Arnica in the Wet dose

I came across this exchange of views between me and the late David Kempson (Brisbane Homeopath / Evocationer) 5 years ago on the link below which may interest visitors to my Website.

arnica in wet dose

From john29 on 2012-04-02
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This post is for Dr Uday Kumar and Do Joe Delivera

Arnica, the miracle remedy is an eye opener.You both are extremely knowledgeable on Arnica. Hence, you only could throw light or clarify on some of the adverse and restrictive opinions(on medicinenet, buzzle, webmd) as to arnica usage. For example, how long it could be used, side effects and interactions with drugs, for normal people and people with diseased conditions et al.

tks -john29

Re: arnica in wet dose From simone717 on 2012-04-03
google Joepathy and read Joe’s website-
( btw he is not a Dr.) he has been
taking arnica himself for like 20 years-
you can email him questions on his site
and decide for yourself.

have not seen Kumar on forum in a long

Re: arnica in wet dose From brisbanehomoeopath on 2012-04-03
Arnica is just one of the 5000+ homoeopathic medicines that each perform various miracles every day in the hands of skilled practitioners. As with every homoeopathic (or potentized) medicine there will be side effects if it is used inappropriately.

Inappropriate use of a medicine like Arnica would be:

1. Taking the medicine for long periods of time without regular assessment.

2. Taking the medicine when it is not indicated by virtue of its symptoms in our materia medica (matching the remedy specifically to your situation).

3. Taking the medicine alongside other homoeopathic medicines.

4. Taking the medicine simply for the name of the condition rather than looking at the individual symptoms the patient has.

5. Taking the medicine only for one complaint you have rather than matching it to the whole picture of your health.

As with all homoeopathic medicines, the guidelines for safe use are:

1. Only use the medicine when the entire case calls for it.

2. Only use enough of the medicine to create marked positive change and then stop.

3. Repeat the remedy only when there is relapse, or the condition appears to be ‘stuck’ (not changing any further).

4. Stop the remedy if any new symptoms appear, as this is a very serious and dangerous situation (suppression). Suppression can actually cause serious even permanent harm.

5. Stop the remedy if the symptoms you have get worse, and wait for them to get better. If they do not get better it is likely the remedy is the wrong one or is being given in the wrong potency.

6. Always take a medicine in water, rather than as straight pillules. This is called Split Dosing and was suggested by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann the inventor of homoeopathy, over 200 years ago.

7. Move up in potency if the remedy appears to be somewhat effective, but does not change enough of the symptoms.

8. Move down in potency if the medicine reduces many important symptoms (mentals, emotionals) but seems less effective on the physicals.

9. Finally, if the medicine clearly is not working after around 1-2 weeks of observing, then change to a new remedy. Whichever remedy you are using is likely to be the wrong one.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
Dip.Hom.Med. 1994
Registered ATMS 5141
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Re: arnica in wet dose From john29 on 2012-04-03
thanks, Doc Kempson.
Since these two gentlemen are strong advocates for Arnica and exhibit intensive knowledge, the intent is to get to know their take on adverse comments on sites we trust. If Arnica is so good and useful, then let people know about and be benefited. Otherwise, caution is the watchword.


Re: arnica in wet dose From Joe De Livera on 2012-04-03

You do not seem to have noticed that this post is addressed to me and Udaya Kumar by the poster John29 who has also reminded you of his original intention in addressing it to us.

Both Udaya and I are senior members of the Homeopathy and More which I helped to establish about 8 years ago and which I visit almost daily today. Udaya does not however visit the ABC today. Both of us have done considerable original research on Arnica which may seem to differ from your own concept of how Arnica can help in CURING ailments and diseases not listed in the classical Homepathic text books that you have used in college. You must understand and accept that since those days, there has been considerable progress in the world of Homeopathy and it just will not do to refuse to accept any new concept merely because you were not taught these new developments in any classical text.

This is the reason why I have collated my findings on Arnica and other Homeopathic remedies on my own website to enable those who do not accept the ‘Joepathy’ approach towards healing with the use of standard Homeopathic remedies like you, to be informed by the patients themselves who have been cured by me, that there is indeed sufficient proof of success to use my direct ‘this for that’ approach towards healing.

