic seizure just from eating a few snack crackers within a few hours of ingesting them. I am now recovering from a virus that developed into bronchitis and a head cold and took the corresponding remedies to overcome it. This is my first day of no wheezing after a week since succumbing to the virus. (I got exposed to a gal at my water exercise who was just coming down with it,)
I will try to remember to visit your site more often to watch for a reply. Thank you for your attention. Virginia Stutesman in Southern California USA.

• Joe says:
February 4, 2014 at 7:31 AM (Edit)
It was good to hear from you and I was able to trace your post on my Website which was on April 18 2013 where you referred to Lisa and her Hypoglycemia and whose post I was unable to trace.

I note that you take many drugs for your many medical problems some of which are rare like your HPP and am glad that you look 70 although you are 10 years older. It is important at our age not to consider ourselves as OLD as this is a sure way of going downhill.

I do NOT take any drugs whatever and am convinced that I owe my current state of wellness to God and to Arnica which I do still take nightly, as I have done since 1996. I am now in my 85th year and I believe that I have proved that one does not need the aid of drugs to live a healthy life. You may like to read my thoughts on the link below which was quoted verbatim in an Editorial in the Daily Mirror from a letter I had addressed to the editor.



You may like to know that I exercise daily on my True Prone Exercise Cycle for about 45 minutes while listening to music on my iPad Air which takes the boredom out of exercise. I am a classical pianist but do not practice today as I once used to do for up to 2 hours daily. Homeopathy takes up the time that I devoted to Piano practice on my Steinway Grand Piano which is now 62 years old.

I do not advocate taking Homeopathic remedies in the manner you have detailed:
“I recently took the quiz on what my constitutional remedies are, and Nux Vomica came up as 60 points, and Phosphorus and Calcarea carbonica came up as 50 points each. I am unsure as to what strength and how much and how often I should take these remedies. Do I mix them all together in a wet dose? I was only able to find 6 c strength in Nux Vomica, Phosphorus and Calcarea, and wonder if I should use this in a wet dose daily?”

In any case you cannot MIX 3 remedies together as they will usually antidote each other, if you do. I do not also subscribe to the theory of a Constitutional remedy as I have found that this is largely based on a nebulous concept.

My advice to anyone even less than half our age is to take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose daily. I have proved conclusively that it worked for me and reports from many hundreds of patients I have prescribed my therapy to have confirmed that they have benefitted from my therapy.

If you are sensitive to coryza with:
“sneezing or runny nose and watery eyes”
Your remedy is
Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose taken twice daily. You will not take it daily like Arnica and you will stop it when you find your nose is dry.

You mentioned wheezing. Do you suffer from Asthma? If you do I can prescribe a remedy to CURE it.

Do stay in touch with me as we are in the same “80 Club.”

Please also visit the link below, Ode to Joe on his 84th Birthday which I enjoyed

Ode To Joe on his 84th Birthday by Cathy Almeida

• Virginia Stutesman says:
February 26, 2014 at 10:16 AM (Edit)
I neglected to check out your website until today, after I mentioned it to the local Health Food Store clerk. I apologize!
I have been recovering from a mild fracture of my sacrum from a sudden fall backwards onto a stone tile floor. I took Arnica right away, and I’m sure that is why I have had a speedy recovery. I have very little pain, and walk just fine!
I was so pleased that you answered me again. Thank you for your suggestions. I will obtain the Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c, and get started on it ASAP, and also try to remember to take the Nat Phos after each meal. It’s just a matter of making it a habit.
I read your comments on the Pill Popping Culture, and I have agreed with most of it for a long time. I didn’t start taking the medications for almost 2 years after I was diagnosed, but was desperate from having so many weaknesses and paralyses, when I have to watch out for myself and have on one to take care of me.
I have improved greatly in the last year. Water exercise friends are amazed at my stamina compared to when I first went to the Senior Salt Water Pool 1 1/2 yrs ago in a battery powered scooter. Now I walk happily!
I don’t suffer from asthma, but this disease of Periodic Paralysis occasionally affects my breathing muscles. It is referred to as “abortive episodes”.
I didn’t mention in my first letter that back in 1962, I was also going blind from a progressive disease, with only 20% vision remaining. The only hope the U of Mich. Hospital team gave me was to be on a waiting list for a corneal transplant. I knew from my experiences that it was from faulty carbohydrate metabolism, so I followed a high protein, low carb diet, and reversed the progressive hardening of the corneas and was able to get my driver’s license back within less than a year. The doctors were amazed! It also was known as a rare disorder, usually caused by severe infections of major organs of the body, which I had none of! (I think it was the effects of the mutant genes of the PP, as it happened about the same time I had my first full body paralysis.) My vision prescription hasn’t had to be changed in over 5 yrs.
BTW, not only are we in the same “80 Club”, but also share the same birthday month of October! I don’t celebrate them, but am thankful for each year of life!
The Ode to Joe was very cleverly composed!
Thanks again for your response! I’m sure you have many followers who are very thankful for your suggestions. You are a blessing to mankind!
Virginia in Southern California.



