76 year old reports CURE of problems in a month.

This is the story of a patient 76 years of age who suffered from various medical problem who reported that he was CURED of them all in just a month.
Theo says:
December 18, 2015 at 12:39 AM (Edit)
Joe De Livera:

As you suggest, I am posting here a question I asked you at the “Homeopathy and More” forum. I hope I am placing this post in the correct place. At the other forum, you will find a completed “patient questionnaire” at http://www.homeopathyandmore.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8861

I am asking today about elevated blood pressure (labile hypertension). Several decades ago, my average blood pressure was 145/90, sometimes higher. At that time, a physician prescribed Triam/HCTZ 37.5-25 twice daily, later reduced to once daily, which I continue to this day. Currently, average blood pressure is 130/75, average pulse 62.

Because I have been taking the diuretic for so many years, I am concerned about what damage it may be doing to the bladder or other organs. In other words, by inducing the body to rid itself of fluids more than it would normally do, am I harming anything?

Accordingly, I am hopeful there might be a homeopathic remedy which will help me maintain average blood pressure at about 130/75 without adverse side affects.

I am 76 years old, weigh 165 pounds (about 75 kilos), in good health other than this issue and a benign, enlarged prostate mentioned in my earlier query to you for which I am now following “joepathy”. I walk or bicycle two or more miles (about 3 kilometers) a day. I eat a well-balanced, healthy diet, virtually no sugar; one glass of red wine daily with a meal. I sleep well. I have not smoked for four decades. I live a quiet life with my wife of 51 years.

Thank you.

Joe says:
December 18, 2015 at 9:24 AM (Edit)
Apis 6c
Nat Mur 200c
Nat Phos 6x

It is possible that the root cause of your Prostate problems was the drug you have taken for decades Triam HCTZ which is a combination of a drug to reduce pressure and a Diuretic. You have survived for 76 years and are fortunate that your current problem is only your BP and Prostate for which I have already prescribed.


Your remedies are:

Apis 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily to act as a Diuretic .
Nat Mur 200c in the WD taken thrice daily to treat your BP
Nat Phos 6x dose 3 tablets taken immediately after every meal to reduce your weight at 1Kg per week.

You are already on my therapy for Prostate which you will continue to take as prescribed. You will leave half hour between remedies. This does not apply to Nat Phos 6c.

You will report your BP in 3 days after you have started on my prescription which I hope can get your own Digital BP Gauge to enable you to check your BP twice daily.

Theo says:
December 18, 2015 at 7:49 PM (Edit)
Sir: Thank you for your response. Today, I am ordering the remedies you suggest. When I receive them, I will take them as you instruct for blood pressure. I will also continue taking the Arnica 6c and Conium 6c wet dose for prostate. I will keep you informed. When I begin your blood pressure regime, unless you instruct me here differently, I will stop taking Triam/HCTZ 37.5-25.

Theo says:
January 4, 2016 at 9:11 PM (Edit)
Sir: After four days on the Blood Pressure remedies you suggested (and off Triam/HCTZ) , my average BP is 129/74. I plan to continue following this regimen indefinitely. Thank you so much for your guidance.

Joe says:
January 4, 2016 at 10:04 PM (Edit)
Glad to learn that your BP without any drugs dropped down to 129/74.

I cannot understand the reason why your consultants gave you this powerful drug when my simple and safe therapy has replaced it and that without any side effects whatever.

You will have to take all the remedies I have prescribed twice daily but in about 2 weeks you will stop the Apis and observe and report your BP without the diuretic.

I hope you have read my article “Pill Popping Culture”

I would like to inquire if you are doing any regular exercise as this is essential for your problem.

Theo says:
January 5, 2016 at 5:31 AM (Edit)
Sir: I too am gladdened by the results of your therapy. As I wrote earlier (perhaps on the other forum), I particularly wanted to stop taking Triam/HCTZ lest it cause unintended harm after so many years. As you are aware, the medical establishment in the USA (where I live) are generally not receptive to homoeopathy or other non-allopathic therapies, which explains the prescription for Triam/HCTZ.