As you are aware, I do not subscribe to the classical Homeopathic diktat of ‘treating the totality of the symptoms presented by the patient with a SINGLE remedy’ in common with qualified Homeopaths like the doctors Banerji who use their own Banerji protocol to treat over 1500 patients daily free of charge. I noticed in the recent past that you have cast some aspersions on the efficacy of their therapy but you did not proceed to prove your statement, like many others you only talk about sometimes in a manner that seems to imply that you are the sole authority and arbiter of this precious science Homeopathy.

I am well aware of your views on the use of Homeopathic remedies and I am proud to state that although I may not have the qualifications you boast of and which you assume gives you the lien to pontificate on this science of Homeopathy which you liken to your own domain, it seems obvious to me and other members of the ABC that I have a higher ratio of CURES of ailments that I treat than those that you can boast of.

I do not pontificate as you have done again in your post on this thread where you trot out your pet theories on Homeopathy. I have disproved the majority of your claims and have sufficient evidence to prove that my Joepathy works in some mysterious manner that you cannot match with your own take on classical homeopathy.

I consider myself a living example of the advantage to be derived by using Arnica 30 nightly, as I have done continuously since 1996. I must confirm for the purpose of record that I am not the only one who has derived some distinct advantage from using Arnica as my own Blood profile is exemplary and this is reflected in my demeanour which belies my age of 83 years. Many of my patients who have also used Arnica in the manner that I do have also confirmed that they too have turned over a new page in their lives after they started on my Joepathy. It was only yesterday that a patient brought his reports on his Blood Lipid Profile which he was surprised to find was quite normal although just 2 months ago he was having Angina due to high Cholesterol for which he was taking a multitude of tablets including the TNT to lower his Cholesterol and Triglycerides, all of which he had stopped shortly after he started on my therapy.

You cannot possibly maintain that it is only the classical homeopathic therapy (as prescribed by you) that can CURE the patient as I have some outstanding cases of CURES like Robert Ray who was a victim of 3 strokes in 2002 of which you are aware of, and which you cannot possibly equate.

In this case too you simply refuse to accept that Robert was CURED of the after effects of his 3 strokes even after he confirmed himself that he was back in harness and drawing $125000 annually as a consultant in computers.


Robert Ray was CURED from the after effects of 3 Strokes he suffered from 2002 to 2010

Re: arnica in wet dose From john29 on 2012-04-05

Glad to note u are there on the forum. Please do revert for everyone’s benefit with your comments on what I asked for. I am sure your views would carry weight on arnica.


Re: arnica in wet dose From Joe De Livera on 2012-04-05
John 29

My apologies that I did not reply to your query on Arnica in the Wet dose in your first post on this thread. My attention was diverted to reply to the inane rejoinder which David Kempson who claims that he is a classical homeopath, made in his usually snide fashion to my post and I overlooked replying to your question:

‘how long it could be used, side effects and interactions with drugs, for normal people and people with diseased conditions et al.’

I first discovered the beneficial effects of Arnica 30 on myself way back in 1996 as it was then that I first started to take Arnica on a daily basis. At first it was in the standard dry pellets but after 2005 I used Arnica in what I termed the ‘Wet dose’ which term has been firmly established in Homeopathic circles. I was not aware that Google has listed the term Wet dose that I coined in collaboration with Dr Luc de Schepper who was visiting Sri Lanka after our Tsunami in 2005 and you can read more about it by doing a search under ‘Wet dose’ on this ABC forum and also on Google where you will find many thousands of hits under ‘Wet Dose’

I note that David has referred to the Split dose that Hahnemann used 200 years ago:
‘6. Always take a medicine in water, rather than as straight pillules. This is called Split Dosing and was suggested by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann the inventor of homoeopathy, over 200 years ago. ‘

It is a matter of interest that even today, I have not seen David prescribing the Split dose nor the Wet dose for any remedy that he prescribes to a patient, as he is governed by the information that he was brainwashed into believing, in this case the Split dose, which too he does not prescribe although it originated with Hahnemann as confirmed by him.

Luc and I did some research on this Split dose which is not the equivalent of the WET DOSE which Hahnemann used for some time as stated by David. There is no reference to the Wet dose which is the dose taken straight from the bottle which Hahnemann did not advocate for some reason which we could not fathom. It was then that I suggested that I term the non diluted dose as the Wet dose with Luc’s agreement.