Thank you for your post which you state you had not read although I had responded to your post on February 4. My Website sends an automatic alert by email within minutes of my posting and I presume you overlooked it.

I can see that you have been virtually living on drugs for many years and I do believe that they were the reason for almost all your distress. My article “The Pill Popping Culture” explains it all.

I am glad to note that you seem to have changed your dependence on drugs in favour of using Homeopathy and I shall be happy to guide you in the future to share the joy of living with a quality of life that is not usually enjoyed by those who consume dozens of pills daily under the mistaken impression that their lives depend on them. Feel free to count on me to guide you and all you have to do is to log into my Website.

As I have already told you, I take just one dose nightly of Arnica 30c in the Wet dose and at age 85, I can honestly state that I do not have any ache or pain in my body. It is my hope that I will continue to do so in the foreseeable future as I am aware that many , especially babies who suffer from Baby GERD for the first few months of their infant lives, depend on my guidance to use my therapy to replace the dangerous PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) drugs that are always prescribed by their paediatricians. which make their case infinitely worse.

Your account of your cure from the hardening of your Corneas is indeed monumental in its concept and I wonder what the root cause was for it affecting you. Could it be the Pills?



  1. Sewjean says:

    Mr De Livera
    I think you misunderstood some of my comments. I have not been living on drugs for many years. I thought I made it clear that I did not start the “pills” until several years after my diagnosis of Periodic Paralysis in 2006. I was offered a prescription at the time of diagnosis, but I refused it, as I was coping OK then. As I aged, it became more difficult to cope with the paralysis episodes while living by myself. My two children and grandchildren had their own lives and were not able to help care for me, and that is why I moved to CA to get away from the harsh cold winters of Michigan. I still live alone, but am near my sister, and she depends on me for a lot of things. I am back to taking the Arnica Wet dose every day. I had her and her husband on it, but they didn’t notice any difference, and it was possibly because they will not give up their coffee and bacon etc.
    I believe the root cause of the hardening of the corneas more than 50 yrs ago, was the constriction of the blood vessels caused by excessive carbohydrates and stress, along with the mutant genes that I inherited from my father’s side of the family that also had mild symptoms of the disease. I have learned to avoid stress.
    In the early 60’s, I had two hyper-active toddlers to care for and a husband that worked sometimes 12 hr days, 6 days a wk. One internist I saw at that time took away my prescription for thyroid and told my husband to take me out to dinner more often. I have never been dependent on drugs.
    As for the reason that I had not been notified of your replies was that I just discovered yesterday that I had not seen the area to register from the start of my contacting you. I am now registered, so I can log in to your website. I will keep in touch after I have followed the regimen you suggested for a while. Thank you for your attention. Virginia, in Southern California

    • Sewjean says:

      This is Virginia again… No I don’t have Facetime or Skype on my computer. My nephew just obtained a flat monitor screen for me recently, and my income is very limited. Maybe sometime in the future I will have Skype. My social network on Facebook is limited to mostly my nieces and nephews that I left behind in Michigan.
      I obtained the Eupatorium Perfoliatum and have been taking it, but still have the watery eyes. Hopefully that will let up soon. I think the change in the atmospheric pressure also has an influence on both my sister and I with this disease, as also many others that have PP that we correspond with through a support group, from all over the world. It’s amazing how so many of them have had similar experiences as we have with the medical field. I have tried to encourage them to seek better nutrition, but some are so intense with their unexplained and sudden paralysis and weaknesses. I understand, as I have been there, and so has my sister, and we are pretty much the oldest ones in the support groups.
      I always try to use the motor carts available in stores, as environmental odors can trigger weaknesses or paralysis suddenly, which happened twice last week. One was exposure to someone’s cologne and the other was a delayed response to fresh paint, I think. A handyman was doing some touch up painting at the Healthy Generations Pool where I exercise.
      A short time later, as I was shopping in a grocery store, an elderly woman stranger approached me and exclaimed “You look marvelous !” I thanked her and I replied that I had just finished an hour water exercise class and I felt so good! And as the bagger girl helped me with my groceries to my car, we were chatting and when I told her my age she claimed that I was lying to her!! She thought I was about 65. A few minutes later, I drove a few blocks and I just had to dash into the post office to pick up a pkg. My legs felt weak, and the clerk got my pkg immediately, I turned to walk out, and only went 3 ft. and my legs gave out. I had to be helped to my car a few steps at a time, just 15 ft away! This disease is so unpredictable! I do think the Wet Dose Arnica is beneficial, as I have less aches and pains.
      Until another time… Virginia, in S. California.

      • Joe says:

        I was very concerned at your account of how your legs gave out from under you and would advise you not to drive as you may endanger your life and the lives of others as the sudden paralysis you experience can be considered dangerous.

        I would like to increase the potency of the Arnica you are using to 200c in the Wet dose as I feel that it may help you better. I believe that this higher potency may help to stimulate your brain to overcome your problem better. You will stop the 30c and replace it with the 200c and report progress in a week.

        • Sewjean says:

          My legs only get weak when I am walking on them, and my car has automatic transmission and is easy to control. That is what is so weird about this disease! I’ve had the problem like that for years, and it has never affected my driving! Thanks for the concern. Only seldom, if I feel that I am not able to drive, I sit in my car and take my potassium and wait until I am stronger. It hasn’t happened very often since on the high dosage of potassium etc.. Besides the Klorcon 20 mEq that I take every 3 hrs, I also have the liquid ionic cell-ready potassium with other minerals and amino acids in my combo drink, that I always have with me. I know my body quite well, and respond accordingly. I also limit my time of driving and have a less traveled route to avoid heavy traffic on purpose. This is a small town.
          I will get the 200c of Arnica ASAP (but it may be another week before I get it) and let you know how I respond. Thanks. Virginia, in S, CA,

        • Virginia Stutesman says:

          Mr. DeLivera
          I finally rec’d my 200c Arnica liquid today, so I will check back w/you after I have been on it as you suggested. I will report back to you in a week. I took my first dose today before I left for my water exercise class, and in all my rushing around etc, I forgot to take my regular Klor-con dose of potassium before I left, like I usually do before exercise. I did 40 min. of bicycling (on a ‘noodle’ for buoyancy) and dog paddling in the pool, with only a short break to hydrate with my mineral water. I did just fine! No weaknesses or paralysis! I hope this type of day continues!

          • Joe says:

            Let us observe your progress after you have taken Arnica 200c in the Wet dose twice daily for a week.

            Please also list ALL the drugs and other supplements you are taking daily.
            What is the composition of the mineral water you use?

        • Virginia Stutesman says:

          Hello Mr. De Livera, this is Virginia. I finally rec’d the 200c Arnica just one week ago yesterday. I’ve been taking it twice daily, with my usual supplements, along w/following my strict diet. What I have noticed is that I am having more muscle cramps. Not just in my legs but also in other parts of my body. (Fingers, waist muscles etc.) They come on only upon awakening. Sometimes in the middle of the night when my potassium has run out, about 3 AM, and other times at early AM also when my potassium has run low. (I know this because of the pain relief I got when taking the potassium in the past 3 years.) I wonder if this is my body adjusting to the Arnica, I am still able to walk around the house and yard, but not too far before I get weak in the legs. My energy levels have been fine. I have also been fighting environmental allergies, from exposure to high winds here. I tak e my usual Histimine wet dose and it seems to get it under control. I take it at first arising and bedtime. Then I wait and take my Arnica about 1/2 hour later.
          My prescribed meds are:
          Two tabs Amiloride HCL 5 mg. 1 KlorCon potassium 20 mEq early AM, and every successive 3 hrs during the day and evening. One !/2 tab Acetazolamide 125 mg at bedtime and noontime.
          The supplements that I have been taking are:
          One B Complex 100, two caps IC-5 (insulin support and carb management),two caps Garcinia Cambogia 1,000 mg. four caps Vision Essentials, one Omega-3 fatty acid complex, one garlic extract 1,200 mg, one hawthorne extract 1,000 mg, one cap ToCoQ 10 100 mg, one Vitamin D3 1000 IU.
          My mineral water I prepare in early AM, consisting of WaterOz soluble liquid minerals of two tsp, each of Calcium extra strength 2800 +/-ppm, Magnesium extra strength 1400 +/- ppm, Potassium 340 +/- ppm, one tsp.each of soluble Zinc extra strength 400 +/-ppm, Indium 20 +/- ppm, and 1 Tblspn EPN (a proprietary formula to provide enzyme action and phytonutrient function to aid digestion) w/ one Tblspn Proberry 3 (blend of pear,elderberry,blueberry, cherry , and red raspberry juice concentrates), a combo powder mixture of ARA-6 (fiber of the Western Larch tree), 1 tsp ea of DMG, d-Ribose, MSM, L-Carnitine, and 1/2 tsp of Taurine, w/one each of organic teabags of green and black tea, steeped, and fill a 2 1/2 qt container w/reverse osmosis water. This I drink throughout the day alternately w/purified water when I take my supplements and meds. I have tried altering the amounts, or going without for a day, and I don’t feel as well, so I go back on them.

          • Joe says:

            If you feel that Arnica 200c in the Wet dose taken twice daily is the cause of your muscle cramps you must stop taking it.

            I prescribed it to help increase the blood flow to your brain which I suspected to be the cause of your fainting problem. You can stop it for a week and observe if it is indeed the cause, which I do doubt.

            It is more likely that the many supplements you have listed are the real cause of your distress as it seems unnatural to me for anyone to depend on so many as listed by you.

            Reading the list causes me some concern as their joint action may be poisoning you by interacting with each other in your body.

  2. Rajendra says:

    Hello Mr Joe,
    l am suffering from diabetes since 2005 and sugar level remains 180 to 246 I’m taking Gemer2 . My Ldl 240 HDL 36
    Also suffering from erectile dysfunction my age is 46.
    So depressed sometimes suicidal thoughts occur, last week l prepared arnica 6c wet dose taking it nightly
    Expecting further guidance.
    Could not concentrate on work remain in home most of time,
    Tried too many homeopathy remedies in past sometimes
    when under stress or uncontrolled diet Val cross 350.
    I’ve fear that soon l will loose any of my organ.

    • Joe says:

      I regret that your case is too complex for me to treat you.
      You are advised to continue with your present therapy.

      • Rajendra says:

        Please think over it and suggest me basic treatment so I Can come out of the
        situation. You have such a vast experience you will surely find out remedy for me
        Please help me I have hopes from you

  3. Rajendra says:

    I’ve seen your advices on different cases which seems incurable still you helped
    them to cure it. Please give some time for my case

    • Joe says:

      Since you are keen on using my therapy, you can use my default therapy for Diabetes which will also help your ED.

      It is essential that you get out of your depressed state, which is the reason for my stating that your case was complicated, and exercise by doing a fast walk DAILY.

      I shall copy below my default therapy aka “Joepathy” which many Diabetics are using today to control their BS levels.

      The remedy I have prescribed is Arnica 3x in the Wet dose which is taken twice daily.

      Mag Phos 6x dose 2 tablets taken thrice daily have also helped to reduce BS levels and you can add this to your daily dosage.

      Please note that you will most likely notice a dip in your BS level within 24 hours of starting my therapy and you will then have to reduce your dosage of either Metformin or of Insulin as it must be maintained around 110.

      Type I patients have confirmed that they discovered their BS levels were reduced by about 20% within a day of their starting on this therapy.

      Type II patients will also have to monitor their BS levels on a daily basis to ensure that their BS is stabilized at around 110 and they will reduce the dosage of the drugs that they are using daily to maintain this level. The Arnica 3x and the Mag Phos 6x are taken as prescribed.

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

      Cinnamon powder is also useful to reduce BS levels and a quarter teaspoonful can be taken brewed as a tea twice daily. Okra or Bandakka which grows in the tropics also helps to reduce BS levels. Okra is used by cutting up a tender pod and inserting it into a glass of water which is left overnight and the water is drunk on an empty stomach the morning after.
      Turmeric has also been discovered to help reduce BS levels and can be used in a similar manner to the Cinnamon.

      Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

      • Rajendra says:

        Thank you sir for your reply.
        As earlier stated I had prepared a
        6x wet dose but didn’t taken at regular intervals

        I’ll prepare arnica 3x wet dose one problem is that here In India
        We can’t guaranty that packed water is spring water.
        I”ve cinnamon powder which I usually take before tea
        I have no idea about okra pods it must have some other name in this part of India anyway I’ll find it

        Your interest so encouraged me that half of my depression ran away
        You’ve answered my request in early morning that opened my eyes tomorrow onwards my day will start in early morning

  4. Rajendra says:

    Sir okra is easily available here we call bhindi to it.
    Thanks again

  5. Rajendra says:

    Today’s morning fbsl was 204.
    Before dinner 158. You are right within 24 hrs 15% down
    I got Arnica 3x but it is local brand
    Tonight I’ll start it.
    I’ll report observations promptly

    • Joe says:

      Many patients have confirmed that their BS levels DROPPED by at least 25% within 3-6 hours of taking the first dose of Arnica.

      The maximum drop recorded is 75%.

      You do not have to change the brand as you have already seen that the product you are using works.

  6. Rajendra says:

    Dear sir,
    My last post is not updated, might be lost in network.
    Yesterday’s morning fbsl was 206 nit it’s great because I’d whole bunch of grapes in the night after dinner so expected more than 300 sugar count
    I felt fresh all over the day and felt hungry much before my eating timings.
    Now I got 3x potency arnica shall I shift over to it for more fine results.
    I had okra water but some vomiting like feeling was there

    • Joe says:

      Glad to learn that my Joepathy has once again helped a seemingly impossible case.
      I am glad that you persisted in requesting me to treat you as at first I remember I refused to do so.

      I am sure that the Arnica 3x will drop your BS level even more and you should observe other fundamental changes in your state of wellness due to this Miracle Remedy Arnica.



      I have never tasted the Okra water but do believe you that is is disgusting.

      Report your BS reading after you take 2 doses of A 3x.

  7. Rajendra says:

    I gone through your recommendations aka Joepathy for weightloss Natrum phos 6x and to lower bsl mag phos 6x is recommended.
    My weight is 73kg and height 164cm according to Indian health standards it should be around 64 kg now the question is ‘can I take both after meal or opt for Nat phos as Arnica 3x is working on sugar?’
    In Joepathy you don’t insist on specific diet in our part of world our diet is carbhydrate dominant and allopathy practitionersinsist on low carb diet we can not reduce some items from our plate, please write on this when you have time.

    • Joe says:

      I do not think that your weight poses any problem for you today and you are advised to EXERCISE till you SWEAT on a daily basis to reduce your weight, if you feel that you must. At this initial stage of treating your Diabetes I would hesitate to introduce another remedy as it may be counterproductive.

      You have responded positively to my Joepathy and have already had evidence that your Blood Sugar levels have reduced with the addition of Arnica 3x to your normal routine. You mentioned 25% yesterday and it is hopefully even lower today.

      You must know that Metformin affects the Kidneys sooner or later and unless you suffer from GERD or Gastric problems, it is best to observe how your BS responds in a few weeks by permitting the Arnica to stimulate the Islets of Langerhan in your Pancreas to produce Insulin which is how Arnica works for Diabetics.

      • Rajendra says:

        Dear sir,
        I don’t have yesterday’s bel record because my helicopter test stripes ended up. Today I will go to pathology lab and post bel count by afternoon.
        As you know I am on Arnica 3x from March 6 evening I observed that yesterday evening I feel dry mouth for about one hour another thing I had very little sleep 11pm-4am, mentioning it for your knowledge nothing serious.
        You have started new thread for March posting but I will put my observationson this thread because my detail case is here in sequence
        Will it do?

        • Joe says:

          “I don’t have yesterday’s bel record because my helicopter test stripes ended up.”

          Please explain and do not speak in parables if you wish to be in contact with me in the future.