In about two weeks I will stop the Apis, and then after about two more weeks, report my average BP here again. (By “average” I mean, I take several BP readings over the course of a day every day for a week or so, and then calculate the average of those readings.)

I walk or bicycle two to five miles daily (3 to 5 kilometers) as well as work outside regularly.

Theo says:
January 22, 2016 at 2:48 AM (Edit)
My average BP with Apis & NatMur (and Arnica), all in Wet Dose and in dosages you recommended, is 120/70. Average BP without Apis is 123/73. I am happy with either of those. Also, the prostate is doing fine (measured by frequency and ease of urination). I have stopped the Conium temporarily (so as not to “confuse” Apis and NatMur regimen). After a while, and if it seems necessary, I will resume the Conium. Thank you again for your help! I am very grateful to you.


Glad to note that in just over a month, your Hypertension from which you were suffering for “several decades” has stabilised and you have stopped the drug which also incorporates a Diuretic and replaced it with my therapy.

I believe that I have given you the link to my article which was featured as the Editorial of our Daily newspaper in Sri Lanka and you will now live your life without any drugs, in the manner that I do at 86 years of age and I too do a daily exercise routine including a slow jog for 15 minutes followed by exercise on my TRUE prone type exercise cycle with my mind focussed on YouTube listening to Piano Music to remind me of the days when I used to practice for 2 hours daily but had to give up when I discovered that I was not able to maintain the same high standard I was used to many years ago. I too drink some wine immediately after exercise and this helps to reduce that feeling of tiredness after exercise which I do around 8.00PM at home with the jog in the lawn in my residence which is a luxury for Colombo, where I live overlooking a park..

I too am very fit and I started the jog sometime ago when I discovered that the Whey Protein I started to take twice daily at that time seemed to help the quality of my life. I eat small quantities and avoid carbs and my BP is 120/75, Pulse 65 at rest although I pump it up to 110 during exercise. My Lipid Profile is below normal and I was surprised to discover that my Fasting Blood Glucose level was 51 which is extremely low and was the reason for my Hiccup which I had a year ago for 8 days 24×7 and which my doctor could not cure till I took a teaspoonful of sugar which stopped it in a minute (after 8 days hiccuping)!!!

I have NOT taken any drug since 2008 when I was in surgery for a Hernia repair and hope to continue this record in the future.

I would recommend that you too start taking Whey Protein (without any steroids) as this will improve your quality of life. Feel free to consult me for any medical problems you may encounter in the future and I wish you well.


  1. Kt says:

    Sir few weeks back you suggested remedies for fissures ..thank you.
    Now a days I constipates if I eat hotel food.Can you suggest something to avoid constipation .
    Thank you

    • Joe says:

      I would have expected you to first report your response to my therapy on your Fissure.

      I am surprised to note that you inquire about Constipation when the therapy I have prescribed should have fixed the problem.

      • Kt says:

        Sir sorry for not reporting. I took all remedies that you had suggested for fissures.In 8-9 days pain was almost gone.And then in next week there was totally no pain.I stopped taking medicine from one week …. But I ate something from hotel and bit constipated and slight pain.I was scared if this fissure problem may start again.
        Thank you

        • Joe says:

          I presume that you have realised by now, that your lesion has not healed completely even though you were without any pain and you did not experience any pus which is normal in an Abscess in the anus.

          All you have to do now is to go back to the therapy I have prescribed and take it for a few weeks more.

          If you experience any constipation, this can be treated by eating fruits like Plums, Prunes, Papaya, Bananas etc.
          You will also drink at least 3 ltrs of water daily and exercise to sweat it out,

  2. Shaila Eshai says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a 64 year old south Asian female recently diagnosed with high blood pressure (160/100).I also have very high cholesterol (335 with LDL at 218 and HDL at112 and triglycerides at 83).My mother had several incidents of TIA’s and heart disease runs in my maternal side of the family.The doctor has prescribed exforge 5/80 mg and loprin 75 mg which I started taking 3 days ago much against my inclination.The BP reading hasn’t gone down below 155/90 .The doctor has also prescribed a statin for my cholesterol which I have not started on and would rather not take.My blood tests( CBC,LFT,RFT,TSH, and Glycohemoglobin) have come back clear.My ECG is normal. I am a highly strung person with the tendency to worry and stress I would be very grateful for your advice on what course to take. I am taking Craetagus mother tincture 10 drops twice daily .
    Thank you

    • Joe says:

      My advice to ALL members of your family who present High Cholesterol and Triglycerides and Hypertension is to start taking Arnica 30c in the Wet dose thrice daily for a month and reduce it down to twice daily for LIFE.