I have since that time taken a capful or 5ml of Arnica nightly and now count over 16 years of unbroken use of Arnica and I believe I now have sufficient evidence from my personal experience to catergorically state that it has helped me in a manner that no other drug or remedy could possibly have done. I am living evidence that it has indeed done so. I quote from from my own experience and also from the reports of other patients who are following my example and are using my same therapy and have reported that they too have discovered that Arnica does in fact perform Miracles of Healing which other remedies or drugs cannot emulate.

It is interesting to note that others, including this classical homeopath, can only pontificate from what they have been brainwashed into believing during their studies in college where the standard instructions are never to take any remedy unless it has been prescribed by a ‘classical’ homeopath using the standard classical questionnaire which takes at least a good hour to conduct and which I consider is a lot of rubbish. David has
given his own belabored explanation on the ‘danger’ of using my Joepathy but I have disproved all his warnings and his insistence on the patient to only follow the accepted norms of classical homeopathy which I have proved time and time again, do not work to HEAL the patient. To my mind they constitute the license for the classical homeopath to ensure that the poor suffering patient is compelled to return time and time again for that next consultation which thereby guarantees the revenue to the classical prescriber.

I would like to place on record that I am not the only Homeopath to use this direct ‘this for that’ form of therapy as the doctors Banerji of the Banerji Homeopathic Foundation also follow the same Joepathy therapy which they have spelt out in their website:

If you are seriously interested to study how very effective my Joepathy has been in relation to the use of Arnica on a daily basis, you are invited to visit the link below on my website entitled ‘Arnica the Miracle Remedy’ on:


I can reassure you and all who read this post that I am very well and kicking at my advanced age of 83 years and I am convinced that I owe my state of wellness first to God in whom I have an abiding trust, and to Arnica.

If, as I request, you study the information that I have collated in the link above on Arnica you will realize what a wonderful remedy it is which I would recommend that anyone who is over 40 years uses nightly like me if s/he desires to avoid ailments like heart attacks and strokes which are all due to the build up of cholesterol and other debris in the blood and deposits in the arterial system and can cause serious problems later in life.

You might also like to read the incredible account of Robert Ray who was affected by 3 strokes in 2002 which left him first a paraplegic and whom I restored to normal health after I took his case in 2010.

Robert Ray was CURED from the after effects of 3 Strokes he suffered from 2002 to 2010

I hope that I have given you sufficient food for thought and have answered your questions. Please feel free to address any more questions on Arnica if you would like to have my thoughts on them.

Re: arnica in wet dose From Joe De Livera on 2012-04-06

Have you noticed that this thread ‘Arnica in the Wet dose’ is missing from the day’s list of posts?

I had the link to this post where I had made some significant submissions of which I have copies and I would like to know if and when you read this post if you too do not see it in today’s list.


Re: arnica in wet dose From Joe De Livera on 2012-04-06
I have also discovered that page 2 of this thread is missing.

Re: arnica in wet dose From rubee38 on 2017-02-28
what is a wet dose?

Re: arnica in wet dose From simone717 on 2017-02-28
Google, “instructions for turning pills into liquid remedies”

HomeopathyPlus website
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  1. enilno123 says:

    Dear Joe,

    I first want to thank you for keeping this website and providing such great help to those who seek better health.

    I’ve read a lot of your posts regarding arnica for acne. I am 52 years old and have off and on bouts w/ cystic acne. I have breakouts maybe 3-4 times/year which last for about 2-weeks. The cystic acne is very slow to heal and leaves behind scars that take months to go away. My forehead is the primary area of breakout, and also some on both sides of my nose and nose itself. I don’t receive much on the bottom half of my face.

    I plan to order the wet dose acne. I found a site that provides the 87% alcahol 6c. In the meantime I had heard good things about Boiron Arnicare gel for acne. I thought it would be good if I just went to the local store to pick some up so I could start w/ arnica before the wet dose arrive. I applied it overnight and found immediate improvement in cystic acne that was otherwise very slow responding to conventional remedies.

    The arnicare is 1x and is in gel form. Is it ok to continue applying this while waiting for the wet dose to arrive?

    Also, I’m taking vitamin K w/ Natto which is a natural blood thinner. Since Arnica has blood thinning effects, should I go off the Natto while taking Arnica internally?