          • Rajendra says:

            Oh so sorry, I mean yesterday bsl record not maintained because my glucosemeter testing strips ended.. My word processor inserts automatcaly and I can see at a time one line on my handset.
            Sorry again for silly miistake henceforth there will be serious postings only

  8. Rajendra says:

    I got pathology report today
    Fasting bsl is 211 while Pp bsl is 396
    I think 3x doesn’t work for me.

  9. Rajendra says:

    Taking Arnica 6c from morning 4hrs interval (4 times a day)and will check result tomorrow

  10. Rajendra says:

    Dear sir,
    Today’s report Fasting bsl 135 post lunch 306

  11. Rajendra says:

    Dear sir,
    After Arnica 6c (four doses a day ) morning sugar down by 35% and Pp sugar down by 25%.

    Problem is after food my blood sugar shoots up.
    Shall I go forward with Arnica 6c four times a day treatment?

  12. Rajendra says:

    I need further guidance. Should I put my responses on
    March month thread.

  13. Rajendra says:

    should I continue current dose of Arnica 6c?

  14. Rajendra says:

    Sir, I don’t know why you aren’t responding to my question
    I”ve continued Arnica 6c 4times /day __;”


    • Joe says:

      I would like you to understand clearly that I am NOT under any obligation to respond to every query you make IMMEDIATELY you post it on my Website. I am NOT a professional Homeopath and at my advanced age of 85 years, Homeopathy or more precisely “Joepathy” is my Hobby to which I am dedicated to help people who consult me free of charge.

      I have tried to treat your Diabetes with Arnica and you have indicated that your BS levels have dropped by 25% to 35% in a few days.

      You cannot expect me to CURE your Diabetes instantly and I hope that you are aware that no other Homeopath will prescribe Arnica to treat Diabetes. This is my own discovery in 2005 and I have prescribed this remedy for hundreds of thousands of patients who are taking it with other drugs which they have reduced in strength and dosage after the Arnica took over.

      It may interest you to learn that Metformin and other drugs used to treat Diabetes take their toll in the long run and cause damage to the Kidneys. The Arnica seems to help by undoing this damage.

      You will continue to take it THRICE daily and you may, if you wish, report your response WEEKLY.

      • Rajendra says:

        Thank you sir,
        As I said earlier I have tried several remedies including Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Herbal, but failed to get consistent results. In family my father had diabetes and died at the age of 66 he was firm believer of allopathy.I have seen decay of his health despite taking regular medicine.
        Now your research shows me hope that I can live my life without burden of decaying my health.
        I shouldn’t expect prompt answer from you because there may be several priorities before this, but sir your answers generating hope inside me no one can calculate it in material form.
        My gratitude will remain always with you and I pray to supreme power to protect this soul to serve mankind.

  15. Rajendra says:

    Today’s blood sugar count
    Morning 7.00 am fbsl 188…exercise..1cup tea 1 biscuit
    Before lunch 11.40am. 117.
    Lunch :1 bowel cereal ,1 wheat roti equals 2 brown bread slices, 1 bowel oat cereal mix

    After lunch. 2.00pm. 230
    Sir my digestion is poor can you help me to improve it ( pieces of cereals, vegetables come out as it is)

    • Joe says:

      Do you suffer from GERD aka Gastric problems ?
      Do I understand that you do NOT DIGEST the food you eat?
      If so you will have to consult a doctor as this cannot be treated by Homeopathy.

      • Rajendra says:

        Sir, it is not GERD nor gastric problem.
        Quality of digestion is poor leafy vegetables, oil seeds, Cereal seeds comes out in stool partly.
        I have undergone Ayurvedic treatment for the same but it arises again.

        • Joe says:

          You can use a Probiotic like BIFILAC which is made in India to test if a change of the Bacteria in your gut can help you.

          Dose 2 tablets daily.

          • Rajendra says:

            Dear sir,
            I had Bifilac 2 tablets a day for a week and getting positive results from it.
            After that , day before yesterday some gastric problem arised it forced me to vomit at night around 2.00am another episode of vomiting at 2.40 am followed by high fever took combiflam tablet and some rest . Felt recovered yesterday(Sunday). On Monday morning onwards started loose motions then I recalled that in the gastric problems you have advised Nat phos so I took 4 tabs after small lunch and again 4 tabs after dinner it controlled my dysentery.
            But I am wake up whole night my Arnica 6c wet dose are going on thrice a day.
            I’ve fear that whether Arnica aggravated or what?
            Last whole month I’m getting good sleep due to it.
            Please guide me if something going wrong.

