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How “Joepathy” cured a case of Acidosis in a patient.

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I felt that I should devote an article to this case which I would recommend anyone interested to read to learn how Homeopathic Remedies when used in the manner that I do, aka  “Joepathy” can work in some miraculous manner to CURE a patient of Acidosis which resulted in a very high level of Blood Sugar.
I checked back on my Website on your Mother’s case of Chronic Diabetes which occurred quite suddenly which many doctors whom you consulted could not understand and cure which I was successful in curing. I hope that she is OK today after you first consulted me in 2016 and must admit that even today at my advanced age of 92, I am agreeably surprised at the outcome of her case. 

I am copying below the many posts that both you and I have made on my Website in 2016 as it may interest Homeopaths and perhaps even Allopathic physicians who may like to know that  it is the combination of both Allopathic Medicine and Homeopathy that will eventually prevail and SAVE the world from annihilation today from the current Corona/Covid Virus Pandemic, simply because they are suspicious of this Science of Homeopathy which is older that Modern Medicine and works in a manner that is illogical because it uses Nano levels of Remedies, unlike increasing the dose, like in your mother’s case, when the doctors increased the dosage of anti diabetic drugs which could have killed her.

• Ruchi Jain says:
June 29, 2016 at 2:39 PM   (Edit)
Dear Sir,

On 14.5.2016 my mother was admitted to ICU for severe acidosis and sugar level beyond readable capacity of glucometer. As on date also, she is hospitalised and the doctors have not been able to bring down the sugar level to normal. Today morning sugar level (at 6.00 am before eating anything was 311). Sugar level on few other days were : date morning midday evening
21-6-2016 273 280 381
22-6-2016 320 221 279
24-6-16 328 210 161 (359 at 3 am)
25-6-16 300 190
26-6-16 217 291 221
27-6-16 305 260 314

Yesterday, When doctors tried to shift her from insulin to tablets of Armoyl and Glycomet, the sugar level shot up to 415.
She is being given 18-18-20ml of insulin (Actrapit). Please help urgently.

• Joe says:
June 29, 2016 at 2:50 PM   (Edit)
You have not given me any details of your mother’s Diabetes except for the record of her current position in hospital.

I would like to have information of her age, and for how long she has suffered from Diabetes and what treatment she received from her doctors with reports of their diagnosis.

In the meanwhile you can give her a teaspoonful of Arnica 6c in the Wet dose every 3 hours made as follows.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol / Alcohol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.

I have just read your report of her ACIDOSIS which I did not notice up to now.
Can you give me more data on this problem which is rare with the doctor’s diagnosis and the drugs prescribed.
She will continue to take all the drugs prescribed by her doctors and you will report her response to me in 24 hours when I expect to have some news of a lower BS level after the Arnica takes effect.

• Ruchi Jain says:
June 29, 2016 at 4:15 PM   (Edit)
Dear Sir,

My mother has no earlier history of diabetes.Till the day she was hospitalised we never knew about it nor did any doctor suggested that we get her checked for sugar. She was not feeling like eating for last 15-20 days and had urge for chilled water. She was losing weight at a great speed. Worried I took her to hospital for glucose drips, where she collapsed, losing all sense of directions and questions and fell unconcious. The doctor immediately admitted her to icu for severe acidosis. I have photographs of doctors treatment so far – 76 pages. Please guide on how I should send them to you- as there is no provision to submit them here.

I appreciate your prompt response Sir. I will start Arnica 6 c immediately.

With Regards and appreciation
Ruchi Jain

• Joe says:
June 29, 2016 at 6:21 PM   (Edit)
I cannot possibly read 76 pages of data from her doctors as I just do not have the time to do so. I am 86 years old and am not a professional Homeopath as Homeopathy to me is only a Hobby which I have used and prescribed to suffering humanity with some success as although I first studied it 40 years ago, I discovered that classical homeopathy was not as effective as my “Joepathy” (Google) to cure the suffering patient. I shall however welcome an abridged version of the treatment and the drugs used which I would like to study to map out the therapy her doctors are using to help her.

I responded in a few minutes as I realized that your post needed an immediate response from me.

I prescribe Nat Phos 6x extensively to help GERD or Hyperacidity in the stomach and it does so very effectively. Your mother suffers from Acidosis which is defined:

“Acidosis is an increased acidity in the blood and other body tissue (i.e. an increased hydrogen ion concentration). If not further qualified, it usually refers to acidity of the blood plasma.”

