Nat Sulph 6c in the Wet dose helps patient suffering from chronic Asthma in just 14 days.

I am copying below a report from a patient on how my therapy helped his mother in lay in 14 days.

bharat says:
May 14, 2015 at 9:26 PM (Edit)
Dear Sir,

I have started the treatment of asthma of my mother-in-law on 1st May and since then 14 days have been passed. I could not believe that this therapy can help her so fast but it did. Really you have a God gifted magic for us common people.

She is doing good and have not used inhaler in these days. Although she needed to ars. alb. 2-3 times in the period because of the shortness of breath.

Also no whistling sound is present while she is breathing. it is also a good sign.

As i told you earlier, Her other problem is dry cough and running nose. I gave her bry 30c for her dry cough and it is improving. Cough is occurring less than before.

but her running nose is not improving. She is getting running nose about once a week which lasts for 3-4 days. Also her any one nostril is blocked all the time and she cant breathe from it. This problem is for many years with her.

Previously she was taking Ayurvedic medicines for this but after starting your therapy, she stopped all other medicines.

So if you can help with this also, I will be very grateful.
Also please advice further course of action for her! Thanks a lot! May God bless you.

• Joe says:
May 15, 2015 at 10:29 AM (Edit)
I must admit that I too am often surprised on how very quickly patients who have suffered from various medical problems respond to my therapy aka “Joepathy”

I believe that you are aware of how chronic Asthma is and the general understanding is that Asthma can only be treated but never CURED. Your report of your mother’s Asthma responding to my therapy in just 14 days is impressive and is very satisfying to me as the physician who helped her. I believe that it is this satisfaction that I get from doing so that keeps me healthy and free of all medical problems at my advanced age of 86 years. I believe that God keeps me in my present condition to enable me to help suffering humanity in the manner that I am doing today.

I do not think however that your mother is cured of her Asthma right now. She will have to take the remedy for a few more months twice daily and if you continue to report her progress, I will be able to instruct you on how to proceed in a month.

It is important that she avoids colds and coughs and she will take Ferr Phos 6x dose 3 tablets thrice daily to build up her resistance to these 2 common problems. This will also help her Coryza which you reported.

Osmium 6c in the Wet dose will help her Coryza taken twice daily. You must observe if this remedy triggers her Asthma and if so she will stop it. It may also open up her blocked nose. Report progress.

Also confirm that you are following my instructions on the Physiotherapy to her lungs after steam inhalation.



  1. Visvanathan says:

    Dear sir,

    My son aged 13 years is suffering from DRY COUGH for the last 7 days. During Night time he is not able to sleep and continuously suffering with this dry cough. He is feeling Vomiting sensation, but not vomit. I gave him Ant. tar – 30 for three days. But No improvement. NO mucas is coming out either by way of nose or mouth. KIndly suggest some remedies to cure this dry cough.

    Recently I saw your website and your suggestions to the sufferers.

    will u suggest remedies for my son.


    • Joe says:

      A dry Cough can be difficult to cure as it can be due to many reasons. It can be due to Viral, Bacterial or some other cause which will have to be diagnosed by a physician and then reported to me for advice.

      You can help him with steam inhalation to help him to get the stocky phlegm out of his lungs which is most likely the root cause of his cough.

      I shall copy my instructions on using steam which I prescribe for Asthma:

      “Steam is also important and it must be inhaled for about 5 minutes twice daily. You can get the steaming device used in beauty saloons for facial treatment. You will most likely cough up a lot of phlegm immediately after steaming.

      Physiotherapy is also indicated after steaming to rid the lungs and airways of the phlegm which is also the cause of Asthma. You will lay flat across your bed with your chest slightly elevated above your head which is hanging down over the side. You will get someone to tap your chest on the back from the waist up to your neck and you should find that your phlegm will drool out in cupfuls.”

      Get a small vial of Bryonia 200 in pellets and await my instructions on how to use it which I shall do after you report on his response to the steam.

  2. Jeroo daruwala says:

    Iam suffering from uti for the past 2 years.first hematuria, bacteria,staphygaria lococcus klebsiella.I tried reckweg R18 andR 87, Cantheris and Berberis vulgaris but no good results. Please advise.

    • Joe says:

      You need an antibiotic like Amoxicillin 500 taken thrice daily to cure your Urine infection. You state that you have suffered from a UTI for 2 YEARS and this is not acceptable as it can cause irreversible damage to your Kidneys.

      Please get a prescription from a doctor and take the drug ASAP for at least a week.

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