      You will also take Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets immediately after every meal thrice daily. Nat Phos will accelerate the passage of food in the gut and will reduce weight by 1kg per week.

      You may take the drugs prescribed by your doctor if you do still wish to be reassured about controlling your BP but as you have already noticed they do not seem to have reduced your BP.
      I would like to have the average of 3 consecutive readings taken on 3 days at the same time on a Digital BP gauge to arrive at your true Blood Pressure.. Drugs will also prevent the Arnica from acting as it should as all Homeopathic remedies are present in the Water comprising the Wet dose at Nano levels which are invariably antidoted by drugs.

      I note that you are taking Craetagus which you will stop when you start on my therapy.
      You will NOT take any Statin as it will do more harm than good.

      I would like to have a Blood test for your Lipid Profile and you can take them for all other members of your family who may like to use my therapy aka “Joepathy” (Google) to enjoy a better quality of like similar to mine which at age 86, I enjoy WITHOUT ANY DRUGS except for Arnica 30c which I have taken for the last 20 years nightly.

      You are advised to read my Website where the cases I have treated of patients will prove to you that my therapy is very positive in its approach to healing.

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in the Ethanol (Alcohol) pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.

      Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

  3. Shaila Eshai says:

    Thank you for your response. I am wondering what is the difference between 30C and 30 dilutions. I have Arnica 30 in the liquid dilution.Is that different from 30C?Also how for how long should I take Nat.Phos 6x. I don’t want to be losing so much weight. I weigh about 60 kg and my goal is to come down to 55 kg.

  4. Haze says:

    Evening sir

    I am hoping that you might be able to help me.
    I am suffering from what I believe is Acid Reflux. I was put on oral steroids after a nasal infection which seem to have started it off but I am
    Unsure. In November I went to the doctor with pain under my right rib & sore tummy. She said I had reflux & wanted me to take ppi but i said no. I started taking apple cider vinigar with water through day but then started just at night & used aloe Vera juice to sooth my eosphogus. This seemed to work. However I had tomatoe soup for lunch on Saturday & felt uncomfortable after. That night at 5am I awoke with a burning/warm feeling in my stomach & felt the acid pour right up my throat.
    I’ve been taking gaviscon before bed so it doesn’t pour up in the night. I’ve also been taking dgl liquorice, digestive enzymes, slippery elm as well
    As the aloe & cider vinigar. The reflux seems to be kept at bay but I am unsure as I think I mostly get silent reflux.
    I have nat phos X 6 in the house & arnica 30 both in tablet form.
    Since Saturday food & drink are getting stuck & don’t seem to be moving down my eosphogus. I drank a glass of water 2 hours after a meal & felt it stuck in my eosphogus. I’m getting very worried as there is lot of pain & soreness.

    Thank you x

    • Joe says:

      I note that you are already familiar with my default therapy for GERD and you can start on the Nat Phos 6x immediately dose, 2-3 tablets immediately after a meal. You are advised to get the Arnica 30c in the Liquid dilution and use just 3 drops in a bottle of spring water.

      I shall copy my default therapy for GERD below:

      It is very likely that you suffer from Hyperacidity or Gastritis, aka GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease) and I shall copy my default therapy that has helped hundreds of patients to overcome this disease for which doctors usually prescribe PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) drugs which are dangerous and can cause many other more serious problem when used in the long term.

      You will hopefully discover that my therapy aka “Joepathy” will help you within 24 hours after you have taken your first dose after a meal.