I have never encountered it in the past but I cannot help wondering if it can help her Acidosis. I shall copy below the notes of Dr Scheussler about 150 years ago on Nat Phos 6x and shall leave it to you and perhaps your doctors to evaluate it as a possible remedy for her Acidosis.

All I can state is that it is an incredible remedy (Not a Drug) which works in some wondrous way to CURE excess acid in the stomach. I hope and pray that it can help your mother.

Natrium Phosphoricum
Notes by Dr Schuessler

Sodium and Phosphate ions are to be found in our body in the muscle, nerve and brain cells, in the blood corpuscles and in the tissue fluids. According to Dr Schuessler, Nat Phos splits the lactic acid, which is produced by the work of muscles into carbonic acid and water. The carbonic acid is absorbed by the sodium phosphate and brought to the lungs where it is eliminated in the process of breathing. If sodium phosphate is lacking, there results an excess of lactic acid and consequently a sour taste, heart burn, sour stools, vomiting of sour, caseous matter, particularly in babies who are overfed with sugar and milk. If lactic acid reaches the lymphatic glands, the albumin of the lymph glands coagulates and the gland begins to swell. In the initial stages of swelling of the lymphatic glands therefore, Nat Phos has a healing effect because it can split lactic acid. Nat Phos further assures that the uric acid of the blood which is formed by the splitting up of the albuminous substance is kept in solution and secreted by the kidneys. Should this not be the case, uric acid will be deposited in the joints. The sequels are Rheumatism. Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago. In the Gall, Nat Phos saponifies the fatty acids which have been consumed with the food. It is hence indicated against digestive disturbances resulting from excessive consumption of fat.
Re: question for joe re: gerd remedy
From Joe De Livera [Log on to view profile] on 2006-07-16

I am almost embarrassed by the reports in the posts above on the successful outcome of cases of GERD which I treated with my default remedies Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30. I have always maintained that I am not a qualified homeopath but I do have the dedication to this science which has given me the opportunity of using many remedies for ailments that are not listed in the classical texts as a result of which I have been marked as one who rocks the homeopathic boat and is perhaps the reason for the wide spread criticism that I often encounter even on this forum by some pseudo classical types.

I felt that I should take this opportunity of once again projecting my viewpoint on the use of the Non classical approach towards healing which I am aware is held in utter scorn by the classical school of homeopaths who would never even dream of using simple remedies in the manner that I do to heal patients who usually come to Homeopathy as a last resort when after years of being under treatment from gastric specialists who would delight in prescribing various drugs that are used in medicine for GERD like Nexium, Prilosec, Tagamet, and Zantac to name only a few, all of which are expensive and are H2 blockers and operate by reducing the flow of acid in the stomach. They use these drugs when it is discovered that the patient does not react to the OTC drugs bases on Aluminium Hydroxide which were popular up to about a decade ago which operate by neutralizing the acidity in the stomach. All these powerful drugs serve only as palliatives and can by no means be considered as a cure of GERD in any form. They also have known side effects which are too numerous to list here. They all are only palliatives and members would have read on this and other threads how many patients have suffered for years, even up to 45 years with GERD, only to experience the blessed relief that my treatment of this seemingly chronic disease which sometimes ends in cancer, when in a few weeks on Nat Phos and Arnica they are able to return to normal health which is the right of every human being.

It is a matter of concern to me personally to note the reaction of the classical homeopathic fraternity to the methodology I use to treat ailments. I have no quarrel with them but I do resent their continued attacks on other forums which I have stopped visiting as I spent too much time in defending my position of treating the disease instead of virtually going round the bush and using the ‘constitutional remedy’ approach to solve a problem which I have proved is not at all necessary to cure a disease like GERD or others that I specialize in and which members of this forum may be aware of.

I do not rule out the use of the classical approach to cure but I feel that it is time that the classical homeopathic fraternity wakes up and condescends to use methods similar to my own which is to treat the disease, after taking into account the various factors that cause it, if it is considered pertinent to the diagnosis. The point that I wish to convey is that if a certain remedy has been proved to help a patient who suffers from GERD there is no possible excuse that can be made by the homeopath to use other remedies purported to be the classically sanctioned remedy merely because they are listed in the Homeopathic texts. Medicine and Homeopathy are progressing forward daily and with it new discoveries are made in both sciences. I believe that it would be foolish for the respective science to not use a drug or remedy merely because it is not officially sanctioned and permitted to be used if it has been discovered to also help the ailment being treated.

