Severe Brain Damage treated and partially cured with “Joepathy” in 2005

I am copying a post on the ABC Homeopathy which will prove the POWER of Homeopathy and may interest Physicians.

Severe Brain Damage treated and partially cured with “Joepathy” in 2005

From Joe De Livera on 2015-07-22
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I came across this case of Rahul who was seriously wounded after a motor accident in 2005 which will interest physicians both Homeopathic and Allopathic.

I succeeded in bringing him back to life with my “Joepathy” in a manner that even surprised me. He is now confined to a wheel chair due to a broken back.

I shall copy the first 2 posts below and further details can be read on the link above

Severe Brain Damage

From Dungi on 2005-10-19
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My friend’s son has been in an accident 2 months ago and was in a coma, he has just come out of it but is severely brain damaged. He can just move his eyes and if moved to another room, his eyes follow. No body movement so far. Any suggestions as he is just 21 years old. His parents are clutching all straws. Please advise if you have any suggestions
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Re: Severe Brain Damage From Joe De Livera on 2005-10-19
I have used Arnica 1M to help an 82 year old man who had lost all motor functions in his extremeties and was condemned to a chair or to his bed. I used this remedy and in 4 months he is now well and enjoys his life.

May I suggest that you use this same remedy on this boy who is suffering from brain damage ?

I cannot guarantee that he will come around but it cannot do any harm and if there is no sign of any improvement in 1 month it may be discarded.

This remedy is best taken in the Water Dose which is made up as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Put in 3 globules or 1 drop if you have the liquid remedy of Arnica 1M.
Twirl the bottle in your hand clockwise and anti clw as this will succuss the water prior to each dose.

Give a teaspoonful twice daily for the first week and report response.

Please discontinue the remedy if the patient shows any negative reaction which I do not anticipate but keep me advised of his progress from time to time.

Do not use other drugs unless on a SOS basis.
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Re: Severe Brain Damage treated and partially cured with “Joepathy” in 2005 From Ali007 on 2016-01-30
Dear Sir,Joe
Thank you for kindness.
I have read numerous cases here which you prescribe them with a high success rate then any others.
This is your WET DOSE protocols which bring relief for thousands of patients accross the glob and thats why i feel very proud that i m working as an assistant to you.
As we working together on your website same here we will prove the efficacy of Wet dose protocols.which 100% efficacious than any other therapy.Thank you
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Re: Severe Brain Damage treated and partially cured with “Joepathy” in 2005 From Joe De Livera on 2016-01-31
I am glad that I have you, a highly qualified Homeopath who has studied this Science of Homeopathy both in Karachi and in London working with my on my Website and and am grateful to you that you have offered to help me on my Website especially with difficult cases which will take too much of my time to resolve.

I hope that both you and I will be instrumental in changing the aversion to the “This for That” therapy that Hahnemann and his followers insisted as being the only therapy to cure a patient. I too tried this classical approach and even got Radar Software established on my Mac with an Emulator program as Radar is based on the PC Platform while I have used a Mac since 1995 starting with the Classic and now use a MacBook Pro Retina. I was surprised to discover that the remedies prescribed by Radar did not work and it was then that I decided to use my own intuition in selecting the remedy which invariably worked with my conversion in 2005 to the Wet dose protocol which I owe to Dr Luc de Schepper who was here in Sri Lanka to help the survivors of our Tsunami with other members of Homeopaths Without Borders who appointed me as their local representative. I was able to work with about 12 Homeopaths from various parts of the world and this experience was for me very valuable as I had not had any clinical experience and used to follow their methodology in prescribing to patients of whom we treated about 200 daily. I was not happy with the remedies that they prescribed and suggested my own therapy which some used while others did not and Luc was of course the first to condemn my therapy which by that time had been derisively labelled “Joepathy” on the ABC forum by a coterie of classical homeopaths who are now mercifully not present anymore and have left me in peace to prescribe my Joepathy which you have seen for yourself does work in a manner that leaves even me speechless and thankful to God that I had been guided to cure many cases that had been under treatment from many classical homeopaths who had all failed to cure the long suffering patient, which I succeeded in doing in a few days, sometimes hours!

I was delighted to discover that Dr Prasanta Banerji who owns and operates their Homeopathic Foundation in Kolkata ( uses the same “This for That” therapy that you and I both use and I hope that we will succeed in persuading other homeopaths on this ABC forum to follow our lead and use it. I have discovered that a few of them already do so although they seem to not use the same protocol of using 3 drops of the Alcohol remedy or 6 pellets of the remedy in the Dry dose that I use and prescribe, as it is after a lot of research and experiment on my part that I arrived at this protocol.

You may like to read the attacks I received from David Kempson alias “Brisbane Homeopath” alias “Evocationer” who used to attack almost every one of my prescriptions at one time and who is not present anymore here on the ABC leaving me in peace to help patients with my Joepathy today.

I am copying a few links to some attacks that followed by David, after I had prescribed the remedy to the patient. I have not opened these links as I just fished them out from the notes I maintained under David’s name on my Address Book now referred to as Contacts on the Mac.

Wet Dose


  1. Ananya25 says:

    Hi Joe ,
    I have insomnia from a year with head ache and dizziness due to low ferritin level. Cannot sleep at night with all vivid dreams . I have gas problem also. Please suggest homeo medicine . I lost lot of hair due to low feeritin levels. I have learned about you Arnica wet dose and started taking Arnica 30c in wet dose for insomnia. Please let me know if its good or not and due I continue.

  2. laxmi says:

    dear Sir , hope all is well with you, our son has schzophania , he is always depressed, and has negative voices in his head all the time, which is very disturbing him we have tried alot of homeopath remedies but none has helped him , we are soo desperate to get help he is on allopathy drugs which has side effects and not helping at all they keep changing different drugs on him

    we humbly ask for your help please
    Thank you for all your work

    sincerly Laxmi

    • Joe says:

      I cannot treat your son as I have not studied Schizophrenia.

      You may consult Dr Joette Calabrese who has more experience than me.

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