      The remedies you will order are as follows:

      Nat Phos 6x dose 2-4 tablets taken immediately after each of 3 meals.
      This remedy accelerates the passage of food down the gut and prevents the formation of acid which would otherwise reflux causing GERD.

      Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.
      This remedy works to repair the damaged Esophagus which has metastasised to resemble the gut to deal with the Hcl refluxed into it causing severe distress. Arnica works with the Nat Phos to speedily cure the problem.

      You can also take a PROBIOTIC like Bifilac daily. A Probiotic will help by changing the balance of the Bacteria in the gut and will contribute to your cure and help to ensure that your problem does not recur. After your problem with GERD is stabilised you can take the Arnica in the Wet dose nightly before bed for life. You do not need to take Nat Phos daily but you will keep a stock to be used whenever you feel uncomfortable after a meal when you will take 2-3 tablets as necessary.

      Please observe the following simple rules:

      Do not eat large meals. Eat small meals but more often if you feel hungry. Do not drink more that a few sips of water after your meals. This is to prevent the further dilution of your gastric juice which can then reflux into your Esophagus which results in GERD.

      It is important that you do not go to bed for at least 2 hours after dinner as food will take about this time to digest and it is best to stay awake and upright to enable your food to digest before going to bed.

      No fatty food, alcohol, coffee, preserved meats like sausages, ham, bacon as they contain Saltpeter which will antidote the remedies listed immediately.

      If you suffer from a stomach ache or you feel your stomach puffing up before a meal during the day between meals, this is usually due to hunger pains, caused by your gastric juices attacking the inner lining and the wall of your stomach. The simple remedy is to eat some food like a biscuit or a banana between meals to keep the gastric juice away from digesting the stomach wall which results in a stomach ache which in some cases can be acute.

      You must drink at least 3 liters of liquids, preferably water daily and you must also exercise for at least half hour daily. It is important to sweat it out as this is all part of my therapy to overcome GERD.

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in a 5ml Liquid Alcohol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before sipping a capful of the bottle twice daily.

      It is understood that the patient will stop all other drugs which s/he may be taking for this ailment.
      Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

      • Hazel says:

        Thank you. I have ran out of nat phos so I will go & buy first thing tomoro. Also the shop only sells arnica tablets, will they not work? I can try order liquid online but it may take a few days to come.
        Just to confirm – shall I stop the apple cider vinigar, aloe juice & gaviscon?
        Also if I get an attack in the night what shall I do?
        I’m worried I may not have enough stomach acid, I feel a lot of burning is this normal? Do you think taking out wheat will benefit?
        Thank you. I will report back after I start the nat phos if I can start with arnica tablets plz advise thanks x

        • Joe says:

          “shall I stop the apple cider vinigar, aloe juice & gaviscon?”

          YES YOU MUST DO SO.

          Be assured that you will NOT get any ‘attacks’ if you follow the instructions in my prescription.

          Nat Phos 6x is a TABLET.

          Arnica 30c is in PELLETS. It is best to get the product in Alcohol and use 3 drops in 500ml spring water.

          • Hazel says:

            Morning sir,

            I have started the nat phos but I can’t find arnica in liquid form
            Anywhere. Please advise. I’m in UK I Have checked lots of websites & both health shops where I live x

            • Joe says:

              You may use the standard pellets and use 6 in a 500ml bottle of spring water.

              • Hazel says:

                Thank you. I will start that today & report back. The nat phos tub says 1 pellet for adult but I take 2-4 is that correct x

                • Hazel says:

                  Hi sir,
                  I have felt much better today then had a snack of lentil chips & few dairy free chocolate buttons. 2 hours later felt a bit sick & took 2 nat phos. Is this correct, i still feel acidy, also apprehensive not taking gaviscon before bed incase it burns me x

                  • Hazel says:

                    I also had some coconut oil as I do this for other benefits – should I stop for a while. Sorry for all questions just very worried & confused x

                  • Joe says:

                    You can increase the dose of Nat Phos 6x to 4 tablets if you feel that they can help you after a meal.
                    Stay away from Chocolate as this is difficult to digest and causes problems with your GERD.
                    Also stop drinking Coconut oil which again is difficult to digest in your present condition.