    Thanks so much,


    • Joe says:

      I noticed that you have addressed me by my given name, Joe.

      I fail to understand how you, a complete stranger can address a senior physician by name especially since you are consulting me for some ailment you suffer from.

      I have to inform you that I do not permit being addressed by name on my website, as the least I can expect from you is that you show some respect in doing so.

      Here in Sri Lanka where I live, we have a modicum of respect for age.
      I am 87.

    • Joe says:

      You are correct that I did not wish to assume a “doctor” status but I ceased to visit and prescribe on all Homeopathic Forums on all of which the harsh criticism I encountered made it necessary to establish my own Website in 2005 and I note that I have over 200 visitors daily.

      I note that your problem is just Acne which is very rare in adults. You seem to know my default therapy, Arnica 6c and you will use it as prescribed below.

      You may continue to use the Arnicare 1x if you find that it helps you.

      The remedy that has helped many is Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily first dose on an empty stomach and the last dose just before bed. The liquid remedy must also be applied directly on the lesions on the face.The use of a spray device in which the medicated water is stored and sprayed on the acne lesions without directly touching them is best.

      Patients have reported that they discovered considerable improvement in their Acne in 3 days when the lesions dried up with no new pustules forming and that their face cleared up in a week.

      You will please report your own experience as soon as you detect any improvement in the status of your Acne.

      Please note that it is essential that you continue to take one dose of Arnica 6c for at least 6 months after your Acne has cleared to prevent another outbreak. This dose is best taken just before bed.

      You will not take any other drugs when you start my therapy.

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in a 5ml Alcohol pack aka Liquid Dilution in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles. This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is taken as directed.

      Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

  2. enilno123 says:


    Please accept my apologies. I have the utmost respect for you, not just your seniority in age, but for all of your knowledge and wisdom. I saw a post from you asking to not be called “Dr.” Joe on I also have read many posts by first time patients addressing you by your first name. I was trying to respect your wishes and call you by your first name.

    Once again, I apologize. Please let me know how you would like to be addressed.


  3. enilno123 says:


    Thank you. I will begin taking the wet dose once it arrives and also spraying it on the lesions, and then report back to you with results. As for the Natto which is a blood thinner, I will continue taking it, unless I hear otherwise of any concerns.

    Thanks again,


  4. Francesco says:

    Dear Doctor De Livera, I am writing from Scandinavia in order to get some hint how to prepare the wet dose on Arnica. Here in Europe the only Alcholic form you can get is the so called Mother Tincture: is this right to prepare the wet dose? Or is it better to use the pellets? I want to give it a try for my blood sugar which I am not able to reduce with any natural products. Would you be so kind to give some indications how to proceed with the mother tincture or the pellets? Thanking you
    Kindest regards

    • Joe says:

      I note that you suffer from Diabetes and you are invited to state your case as you would normally do when consulting a physician with your age, weight and height and any other data like marital status, occupation all of which have a bearing on your case to enable me to advise you. Also for how long you have suffered with Diabetes and most important of all your Blood Sugar level and the drugs you were prescribed. Did you do a Blood Report (Lipid Profile) and what is your Blood Pressure.

      Your email IP indicates that you live in Rauma, Satakunta, Finland.
      Is this correct?
      How did you locate me and my Website?
      I live in Colombo Sri Lanka and I am 87 years old and am not a professional Homeopath although I have studied this Science 40 years ago and when I discovered that the classical therapy did not work, I used the same remedies in a manner that CURED patients when my therapy was labelled “Joepathy” which attracts over 7000 hits on Google today.
      I shall copy below my default therapy which many Diabetics are using today to control their BS levels.

      The remedy I have prescribed is Arnica 6c in the Wet dose which is taken twice daily.

      Mag Phos 6x dose 2 tablets taken thrice daily have also helped to reduce BS levels and you can add this to your daily dosage.

      Please note that you will most likely notice a dip in your BS level within 24 hours of starting my therapy and you will then have to reduce your dosage of either Metformin or of Insulin as it must be maintained around 110.

      Type I patients have confirmed that they discovered their BS levels were reduced by about 20% within a day of their starting on this therapy.

      Type II patients will have to monitor their BS levels on a daily basis to ensure that their BS is stabilized at around 110 and they will reduce the dosage of the drugs that they are using daily to maintain this level. The Arnica 6c and the Mag Phos 6x are taken as prescribed.