I can think of another serendipitous discovery on my part of using Arnica for the control of Diabetes. I had given this remedy to a Type I Diabetic to help cure his non healing wound and he discovered that his blood sugar level had dropped in a remarkable manner that he had not experienced ever before. Arnica is now being used by many homeopaths both here in Sri Lanka and in India and I presume in other parts of the world after I first announced my discovery on the Internet.

I do hope that others too will follow my example and not hesitate to use a remedy in the manner that I have done and if they too discover a response to a remedy that is not listed, I hope that they too will share their discovery with others on forums such as these.

I believe that this will help the forward march of this precious science into the future.


Natrum phos (sodium phosphate)

As defined in Scheussler’s Biochemistry, this cell salt’s primary role in the body is to decompose acids. Thus its remedy, Nat phos, offers an extremely safe way to treat a range of acid-related conditions in all ages and stages of life. 

The sodium phosphate in our digestive tracts breaks down stomach acids and regulates bile. When overwhelmed by fatty, bitter or sugar-filled foods and beverages, including alcohol, the body cannot make enough sodium phosphate to handle all the stomach acids needed for digestion. As a result, we get acid symptoms like heartburn, diarrhea, gas, sour belching and a yellow coating on the back of the tongue. In babies, Nat phos is a very natural gentle way to relieve colic, sour vomiting and sour smelling green diarrhea. In children, Nat phos can ease the crash and headaches of sugar highs. As a safe source for heartburn relief during pregnancy, Nat phos is irreplaceable. Top of the head headaches and sick headaches with sour vomiting find relief in it whether due to morning sickness, dietary excesses or illness. 

The sodium phosphate in our muscles keeps them limber and gliding smoothly. When exercise or shock deprives muscles of oxygen, they fill with lactic acid, cramp and stiffen until sodium phosphate breaks down the acids. Thus Nat phos can save hours of discomfort after workouts, weight-lifting or accidents.

Sodium phosphate is also critical in our joints, to keep them free of acidic deposits. Thus the remedy supports balancing relief for stiff or inflamed joints.

When ignored, acidity leads to sick headaches, fatigue, sluggish sour digestion, stiff musculoskeletal symptoms and head colds with yellow mucus and a painful cough. In any of these circumstances, the cell salt remedy Natrum phos, can help the body find its natural balance of sodium phosphate and acidity.

The need for Nat phos’ help is most marked by two typical symptoms of acid buildup and resulting congestion: sourness, sour belching, vomiting, sour smelling perspiration; and yellowness, yellow mucus, a yellow coating on the back of the tongue, and yellow skin issues. Nat phos symptoms usually worsen after eating bitter or fatty foods and from mental exertion. Those most in need grow fearful at night and suffer nervous fatigue, indifference and mental dullness.

Breaking down stomach acids, lactic acids and acidic deposits is the specialty of this cell salt and its source nutrient. In digestion, it offers balancing relief when fatty or sugary foods lead to sugar highs, heartburn, gas or diarrhea. If muscles and joints cramp and stiffen after shock or exercise, it helps break down lactic acid and relieve pain. It relieves a range of other acidity induced symptoms including: sick headaches, sluggish sour digestion, stiff joints, fatigue and indifference, especially if tongue has a yellow coating.

• Ruchi Jain says:
June 29, 2016 at 7:46 PM   (Edit)
Dear Sir,

I am one of your earlier patients who has benefited from “Joepathy” in GERD, after suffering for years with the problem.I keep Nat Phos 6x with me all the time and still use it on SOS basis. I have great faith in you. I will follow your advice and start Nat Phos 6x also along with Arnica 6.

Is Arnica 6 and 6 c same? I could get Arnica 6 here. I have give her the first dose. Reading before the dose was 222, doctors have increased insulin to 25 ml. I will report the BS level after 24 hrs as per your instructions.

With Regards and Appreciation,
Ruchi Jain

• Joe says:
June 29, 2016 at 9:37 PM   (Edit)
Good to hear from an ex patient.