                    • Hazel says:

                      Ok thanks I will follow your regime & report back in 24 hours. I did wake up with bit of acid but that was probably from the chocolate.
                      Will I have to stop the coconut oil forever? & is it ok to cook with.
                      I also smoke cigarettes, I have quit before & started again – will this affect the remedy? I am going to stop again.
                      Also how long should I not drink alcohol for? I don’t drink much but it’s my partners 40th birthday on the 11th & I’ve arranged a party x

                    • Joe says:

                      I am glad you mentioned about your smoking cigarettes as smoking today is not usual.

                      It is up to you to QUIT smoking if you wish to benefit from my therapy.

                      There is no restriction to drinking alcohol in limited quantities. Not as a compulsive drinker.

                    • Hazel says:

                      Hi sir,

                      Thank you. Will the therapy not work with smoking? I aim to quit on Friday – my partner is away working but back on Thursday & I feel i need the support as I’m well & truly addicted :(.
                      I don’t drink much anyway as have a toddler.
                      I have found today that food is stuck in my oesophagus a lot. I don’t feel very acidy anymore though so the nat phos is helping x

                    • Joe says:

                      Use this therapy first to help you to QUIT smoking:

                      The Remedy you will use to help you to QUIT smoking is

                      Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

                      You will also exercise to sweat it out to help in the recovery process and you must drink at least 3 liters of water.

                      Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

                      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

                      Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
                      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
                      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
                      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
                      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

                      Report results in a week.

                    • Hazel says:

                      Hi sir,

                      Should I stop the nat phos & arnica until Friday? Sorry to bother you x

                    • Joe says:

                      The CURE of your problems lies in your own hands.

                    • Hazel says:

                      Ok thank you. What does it do?
                      Also should I stop existing remedy x

  5. Haze says:

    I have also cut out wheat & dairy to see if this helps. I don’t know if it is x

  6. Santa Ram says:

    I came to know that you have suggested homeo remedies precautionary medicines for many viral epidemics. Your service to the mankind is greatly appreciated by many. Can you suggest a prevent the ZIKA virus which is spreading in Brazil. You might have find a precautionary homeo remedy to prevent this virus. Kindly tell that in this forum to help thosands of people.

    Best Regards
    Santa Ram

    • Joe says:

      I have already alerted various news services that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose which I have used extensively to CURE Dengue and other Viral infections, may also be used as a prophylactic to treat ZIKA for which medical science has no remedy to treat it.

      The ZIKA virus is the same genus as the Dengue virus known as the FLAVIVIRUS and it is of interest that this virus has some affinity to the Brain where in the case of Dengue, Hemorrhagic Fever and Encephalitis can result. This ZIKA virus causes Microcephaly and prevents the brain of the Foetus from developing normally and this unfortunate phenomenon is usually known after the baby is born and does not respond normally.

      Right now, there is no Cure or Prophylactic to treat or prevent the spread of this ZIKA virus by the same mosquito that is responsible for the spread of Dengue fever which is at Epidemic levels in Sri Lanka. I have tried very hard to spread the word that Dengue can be cured and eventually eradicated in Sri Lanka and have been quoted in all the National Dailies as having the CURE for Dengue. I have treated over 1000 patients either directly or indirectly with my remedy which I give in 500ml bottles of medicated water in the “Wet Dose” which is a term I coined 10 years ago and is now accepted internationally as you can see by Googling “Wet Dose”.

      It will be true to state that I have cured over 1000 patients in Sri Lanka, the majority of whom were children, whose parents were fortunate to learn that I have the cure for Dengue, and are always welcome to contact me in office or in my residence for this remarkable cure of Dengue which I give free of charge. It has been found to cure Dengue in about 6 hours when the patient who sometimes is in a coma and is at that last stage on a IV drip and Oxygen, wakes up with the fever and the headache gone. The Platelet count rises by 2500 every hour and the patient always demands water which the body demands but is unfortunately not given in hospitals.

