21 year old survives a motor accident after severe brain damage.

I am copying a post from the ABC which dates back to 2005 which details the progress of a patient 21 years old who was in a motor accident which I treated with my “Joepathy” which visitors may find interesting, I shall copy the first post which details the case and my first response and if you are interested you may read the whole thread on:


Severe Brain Damage

From Dungi on 2005-10-19
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My friend’s son has been in an accident 2 months ago and was in a coma, he has just come out of it but is severely brain damaged. He can just move his eyes and if moved to another room, his eyes follow. No body movement so far. Any suggestions as he is just 21 years old. His parents are clutching all straws. Please advise if you have any suggestions
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Re: Severe Brain Damage From Joe De Livera on 2005-10-19
I have used Arnica 1M to help an 82 year old man who had lost all motor functions in his extremeties and was condemned to a chair or to his bed. I used this remedy and in 4 months he is now well and enjoys his life.

May I suggest that you use this same remedy on this boy who is suffering from brain damage ?

I cannot guarantee that he will come around but it cannot do any harm and if there is no sign of any improvement in 1 month it may be discarded.

This remedy is best taken in the Water Dose which is made up as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Put in 3 globules or 1 drop if you have the liquid remedy of Arnica 1M.
Twirl the bottle in your hand clockwise and anti clw as this will succuss the water prior to each dose.

Give a teaspoonful twice daily for the first week and report response.

Please discontinue the remedy if the patient shows any negative reaction which I do not anticipate but keep me advised of his progress from time to time.

Do not use other drugs unless on a SOS basis.

This is the last response from Dungi:

Re: Severe Brain Damage From Dungi on 2006-03-17
Hi Joe,
Rahul has been discharged from the rehab clinic and is at home, but recovery is very very slow, he still cannot hold his head up but can speak, his right hand moves a bit but no movement to his left side. He is still undergoing a lot of physiotherapy, but no further progress till date.
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Re: Severe Brain Damage From Joe De Livera on 2006-03-17
I was very happy to learn that Rahul is back at home and is recovering slowly.

I hope that you are keeping him on Arnica and I would like you to give him the 30c potency in the liquid dose, a teaspoonful 3 times daily.


  1. N Visvanathan says:


    This is from N Visvanathan, Tamil nadu India. One of my relative women aged 64 years, having BP & Diabetic for more than 20 years and undergone By-pass surgery for his heart. Now she is in coma at the hospital for the last 20 days. Doctors’ opinion is because of Low Sugar, her brain cells were damaged and it may take time to cure. At the time of admission, her sugar level was 33. One week after admission, she was opened her eyes and could not identify the relatives. Kindly suggest any homeopathy medicines for her survival.

    N Visvanathan

    • Joe says:

      I regret that I cannot help your patient as she seems to be in a critical condition which can only be treated by the many drugs that she is being given today.

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