I am copying my response to a visitor who inquired if I can suggest any treatment for the Zika Virus

Santa Ram says:
January 29, 2016 at 12:32 PM (Edit)
I came to know that you have suggested homeo remedies precautionary medicines for many viral epidemics. Your service to the mankind is greatly appreciated by many. Can you suggest a prevent the ZIKA virus which is spreading in Brazil. You might have find a precautionary homeo remedy to prevent this virus. Kindly tell that in this forum to help thosands of people.

Best Regards
Santa Ram

Joe says:
January 29, 2016 at 2:41 PM (Edit)
I have already alerted various news services that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose which I have used extensively to CURE Dengue and other Viral infections, may also be used as a prophylactic to treat ZIKA for which medical science has no remedy to treat it.

The ZIKA virus is the same genus as the Dengue virus known as the FLAVIVIRUS and it is of interest that this virus has some affinity to the Brain where in the case of Dengue, Hemorrhagic Fever and Encephalitis can result. This ZIKA virus causes Microcephaly and prevents the brain of the Foetus from developing normally and this unfortunate phenomenon is usually known after the baby is born and does not respond normally.

Right now, there is no Cure or Prophylactic to treat or prevent the spread of this ZIKA virus by the same mosquito that is responsible for the spread of Dengue fever which is at Epidemic levels in Sri Lanka. I have tried very hard to spread the word that Dengue can be cured and eventually eradicated in Sri Lanka and have been quoted in all the National Dailies as having the CURE for Dengue. I have treated over 1000 patients either directly or indirectly with my remedy which I give in 500ml bottles of medicated water in the “Wet Dose” which is a term I coined 10 years ago and is now accepted internationally as you can see by Googling “Wet Dose”.

It will be true to state that I have cured over 1000 patients in Sri Lanka, the majority of whom were children, whose parents were fortunate to learn that I have the cure for Dengue, and are always welcome to contact me in office or in my residence for this remarkable cure of Dengue which I give free of charge. It has been found to cure Dengue in about 6 hours when the patient who sometimes is in a coma and is at that last stage on a IV drip and Oxygen, wakes up with the fever and the headache gone. The Platelet count rises by 2500 every hour and the patient always demands water which the body demands but is unfortunately not given in hospitals.

I have distributed bottles of medicated water to many doctors who have all reported remarkable cures of Dengue patients which some considered as miraculous. They were all unfortunately not permitted to use my therapy by the Sri Lanka Medical Council and the spread and the fatalities of Dengue march on.

In the case of the ZIKA virus we do not have any reported cases so far in Sri Lanka but it is only a matter of time before this virus will be imported by a visitor to an infected country, and I hope and pray that an antidote will be discovered in the very near future.

In the meanwhile I would urge that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose is taken by all expectant mothers if and when the ZIKA virus hits Sri Lanka, as there is every chance that it can help to prevent this virus from harming unborn children.

It must be used to CURE Dengue and is available free of charge from me.


  1. Homeo Dr.Iftekhat Ahmed says:

    Would u kindly let me know how many drops of Eupatorium 200 to be mixed in 500ml water?

    • Joe says:

      I note from your email IP that you live in Lahore and am glad to note that you are a Homeopath and presume that you have read the Wet dose protocol that I use and prescribe to all who consult me. I am NOT a professional Homeopath but have studied this Science about 40 years ago and am now in the happy position of prescribing for others with my own variation on classical Homeopathy which I first used with the addition of Radar Software. I was disappointed with the results and changed over to my own therapy which CURED the patient very quickly sometimes in a few hours. The classical homeopaths seemed to be surprised at my results which they derisively labelled “Joepathy” and you are invited to do a search on Google under:

      Wet dose
      Joe De Livera

      You may be surprised to read the many thousands of cases I have helped to treat which may give you further proof and courage in following my lead in curing your own patients.

      You may like to know that a fellow countryman Dr Arshad A Saeed (BHMS University Of Peshawar, Postgraduate homeopathy,London), has joined me to help me in treating many cases that I cannot handle as I am now 86 years of age and sometimes I find that the pressure of my business organisation of which I am the CEO does not give me the time to help patients.

      Answering your question I use just 3 drops of the remedy in Alcohol or 6-8 pellets of the dry dose to activate a 500ml bottle of water which must be free of chlorine as this chemical will antidote the remedy instantly. The alcohol is far more effective in comparison to the pellets.

      Feel free to contact me for any further information on my Joepathy.

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