      The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

      Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
      Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
      Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
      Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
      Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

      Arnica Q aka Mother Tincture is NOT the remedy for you as it must be Arnica 6c. You are advised to get this remedy in the Liquid Dilution from the address below in London but you may use the Pellets of Arnica 6c for the moment.

      Ainsworths Homœopathic Pharmacy
      36 New Cavendish Street, London W1M 7LH
      Tel 020 7935 5330

      Freemans Homeopathic Pharmacy
      18-20 Main Street, Busby, Glasgow G76 8DU
      Tel 0845 225 5155

      Helios Homœopathic Pharmacies
      97 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2QP
      Tel 01892 537254

      Exercise is essential to help the Diabetic and unfortunately many are not in the habit of a daily routine of exercise which in many cases is the reason for the increase in Blood Sugar levels. You are advised to start with a brisk walk and you must ensure that you sweat it out to derive any benefit from the exercise.

      Cinnamon powder is also useful to reduce BS levels and a quarter teaspoonful can be taken brewed as a tea twice daily. Okra or Bandakka which grows in the tropics also helps to reduce BS levels. Okra is used by cutting up a tender pod and inserting it into a glass of water which is left overnight and the water is drunk on an empty stomach the morning after.
      Turmeric has also been discovered to help reduce BS levels and can be used in a similar manner to the Cinnamon.

      Do not use Coffee, Cola beverages, preserved foods like sausages, ham and bacon as they contain Saltpeter.

  5. Francesco says:

    Dear Doctor De Livera, first of all my apologies for the late answer but I was out of station and could not access your web site.
    I am writing from West Finland but not Rauma. Rauma is the location of the main server. Many thanks for your detailed answer. Let me explain little better my situation: I am not diabetic and I am not taking any medication. I am 59, I am 179 cm. tall and my weight is 78 kg. Thanks God I am in good health and I do not need any medicine but, last January, after taking a routine blood test, I found that my BS was 125 mg/dl. After that I started checking it every morning and I found that it is always between 95 and 115. During the day and even after lunch or dinner ( two hours) it is ok, but in the morning is little bit on the higher side. I have been taking cinnamon and some ayurvedic stuff (Diabecon) to try to lower it but no help. Searching in the web for natural remedies against high BS I have come across your web site. Please note that I do not eat any sweet and my intake of pasta and rise is also very low, and whenever I eat bread or pasta I use the fullcorn type. I do not drink any sweet beverage and I do a lot of sport. I jog every week about 70 km, and I do this since 26 years. My phisical conditions are very good, I do not have a gram of fat on my body and I look much younger than my age, but this story of the BS high in the morning is making me upset. Do you have an explanation for that?
    Thanking you once again
    Kindest regards

    • Joe says:

      You stated: ” I found that it is always between 95 and 115. ”
      This is absolutely NORMAL.

      You can consider yourself as being very fortunate that you located my Website and did not consult a doctor who would most likely have prescribed Metformin as this is how they generate business by giving a drug which the patient does not need and which drug will bring forth another ailment.

      You will change the potency of the Arnica to 30c instead of the 6c I prescribed on the understanding that you were a Diabetic. You will take a dose (5ml) twice daily for a month and reduce it to just one dose taken just before bed.
      You may like to know that I at age 87 have taken a dose of Arnica 30c since 1995 right up to last night and I do still drive to office where I am the CEO of a family owned business organization in Colombo which will be a Century old in 2024. I am not a qualified professional Homeopath as it is the joy of healing that keeps me on my Website.




      • Francesco says:

        Dear Doctor De Livera,
        many thanks for your answer. Here in Finland my type of BS level is already diagnostized as pre diabete, but I am against taking unnecessarly medicine like Metformin and generally speaking all chemical drugs. I shall follow your suggestion and take Arnica 30c. In case I am taking the pellets, how many should I take per day?
        Many thanks once again for your service.
        Warmest regards

        • Joe says:

          I cannot understand how a physician can prescribe Metformin to you on the basis of the data you submitted. To state that I am shocked in an understatement.

          You must STOP it and any other drugs you may have been prescribed.

          You will use just 6 pellets Arnica 30c in 500ml spring water.
          You will take a dose (5ml) twice daily.