      I have distributed bottles of medicated water to many doctors who have all reported remarkable cures of Dengue patients which some considered as miraculous. They were all unfortunately not permitted to use my therapy by the Sri Lanka Medical Council and the spread and the fatalities of Dengue march on.

      In the case of the ZIKA virus we do not have any reported cases so far in Sri Lanka but it is only a matter of time before this virus will be imported by a visitor to an infected country, and I hope and pray that an antidote will be discovered in the very near future.

      In the meanwhile I would urge that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose is taken by all expectant mothers if and when the ZIKA virus hits Sri Lanka, as there is every chance that it can help to prevent this virus from harming unborn children.

      It must be used to CURE Dengue and is available free of charge from me.

  7. Shaila Eshai says:

    I started on the wet dose 4days ago(arnica 30) and stopped taking amlodopine/valsartsn and Loprin 2 days ago after being on them for 5 days. My BP is swinging between 160/90 and 140/80. Reading this morning was 150/92. I stopped taking crataegus 2 days ago. I am taking Nat. Phos. 6 x as well as my supplements ( Omega 3, Calcium, Lecithin, Evening Primrose and Vitamin B50). I am also taking garlic in the raw form and a combination of Mag. Phos. Nat. Sulph. Kali. Phos. Calc. Fluor. Ferr. Phos. and Silicea( all 6 x). My urine output had decreased when on amlodopine but now I am going more frequently. I am concerned about my unstable BP and when should I expect it to stabilize.
    Thank you

    • Joe says:

      I note that you have consulted many physicians and believe that you may be taking the remedies I have prescribed in addition to those you have been prescribed by them.
      You may like to know that Garlic in the raw form will Antidote ALL homeopathic remedies and if you wish to benefit from my therapy you must STOP antidoting them.

  8. Shaila Eshai says:

    I only consulted a cardiologist when I found my blood pressure to be highly elevated. I am not in favour of taking conventional drugs and have been researching the web for natural and homeopathic remedies. I came across your site while doing so. We only take homeopathic remedies at home through self prescription but for this matter I needed professional advice.I thought that herbal remedies would also help.Is it okay to take the salts that I have mentioned and my health supplements which I have been taking for some years now. I would appreciate your response
    Thank you

  9. Hazel says:

    Hi sir,
    Sorry I didn’t report Back I have been very poorly with a bug.
    I am ok today so will go buy the arnica 6c tomoro.
    To clarify do I stop smoking immediately when taking it? I will report back in a week after guidance.
    Also do I stop nat phos & arnica 30c whilst doing this
    Many thanks x

  10. Ramanuja Rao says:


    I am a patient of Haemophilia aged 64 years. Faced many bleeds in almost all joints. We had no knowledge and used only pain killers. If you permit me I will submit my case sheets etc., for your perusal and help.
    Ramanuja Rao

    • Joe says:

      You have not given me the information which is essential to help you to control your Hemophilia.

      I would like to have your case history and what drugs you were prescribed as I cannot believe that you only used analgesics all these years. How did you stop bleeding when it occurred?
      How did you survive all your 64 years?
      Are you married and with children?
      You must know that your sons will inherit your disease and will suffer like you and willl pass it on while your daughters will only be carriers and will pass it on to their children.

      How did you locate my Website?

      You may copy your reports on my Website tomorrow.

      I have pioneered in the treatment of Hemophilia for over 10 years after I discovered that I had succeeded in ensuring that the major problem associated with this ailment of uncontrollable bleeding could be treated without the standard IV drip of Hemofil or equivalent drug when the patient is bleeding uncontrollably due to an injury with the skin broken. Internal bleeding with the characteristic ‘blue’ marks on the skin which occurs after some injury without the skin breaking which usually occurs in the joints is also rapidly dispersed with the remedies prescribed below.

      Arnica 6c will ensure that the blood does not coagulate after an internal injury which results in a contusion with internal bleeding without the skin breaking.
      This remedy is taken twice daily for life. It is absolutely safe in use.