Glad to learn that you are willing to experiment with Nat Pho 6x for your mother. 

I do not envisage any negative after effect as it is not a drug and you are a witness to its almost miraculous effect.

Arnica 6 = 6c.

My theory is that it is her Acidosis which is the root cause of her Diabetes.
If I am proved correct it will be another first for Joepathy.

• Ruchi Jain says:
June 30, 2016 at 7:31 PM   (Edit)
Dear Sir,

With great relief, I report that one last dose is left for Arnica 6c, as per the 24 hrs schedule set. The sugar level has come down to 120, before eating as at 7.00 pm. Insulin has been reduced to 12ml from 25 ml. Nat Phos 6x one dose has been taken. Ketone was positive as per urine test today morning.

I await further instructions.

With Regards and appreciation,
Ruchi Jain

• Joe says:
June 30, 2016 at 9:56 PM   (Edit)
Glad to note that my therapy has helped you and you will continue the dose of Arnica 6c taken twice daily for LIFE .

Report progress from time to time to enable me to advise you when necessary.

• Ruchi Jain says:
July 1, 2016 at 6:48 AM   (Edit)
Dear Sir, 

Sugar level increased to 219 today morning as at 6.45 am.

With Regards,

• Joe says:
July 1, 2016 at 10:12 AM   (Edit)
Please list ALL the drugs and the Homeopathic remedies that were given to her during the past 24 hours.

You will understand that her case is very difficult to diagnose and to prescribe for but I shall try to help her with a few more remedies which you will give her in the Wet Dose. You will continue with the Nat Phos and Arnica as prescribed and after I receive your reply I shall indicate the next remedy to be added to her current treatment.

• Ruchi Jain says:
July 5, 2016 at 8:21 PM   (Edit)
Dear Sir,
I have mailed the summary of diagnosis and treatment given by the doctors and the medicines prescribed. My mother was discharged from the hospital on Saturday evening.

I am giving her Arnica 6c in the morning and at night before sleeping and Nat Phos 6x thrice after meals. 

Within 6 days of giving the medicines as adviced by you, the sugar level has dropped to 106, as at 7.00 pm today, and INSULIN INJECTIONS HAVE BEEN STOPPED COMPLETELY SINCE YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. I truly believe that this is the result of medicines advised by you.

Please advice further course of action.

With Lots and Lots of Thanks and Regards,
Ruchi Jain

• Joe says:
July 6, 2016 at 7:12 PM   (Edit)
Thank you for informing me that your mother was discharged from hospital last Saturday and that “Within 6 days of giving the medicines as adviced by you, the sugar level has dropped to 106, as at 7.00 pm today, and INSULIN INJECTIONS HAVE BEEN STOPPED COMPLETELY SINCE YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. I truly believe that this is the result of medicines advised by you.”

I am deeply touched by your statement:
“I truly believe that this is the result of medicines advised by you.”

I have to inform you that although I have helped many patients who presented Diabetes with my default therapy which I discovered in 2005, this is the first time that I have succeeded in using it for a case like your mother who was quite normal till she suddenly presented Acidosis and Type I Diabetes with a Blood Sugar level of 381 for some reason unknown and which I believe was triggered by a serious malfunction of her Pancreas which stopped functioning.

You also reported:
“Yesterday, When doctors tried to shift her from insulin to tablets of Armoyl and Glycomet, the sugar level shot up to 415.
She is being given 18-18-20ml of insulin (Actrapit). Please help urgently.”

It is very likely that my Joepathy will continue to help her and she will continue to take the same Arnica 6c but just twice daily for some time in the future.
She will also take Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after every meal thrice daily.
It is important that you report her progress at least weekly or more often if necessary.

I have not received the summary of diagnosis and treatment given by the doctors and the medicines prescribed. 

Please send them by email to the address below:

• Ruchi Jain says:
July 27, 2016 at 2:26 PM   (Edit)
Dear Sir,

My mother was being given the following medicines:

Galvus 50 mg twice daily
Glycomet 500 mg thrice daily.

I am glad to report that now, the same has been REDUCED to Galvus 50 mg once daily and Glycomet 500 mg Twice Daily. Her sugar levels are between 88-135. 

She is taking Nat Phos 6x 2 tablets twice daily and Arnica 6C twice daily. Please advice in case any change has to be made in the above.