          • Francesco says:

            Thanks for your answer. I have not been taking any Metformin and any other drug. I have been taking only cinnamon and Diabecon (Himalayan Drug Co ). I shall do as you said about Arnica.
            Kindest regards

            • Francesco says:

              Dear Dr. De Livera,
              I am disturbing you with a couple more questions:
              while ordering Arnica from one of the web sites in UK I am facing two types of liquid forms, 23% Alcohol and 96%, named Liquid Potency and Medicating Potency. Which one should I order?
              The water bottle should be made of glass or plastic is Ok?
              Thanking you for your support
              Best regards

              • Joe says:

                You will order the 96% product as you will be using just 3 DROPS in 500ml water.

              • Romell Sosa says:

                Hi Sir Joe,

                I need your advice sir. I have problems in my bladder i am only 25 y/o. I have frequent urination usually every 1 or 2hrs. My bladder ultrasound results that i dont empty my bladder properly my prostate is normal. The urologist suspects that i have a tight bladder neck and my muscles becomes spasm. I see your post on homeopathy treatments and i want to try sir. They prescribe drugs but it has many side effects for muscle relaxant only yet i still have this frequent urination and urge. I hope you can help me sir.

                Appreciated your response.
                Thank you

  6. Francesco says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention that I am married since 32 years, my blood pressure is 115/70 heart beat 45/min. In the last blood test my total cholesterol was 260, but the HDL was 70. I eat meat very rarely, I eat fish and a lot of vegetables. While cooking I use very little oil and only extra virgin olive oil. No butter, no cheese, no milk.

  7. J M Das says:

    Respected Doctor
    I read your post in ABC Homeopathy forum regarding Arnica Wet dose. Kindly clarify the following. You have stated ‘Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.’ I understand this as follows: 3 drops from the 5ml bought, should be inserted into the 500 ml Spring water and shaken hard. One Tablespoon or a Capful of this mixture should be taken daily by bedtime. Kindly confirm my understanding is correct.I am from India. 330 ml of Spring Water is available online.In which case, should we reduce the number of drops of remedy should be proportionately reduced? Thanks Doctor

    • Joe says:

      You have requested me to guide you on how to use my Wet dose therapy but you have not indicated your ailment for which you wish to use it.

      If you wish to consult me for it you are expected to follow the normal protocol and present your problem in the manner that you will do so when consulting a physician.

  8. J M Das says:

    Thanks for the Reply Doctor. I had a Heart Attack on the night of Feb 1 2017 at 12.30 AM. The Pain was very intense. My hands started shivering.Luckily I had Kalmia 30 with me. I managed to locate the bottle from my shelf, and took 4 globules.

    I am 66 years old. Have some rudimentary knowledge of homeopathy. As far as possible i get treated only by homeopaths. I have a friend Homeopath, whom I consulted a few years back about homeopathy medicine for Angina.Though I don’t have any history of Heart related problems, I took this precaution because I was staying alone. He suggested a few like, Cactus, Spigelia, Craetagus etc, apart from Kalmia ,as suitable ones for such conditions. I bought Kalmia and Cactus and put them in my medicine box, without studying the import of these medicines then.

    On the night of Feb 1, when I had the attack, initially I didn’t suspected it to be a heart attack. However, after a few minutes, I felt it could be a Heart Attack, and took Kalmia not sure of whether it will work. I, immediately after taking this medicine, rushed out of the house, to a nearby 24×7 Clinic. I rode in the my bike. The doctor there, ‘diagnosed’ it as ‘gas trouble’. By the time I reached the clinic, the pain was under control. No panic. I returned home after spending around 1 hour in the clinic.

    Next day, I couldn’t walk for more than 50 meters.due to strain in the heart region, though till then, I used to walk almost 2 Kms daily. Subsequently, two Heart specialists confirmed the heart attack, after studying the ECG and ECHO.It was almost after 13 days. The Ejection Rate reading in ECHO taken a few months before the attack was 85. It’s now (Mar 2017) 55.
    Both the Doctors who diagnosed my condition (they are placed in two different institutions) expressed surprise at the events. When I consulted my Homopathic doctor, he confirmed the role of Kalmia in saving my life.

    The Other complaints I have are: Enlarged Prostate,Knee Pain, Spondylasis, and Low back pain.These complaints are more than a decade old.