      Lachesis 200 will stop bleeding in about 15 minutes and can be used on a SOS basis.
      This remedy is taken after a cut or other injury and is taken immediately after an injury and can be taken in 2 hours if the bleeding presists. This remedy is not for daily use.

      You will stop all other medication and drugs as the 2 remedies prescribed above will replace them in a manner that has surprised many parents and patients who have suffered so very unnecessarily.

      Report progress on my website as often as you wish and spread the word about my therapy to help other Hemophiliacs who have been suffering like you up to now.

      All remedies are used in the Wet dose as instructed below:
      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:
      Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.

  11. Visvanathan N says:

    Respected sir,

    HOw r u sir. I am regularly reading your articles and comments by members and your suggestions. Thank you for your appreciable service to the mankind.

    sir My wife is suffering from Blood Pressure and reading is like this:
    Two months back 130/90 and 15 days back 144/90 and for the last one week(alternate days) 140/100, 136/90 & 142/90. As per your suggestions in your article I started to give her remedy Nat.phos 6x thrice after every meal and Nat. Mur-200c wet dose twice a day. But some of your articles shows that you suggested Arnica 30c for Blood pressure. Kindly clarify which of the above remedies should follow to my wife.

    with kind regards,
    Visvanathan N

    • Joe says:

      Glad to note that you have been visiting my Website and “I am regularly reading your articles and comments by members and your suggestions.” I hope that you appreciate that I am not a professionally qualified Homeopath although I have studied this Science some 40 years ago but use it in a non classical manner that yields results instead of following the classical rules blindly which results in the remedies prescribed not helping to cure the patient.

      If you wish to consult me you must first buy a good Digital BP Gauge and you must always take 3 consecutive readings to check your wife’s BP. Youwil will observe that the first will always be the highest reading and the other 2 will be much lower. You will indicate the average of the second and third readings to arrive at the mean BP.

      I prescribe Nat Mur 200c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.
      Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after every meal.
      You and your wife will also take Arnica 30c twice daily in the Wd.

      I must also have the standard data you will give a physician like age, weight and height, age of children and any ailments she suffers from which can cause her Hypertension.

  12. Sara says:

    Dear Joe,
    Thank you so much for helping people all over the globe and promoting the power of homeopathy.

    I am 49 years (Female); 61 inches tall, 65 kgs weight.
    One son 13 years of age.
    I am diagnosed with Microcytic Anemia (Iron Deficiency), Hypertension and Fatty Liver
    Low MCV, MCH and high RDW as per the blood count test (CBC panel); Low Ferritin (4)
    I have been loosing a lot of hair in the last 6 months.
    Symptoms: Fatigue, frequent headaches/migraines, blood pressure range 130/88 (morning); 150/99 through 170/110 (the higher level happens during headaches or dehydration/thirsty); sometimes my feet(left) swells when I sit in the chair for few hours.
    I also observed even when my systolic BP goes down, the diastolic BP does not come down below 88.
    I recently went to the cardiologist and they ruled out any issues with heart (meaning no arterial blocks). My ECG was abnormal with LBBB (left branch bundle block) – meaning there is electrical conduction problem in heart muscle.
    I developed gray hair when I was 20 years (premature)
    Family history of hypertension and diabetes.
    I eat healthy except I am a vegetarian with Carb rich diet (rice based), but eat lot of fruits and vegetables.
    No alcohol or smoking.
    I would like to control my hypertension, and reduce the fatty liver. Please help.

    Also it is hard to get the “dilutions” of the remedies, as you seem to recommend alcoholic dilutions. May I use pellets ? If so, how to use it and dosage please ?
    Are the pellets not effective ?
    Note: I also suspect that my high BP could have been triggered by virus. 4 weeks ago, I had sore throat and swollen lymph node – that night and for the next day I took Euph Perf 200c, Bryonia 30c, Thuja 30c all dry doses for 2 days and my symptoms went away. And 3 days after I had a swollen feet and hence went to the hospital and found I had an abnormal ECG. This is the first time I feel my BP has elevated. Swab COVID test came negative. So my BP could be due to Anemia or Fatty Liver or Viral infection – or a combination – I am speculating.
    Thank you for helping.