  16. Cairo says:

    Thank you for your response. I have been using the Joepathy and nat phos for about 6 months and I have periods where the GERD improves, but others where it doesn’t work and the burning is really bad. I seem to be losing weight right now.

    The constipation is really bad right now (hard stools with a lot gas being passed) and everything doesn’t come out properly. Would nux or graphites help with the constipation?

    I take a probiotic but not Biflac (I am not able to purchase that from here but will try to see if I could get it). I do everything else on your list of rules to follow. I shall continue and try to get a probiotic like the one you reommended if Ican’t find Biflac.

    • Joe says:

      Did I prescribe Nux Vomica 30c in the Wet dose for you?
      If not, do start on this remedy as it will help your GERD and your constipation.

      Please confirm that you are observing the simple rules I prescribed for your GERD and that you are EXERCISING daily as this is essential to treat your GERD.

      You mentioned about your brother who was a chronic Type I Diabetic who was using my Arnica 6c therapy and discovered that he was able to reduce his Insulin from 30 units to 10.
      How is he today? I have had many reports from grateful patients all Type I who have reported this same news which I believe is due to the Pancreas being stimulated to produce Insulin normally by the Arnica therapy.

      Can you request him to present his case here on my Website?

  17. ramma says:

    Dear Joe Sir,
    Asking for my aunt
    She is 78 yrs. old
    No ailment,
    Only feels weak in her legs,says she feels legs are shivering
    Any homeopathy you can suggest
    She will not take allopathy,she is otherwise fit
    Thanks , and God Bless

    • Joe says:

      You may not be aware that I am 86 years old and am not a professional Homeopath. I try to help visitors to my Website with my “Joepathy” and you are invited to spend some time in reading the accounts of my patients whom I have helped on it.

      I do not take any allopathic drugs at all and only take a dose of Arnica 30c in the Wet dose just before bed. I have done so for the last 20 years and have proved that this simple remedy made by inserting just 3 drops of the remedy in Alcohol into a 500ml bottle of water taken twice daily can make a big difference in one’s life especially in one’s advanced years. I also take 4 tablets of Ferr Phos 6x twice daily as it increases the oxygenation of the blood.

      I recommend that your aunt also follows my example which I have proved myself to be very effective. It will also help her if her legs are massaged daily with some oil like Coconut oil.

      I do not know how old you are but if you are over 40 years you too should take a teaspoonful of Arnica 30c twice daily.




  18. Ally says:

    Dear Mr Joe De Livera

    God bless you, and keep in you in good health.

    Seek your help for my father who has just turned 90. Until the end of last year, he was still strong adn independent living on his own and even driving his own car.
    However since Jan this year, he had two painful attacks around abdomen and chest area which he went into the Emergency room and which the hospital eventually diagnosed as due to gall stones. His last CT scan showed a stone in the common bile duct and he was admitted to hospital is to put in a stent in the biliary duct last week, hopefully to be discharged by this coming week. Each attack and each time spent in hospital, his mental cognitive and his physical heath has had a significant deterioration. I do not think now he is able to live on his own anymore, as in hospital he forgets to eat, forgets why he is in hospital, who visited him, etc..and he is physically now very weak, I would now be worried he may fall when he walks.
    But I am even more worried about his mental deterioration, I assume this is dementia. As such, humbly seek your advice and experience on what remedy will help him to improve his mental state/ clarity?
    Thank you in advance

    • Joe says:

      You may like to know that your Dad is as old as I am today at 89. I too drive and do still go to office daily as the CEO of an almost Century old Family owned business organization which I now share with my youngest of 3 sons in Colombo. Homeopathy is a Hobby to which I am dedicated and which I have proved will help anyone to sustain a quality of life that is not possible with drugs which I do not use normally but which I had to use on a SOS basis a month ago due to an infection of my Prostate and I had to be on an antibiotic for a few weeks which knocked me down but only temporarily. I am OK now and back in office.

      In your Dad’s case I would recommend he takes Arnica 1M in the Wet dose twice daily made as per instructions below:

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in the Ethanol / Alcohol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a dose which is 5ml or a teaspoonful as prescribed.

      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a teaspoonful.

      Report his progress frequently as his case is of special interest.

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