    My prostate size is 88 CC now. PSA 2.75. Prostate is protruding into the Bladder. There is mild wall thickness. No calculii. The symptoms are :frequent urge to urinate- both during night and day, has to spend time to void, pain at the conclusion of Urination.

    I was prescribed ECOsprin Gold, consisting of Aspirin, Statin, and Clopidogrel, for my heart condition. I took the medicine till one month back, for almost 10 months. Before the Attack, in January 2017, Total Cholestrol was 235, Triglicerides 145, HDL 39, and LDL 168. 6 months after taking Ecosprin Gold the Tests reveal the readings as:Total Cholestrol 141, Triglicerides 168, HDL 39, and LDL 68.

    I felt the Locomotor problems- Knee pain, Low Back pain, and Spondylasis- got aggravated after taking this medicine. Also my Homeopath doctor felt Statin will have many side effects. The Low Cholestrol will have its negative influence on Enzymes, they felt.

    Apart from the Eco sprin gold, I started taking Homeopathic medicines like Cactus, Kalmia Craetagus . For one month, I took Digitalis 30.
    Now I could walk for about 1.5 KMs in normal speed. No Brisk walking. In the initial minutes of my daily walk, I feel slight strain in my heart area, which gradually decreases as I continue walking. Doctors say it’s Warm up angina. This condition is also now slightly better.
    I have not done Angina Plasty sofar.

    After I stopped taking Ecosprin GOld a month back, last week Lipid Profile was done and the readings are: Total Cholestrol 227, Triglycerides 169, HDL 45, and LDL 148.Clearly the Cholestrol level has shot up.

    I do not want to take Ecosprin Gold again for reducing Cholestrol level. It was in this background, I sought your help on Arnica Wet Dose.
    Currently I am taking Craetagus 5 drops every day.
    One Homepathy doctor suggested Lecithin 3x.

    Also, I am taking Sabal Serrulatta. I took one dose of Conium 1M, and one dose of Sarsparilla 200 also. Now, the pain at the conclusion of urine is reduced. However frequency problem continues. The size of the prostate is also remains a worry. I seek your suggestion on this issues also

    The Knee pain bothers me while standing. When I do the walking, I have no knee pain or stiffness. However, while standing in a queue or doing Shopping, the stiffness and Pain are marked. A kind of tiredness and weariness could be felt from Left side of the Back downwards. I tried Valeriana 30, not to any avail. Kindly suggest.

    In spite of these, I am very active for my age. Only difficulty is the Knee Pain and Low back pain that occasionally inhibits my movements a liitle bit.

    Sorry, for not explaining my case history earlier

    If you have the time I would like to send all my reports, in PDF form.

    Thanks once again for your valuable time.

    • Joe says:

      I hope you realize that you are very fortunate to be alive today after your heart attack and riding your bike to the clinic.

      You may not be aware that I am 88 years in age and the many complications that you suffer from today will take too much of my time to prescribe for.

      You can address your case to Dr P Banerji on:

      9103330582817‬‬‬ /18/19

      • J M Das says:

        Thanks Doctor for the reference. I shall be in touch with Dr Banerji.

        I very much realize the fact that I survived the Attack because of homeopathy.

        I shall seek the advice of Dr Banerji basically for two things only. 1)To reduce the Cholestrol level. The Cholestrol level that was brought down by Statin has shot up after I stopped taking it a month back 2)To reduce the Prostate size. Luckily, the PSA level so far is with in the normal levels.

        I am not a diabetic. My BP and pulse are normal. I am Physically active and mentally agile.

        I have also read quite a lot on Arnica, and convinced about its usefulness. Therefore, I was impressed by your advocacy for Arnica Wet Dose. I intend to proceed as per the method prescribed by you, and as understood by me.

        Thank you once again

  9. serola belt says:

    serola belt

    Arnica in the Wet dose « Joe De Livera

    • Joe says:

      Thank you for copying my findings on Arnica and it was nice to read it after many years.
      It will also show the reader the problems that I faced at that time from the late David Kempson who was a self proclaimed expert in Homeopathy whose sole presence on the Homepathic forums at that time was to criticise me on the ABC Forum but did not prescribe as others did on it.

      I enjoyed reading it as it brought many memories back.

      I will be 94 years in age in a few weeks and I am convinced that this is due to my taking Arnica 30 nightly and God in whom I have an all abiding trust.

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