    • Joe says:

      You are advised to change your doctor as he appears to be taking you for a vast ride if he is responsible in misleading you with his own definition of Microcytic Anemia as Iron Deficiency

      I note below the correct definition below:
      “Microcytic anemia is a condition in which the body’s tissues and organs do not get enough oxygen. This lack of oxygen can happen because the body does not have enough red blood cells, or because the red blood cells do not contain enough hemoglobin, which is a protein that transports oxygen in the blood.”

      You are advised to visit a Laboratory in a Hospital and ask for a Full Blood Test to be done which you can refer to me in detail. You can then email the result if you instruct the hospital to send their report to you by email.

      I want your Blood Pressure taken by you 3 times consecutively on your own Digital BP Gauge as I wish to be certain that the figures are your own. The reason for my request is because the first pressure reading is always very high and is not your true pressure.

      I shall start you off with Arnica 30c and Nat Phos 6x both of which you can order directly on E Bay as they can supply the Liquid Dilution in Alcohol.

      You will NOT self prescribe as I note that you are already doing so:

      “I had sore throat and swollen lymph node – that night and for the next day I took Euph Perf 200c, Bryonia 30c, Thuja 30c all dry doses ”

      I noticed that you have addressed me by my given name, Joe.
      Here in Sri Lanka where I live, we have a modicum of respect for age.
      I am over 90 and will be 91 in a few weeks.

  13. Rashmi says:

    Respected Dr. Joe De Livera,

    How would you make Nat Mur 200c dilution from liquid.

    I am 73 years old started getting High Blood pressure 2 months ago. Lead avery healthy life and vegetarian. I walk daily, do Prayanam and Yoga every morning. I had my BP elevated to 180/110 in 2017 one morning after attending a party the previous night. My Doctor prescribed Diuretics 1.25 mg.. It controlled it. I started taking Hawthorn liquid after being on Diuretics for 1 year and after few months my BP got normal.

    This time my new doctor does not want me to take Diuretis and put me on Remipril 1.25mg which caused chills and stomach burning and my BP wa still not down. My Doctor is never accesible so I stopped it and wen back on my own onDiuretics. My BP is now fully normal but has reached to 140-145/89 Pulse 70.
    I read your forums and thought of following your remedy of Apis 6c for a short while and Nat Mur 200c both in dilute form.
    Will start on Arnica again.
    Thank you so very much for your help.

    • Joe says:

      I am 93 years in age and retired but still try to help appeals for my Joepathy usually after other therapy has not helped.

      You can use Apis 6 and Nat Mur 200 + Arnica 30, all in the Wet dose. Also add 2 tabs Nat Phos 6x after every meal twice daily.

      Your BP can be considered normal at your age.


  14. Rashmi says:

    Dear Dr De Livera,

    Thanks a million! You are the most wonderful inspiration for us. I pray the best for you.
    I have ordered the medicines and shall get them soon. Will follow your instructions.

    With best regards,

  15. Rashmi Rekha Gupta says:

    Respected DR. De Livera,

    I took Apis 6X for a month and cntd. with Nat Muir 200 + Arnica30c + Nat Phos as prescribed by you – My BP went down to 117/76 and I started getting irregular hear beats, feeling depression also. I have stopped taking Nat Muir and Arnica for the past 6 days.

    Please advise if I can take something to stop irregular heart beats. Shall I continue with Arnica? Thanks a lot. With kindest regards, Rashmi

  16. Aritra Biswas says:

    Dear Sir,
    I visit your site and ABC Homeopathy regularly. I do have some health issues like, hypertension (130/95), skin disease. I’m hesitant to discuss all other issues in the public forum though I write all my symptoms on a word file with picture. May I request you to share me your email address, if possible, to share my symptoms? If you wish not to take up the case, please suggest some medication for Lichen Sclerosis and hypertension.

    I started taking Arnica 30 wet dose from today.


    • Joe says:

      I am over 93 years in age and prefer not to takes any new cases now.

      You can read the many cases I have helped in the past by doing a search on my website.

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