After July end, this link will be removed. To report further progress should I start a new link in August ?

With Regards and Appreciation,
Ruchi Jain


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A Preemie at 38 weeks weighing 9.5 lbs drops down to 7.8 lbs at 17 weeks and diagnosed as Baby GERD. Prescribed Omeprazole and solids which made condition infinitely worse. Rescued in 5 days.

By Joe April 8th, 2021, under Uncategorized

Thank you for your detailed report of your baby’s progress since taking Nat Phos 6x which I prescribed for him. 
I shall copy your post on that date to contrast it with his response today, a few days after treatment with my “Joepathy” (Google).
I would like to inform you that I am over 91 years in age am retired from my official duties as the CEO in my Business organization which is now headed by the youngest of my 3 sons. I am devoting my time in helping all who seek my assistance including babies like yours who contact me on this my Website. 
I shall post this case separately on my Website.

2021/03/27 at 4:25 am
“My 17 week old soon suffers from acid reflux. I’m currently exclusively breastfeeding and plan to introduce solids in the form of oats porridge to him in a couple of weeks. He has been taking omeprazole for the past 8 weeks and although it helps, as he gains weight it stops working and the doctors have to further increase dosage for it to work again. I would prefer he was not on this medication at all.He was born at 38 weeks via emergency c-section. He weighed 9.5 pounds at birth and symptoms started surfacing at 4 weeks.
He now weighs circa 7.8kg at 17 weeks (he’s a big baby). He feeds well although sometimes I find it’s for comfort. May you please advice me on how I can help him thank you.”
Just wanted to say thank you so much for you help and to keep you posted on our progress. I believe someone may find this useful in time to come. Please advice on how I and when I should start reducing the Nat Phos all things remaining equal. Really appreciate your help. I have had a completely happy and different child for the past few weeks.

24 hours: 

First 6 feeds fine 

Minimal spit up with first 6 in fact little to no vomiting 

Was squirming in discomfort, arching back about 3/4 times in the day and crying but would stop 

Difficult to put down to sleep, kept squirming. 

Vomited his nighttime feed early hours of the morning . Difficult to put to bed, kept squirming and writhing in pain. No crying though 

Day 2: 

Woke up happy and was generally ok through the day

Burping and passing wind which smells sometimes.
Cat napped in the day, was woken up by wind and flatulence. 

Was a bit fussy in the evening. Took a while to put to sleep. Kept writhing as if in pain. 

Caught him gulping several times. It didn’t seem to bother him too much. Also vomited a couple of times which didn’t seem to bother him 

After night feed, seemed less distressed. Fell asleep in a third of the time. First time in four nights he’s gone down so quick. Less squirming and writhing too. 

Day 3:
Woke up pretty happy. Put him on his back and he seemed comfortable.

Still gulping vomit sometimes when I put him on his back for happy change. I’m assuming that’s because he’s come off gaviscon which was making his stomach contents thicker. 

Still farting quite a bit. Has very very smelly farts. Have given him some probiotics. Hoping he will nap better today. 

In general, he seems a much happier baby with the odd irritation here and there.

Irritation reduced after he had a very very smelly poo

Was so much easier to put to bed tonight. Slept during feed 

Struggled to sleep after night feed. Was awake almost an hour but slept very well thereafter 

Day 4: woke up very cheerful. Put him on his back and no signs of discomfort 

Two cat naps in the afternoon then a gd long one. 

Seemed agitated towards end of day

Night feed went well. Wouldn’t settle after and didn’t go back to sleep. Was awake for over an hour and a half . Had to give another feed

Day 5 – 9:
The happiest I have ever seen him. We have gone through several developmental milestones this week from rolling to being able to grab his toys and giggling. 

Still passing smelly farts. Pooh’s on day 8 after 5 days. 

Poo less smelly than the first. 

I think he may be teething 

Day 10:
Drooling and agitated today. Keeps rubbing his nose and eyes. Has cried several times. Not sure if it’s teething related or reflux.
I’m sure the reflux has gone away so will continue to monitor.
You can now taper out the Nat Phos therapy and virtually play it by ear.
Feel free to consult me which I shall do as long as I am still around.

You can now taper out the Nat Phos therapy and virtually play it by ear.

Feel free to consult me when I shall be glad to help as long as I am still aroun